Kemper Insurance Rental Car Policy: Coverage Limits and Options

Getting in an accident and having your vehicle repaired or replaced can be extremely disruptive. Not having transportation makes everything more difficult. Rental car reimbursement coverage on your Kemper Insurance auto policy provides vital help with temporary transportation costs if your car is inoperable after a crash.

Understanding exactly how Kemper’s rental car insurance works allows you to choose appropriate coverage limits and make the claims process smoother.

Overview of Kemper Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

Rental car reimbursement, sometimes called rental reimbursement coverage, is an optional add-on with standard Kemper Insurance auto policies.

Here’s an overview of how this helpful coverage works:

  • Pays costs to rent a car while yours is in the repair shop after an accident
  • Reimburses your rental car expenses up to the coverage limit
  • Daily rental limits often apply, capping each day’s reimbursement
  • Sub-limits for overall maximum payout per accident may also apply

Rental car reimbursement through Kemper Insurance provides vital transportation when you need it most. Review your policy documents or contact your agent to verify this coverage is included and fully understand specifics.

Kemper Rental Car Insurance Policy Limits

Kemper rental car reimbursement coverage contains stated limits on what the insurer will pay per day and per accident for rental expenses. Understanding these limitations allows smart planning.

Here are the standard Kemper rental car insurance policy limits:

  • Up to $30 per day reimbursement
  • Up to 20 days per accident
  • Maximum $600 reimbursement per accident

With the typical Kemper rental car insurance sub-limits, if you rent a vehicle for 10 days at $40 per day following an accident, your reimbursement would be:

  • 10 days x $30 per day limit = $300 total reimbursement

Even though your rental cost $400 total, Kemper would only reimburse the $300 allowed under its per day cap. Review your precise policy limits carefully.

Getting the Right Kemper Rental Car Coverage

Kemper’s default rental car reimbursement limits may not provide enough coverage depending on your situation. Here are some tips for getting the rental car insurance you need:

  • Review your average rental costs to determine appropriate per day limit
  • Consider raising the 20 day per accident cap if you may need a rental longer
  • Bump up the $600 maximum payout if you feel it’s too low
  • Ask if there’s a way to remove the per day sub-limit altogether

Modifying the base Kemper rental car insurance coverage increases premiums but gives you peace of mind the insurer will cover your full rental costs after an accident. Discuss options with your agent or Kemper representative to get the optimal reimbursement limits.

How Kemper Rental Car Reimbursement Works

Understanding Kemper’s claims process helps ensure you take the right steps to get reimbursed for rental expenses after an accident:

Report Accident to Kemper

Notify Kemper Insurance immediately when your car is damaged in an accident. Provide details of the incident and describe the repairs needed.

Get Rental Car Guarantee from Repair Shop

Have the auto repair shop inspect your car and verify in writing it is unsafe to drive and will be inoperable for repairs over a certain number of days.

Arrange Rental and Keep Receipts

Rent a comparable temporary replacement vehicle from a licensed agency. Save receipts showing rental dates/costs.

Submit Receipts for Reimbursement

After repairs complete, send rental receipts to Kemper for reimbursement up to your coverage limits.

Following Kemper’s guidelines closely ensures you get paid for rental costs you incur during the repair process.

What Vehicles are Covered by Kemper Rental Reimbursement?

Kemper’s rental car coverage only applies to direct losses under your auto policy. Situations where you can submit rental receipts for reimbursement include:

  • Your car is in an accident and needs collision repairs
  • Your car is stolen and you need transportation while it’s missing
  • Your car is vandalized and undrivable until fixed
  • Severe weather damages your car and leaves it inoperable

For mechanical breakdowns or routine maintenance, rental car reimbursement coverage would not apply since those are not insurable events. Review your Kemper policy language for details.

Getting a Rental Car Without Out-of-Pocket Costs

Some auto insurers offer rental car reimbursement coverage that allows policyholders to get a rental vehicle after an accident without paying upfront. Kemper Insurance does not currently offer this enhanced coverage.

With Kemper, you must pay for the rental car rental yourself initially. You then submit receipts for repayment up to your coverage limits. There are a couple options to avoid large out-of-pocket costs:

  • Ask if the repair shop can arrange a rental car and bill Kemper directly. Some may do this as a courtesy if you’ve been a long-time customer.

  • Consider purchasing a very low limit credit card solely to reserve rental cars. Pay it off each month with your Kemper reimbursement check.

  • If you have a credit card with rental car coverage, you can likely avoid paying entirely out-of-pocket. Just don’t use the card’s coverage if submitting receipts to Kemper.

Check with your Kemper agent or representative to learn about any rental car assistance programs available in your state.

Key Takeaways on Kemper Rental Car Reimbursement

Having rental car coverage on your Kemper Insurance auto policy provides vital protection against transportation expenses if an accident leaves your vehicle inoperable. Key takeaways include:

  • Kemper rental reimbursement is an optional add-on coverage
  • Per day, per accident, and total payout limits apply
  • Limits may be too low for some drivers – review and adjust carefully
  • Get repair facility guarantee car is undrivable before renting
  • Save receipts to submit for reimbursement
  • Rental coverage only applies to insured accidents – not breakdowns

Rental car reimbursement insurance fills a crucial coverage gap. Make sure you understand Kemper’s rental car policy completely. Ask your agent if you have any questions on getting the optimal protection.

Common Questions about Kemper Rental Car Insurance

How long will Kemper pay for a rental car?

The standard Kemper rental car reimbursement coverage provides payment for up to 20 days for a single accident claim. Higher limits can be purchased for added protection.

Does rental car insurance cover admin fees?

Yes, Kemper’s rental car reimbursement coverage reimburses administrative fees charged by rental agencies, up to your per day limit. Items included along with base rental rate are eligible for reimbursement.

Can I get a luxury rental car?

Kemper will reimburse based on the cost of renting a vehicle similar to your own. Renting a luxury vehicle likely won’t align with that guideline for reimbursement eligibility.

What if my car is totaled – will Kemper still pay for a rental?

Kemper rental coverage ends when your settlement payment is issued if your car is totaled, even if that occurs before your policy’s 20 day limit. Gap insurance may cover extended rental costs if you have it.

What if the accident wasn’t my fault – can I still get a rental?

Yes, you can still submit rental receipts to Kemper for reimbursement under your policy’s collision coverage if another driver was at fault. Your insurer will then subrogate to get reimbursed from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.

Renting a car after an accident is often essential. Make sure you know exactly how Kemper Insurance’s rental reimbursement coverage works so you don’t end up stuck without transportation or having to pay out-of-pocket.

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What’s going on with Kemper insurance?

Kemper Corporation announced it will wind down its preferred personal insurance business to concentrate more resources on its specialty auto and life insurance units. The Illinois-based insurer said it will immediately begin non-renewing and canceling all policies issued under its Kemper Personal Insurance brand.

What is the grace period for Kemper new car insurance?

Companies like Travelers, Safeco, Nationwide, Progressive, Kemper and others allow 30 days. In fact, most will also state that a new car has coverage equal to the car with the most coverage during the grace period.

Does Kemper insurance offer renters insurance?

You can save even more with our Multi-Policy Discount when you buy your Auto and Renters insurance policies from Kemper Direct (Multi-Policy Discounts will be applied after both policies are purchased). Renters Insurance is an important financial protection for me.

What type of insurance company is Kemper?

Kemper Auto specializes in personal auto insurance options for anyone who may have had difficulty obtaining or maintaining insurance coverage in the past.

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