How Much Super Do You Need to Retire at 65 in Australia?

Discover how much extra you’ll need to live a budget lifestyle and retire comfortably.

Planning for retirement can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding how much superannuation you need to live comfortably. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning in Australia, specifically focusing on how much super you’ll need to retire at 65.

We’ll delve into the key factors influencing your retirement needs, explore different approaches to estimating your required superannuation, and provide valuable resources to help you plan effectively.

Key Factors Influencing Your Retirement Needs:

  • Lifestyle Goals: Your desired lifestyle in retirement plays a crucial role in determining how much super you’ll need. Do you envision a modest lifestyle with minimal expenses or a more luxurious one filled with travel and leisure activities? Your lifestyle aspirations will significantly impact your financial requirements.
  • Housing Costs: Whether you plan to own your home outright, downsize, or continue renting will significantly impact your retirement expenses. Owning your home outright can significantly reduce your living costs, while renting or having a mortgage will require ongoing financial commitments.
  • Health Care Costs: As you age, healthcare costs tend to increase. Planning for potential medical expenses, including private health insurance and potential aged care costs, is essential for ensuring financial security in retirement.
  • Life Expectancy: Australians are living longer than ever before. This means you’ll likely need your retirement savings to last for a longer period. Understanding your life expectancy can help you estimate the amount of super you’ll need to cover your expenses throughout your retirement years.
  • Other Income Sources: Consider any additional income sources you may have in retirement, such as the Age Pension, investments, or part-time work. These sources can supplement your superannuation income and help bridge any potential gaps.

Approaches to Estimating Your Required Superannuation:

  • Two-thirds Rule: A common rule of thumb is that you’ll need two-thirds of your pre-retirement income to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement. This rule assumes you own your home outright and have no significant debt.
  • Budget Planner: Creating a detailed budget plan for your anticipated retirement expenses can provide a more accurate picture of your financial needs. Consider your essential expenses, discretionary spending, and potential healthcare costs to estimate your required superannuation.
  • ASFA Retirement Standard: The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) provides retirement standards based on modest and comfortable lifestyles. These standards consider factors like age, housing costs, and health care expenses to estimate the amount of super you’ll need for a comfortable retirement.
  • Retirement Planner Tools: Several online retirement planner tools can help you estimate your required superannuation based on your individual circumstances. These tools typically consider your age, income, super balance, and desired retirement lifestyle to provide personalized projections.

Resources to Help You Plan Effectively:

  • Moneysmart Retirement Planner: This free online tool allows you to estimate your retirement income and expenses based on your current super balance, contributions, and investment options.
  • Australian Retirement Trust Retirement Planning Resources: The Australian Retirement Trust website offers a wealth of resources on retirement planning, including calculators, articles, and guides.
  • ASFA Retirement Standard: The ASFA Retirement Standard provides detailed information on the estimated superannuation amounts needed for comfortable retirement at different ages.
  • Financial Advisor: Consulting a qualified financial advisor can provide personalized guidance on retirement planning, taking into account your specific circumstances and financial goals.

Determining how much super you need to retire at 65 in Australia requires careful consideration of your individual circumstances and retirement goals. By understanding the key factors influencing your needs, exploring different estimation approaches, and utilizing available resources, you can develop a sound retirement plan that ensures financial security and allows you to enjoy your golden years with peace of mind.

What else affects how much super I need to retire?

The amount of money you’ll need to retire in Australia depends largely on your health and preferred lifestyle.

Start your retirement budget by thinking about these things.

how much super do i need to retire at 65 in australia

If you retire at 60 and live the average lifespan in Australia, youll need money for around 25 years (ABS, 2022). Check how long you might live with our QSuper Life Expectancy Calculator.

Depending on where you want to live in retirement, whether you own or rent, and whether you intend to downsize, you might require more or less money.

The deposit for an assisted living facility is one of the largest expenses. You may also need to set aside money for in-home senior care services.

Consider your potential Age Pension and other government benefits, as well as any additional savings or income from investments or part-time work.

When you retire, be ready to pay for major medical expenses like a hip replacement or other surgery.

It is estimated that over 10% of Australians retire due to illness, injury, or disability (ABS, 2020–21). Additionally, almost 20% of women retire to take care of an elderly, sick, or disabled person. Financial security for your family can be ensured by including life insurance in your super.

We can assist you in getting back on track if you’re lagging behind. Its one of the reasons why 2. 3 million Australians choose us.

How much super do you need to retire?

Depending on the kind of retirement you want, you’ll need a different amount of super. There are a few ways to work it out.

  • Half of your current annual income This is to ensure that, when you retire, your standard of living remains the same. This is a general guideline based on home ownership without a mortgage.
  • Estimates of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s (ASFA) Retirement Standard Use They illustrate the amount that the typical Australian needs to save for a modest or comfortable retirement.

for a modest retirement (singles and couples)

for a comfortable retirement (singles)

for a comfortable retirement (couples)

Source: ASFA Retirement Standard, based on getting the Age Pension.1

How much money do I actually need to retire? ($50K, $70K, $90K or $100K a year?)


How long will $500 000 last in retirement in Australia?

AASFA has found that the superannuation balance for a single person retiring at age 67 and seeking a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle is currently $595,000. For couples, it’s a combined $690,000. This is estimated to be enough to fund $72,148.19 in annual income for a couple or $51,278.30 for a single person until age 84.

How much super should I have at 65 in Australia?

Age (years)
Super balance

Can I retire at 65 with $300,000?

The short answer to this question is, “Yes, provided you are prepared to accept a modest standard of living.” To get an an idea of what a 60-year-old individual with a $300,000 nest egg faces, our list of factors to check includes estimates of their income, before and after starting to receive Social Security, as well …

Can I retire at 65 with $500,000?

The short answer is yes, $500,000 is enough for many retirees. The question is how that will work out for you. With an income source like Social Security, modes spending, and a bit of good luck, this is feasible. And when two people in your household get Social Security or pension income, it’s even easier.

How much superannuation do you need at 67?

The average superannuation balance needed at age 67 for a comfortable retirement is $690,000 for a couple and $595,000 for a single person, according to the latest Retirement Standard document from the Association of Super Funds of Australia (ASFA). That’s assuming they withdraw their super as a lump sum and receive a part of the Age Pension.

How much Super do you need to retire at 55?

The amount of super you need to retire at 55 is $1.035 Million for a comfortable retirement or $380,000 for a modest lifestyle, if you are single. If you are a couple, you need $1.32 million, combined, for a comfortable lifestyle and $505,000, combined, for a modest lifestyle. Accessing your super at age 55 is no longer possible.

How much is a 67-year-old super balance needed for a comfortable retirement?

Average super balance needed at 67 for a comfortable retirement is $690,000 for a couple and $595,000 for a single person. Canstar’s Research shows a shortfall in average super balances at 30 of about $26,000 for men and $31,500 for women. If your super balance isn’t on track, there are things you can do to help bump it up.

When can I access my Super If I retire?

You can access your super when you retire and reach your preservation age. Your preservation age is between 55 and 60 and is based on when you were born. You may be able to reduce your working hours without reducing your income when you reach your preservation age. Your part-time working income will be supplemented with your super savings.

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