Can You Add Insurance After Renting a Car From Enterprise?

Renting a car from Enterprise offers travelers flexibility and convenience. However, deciding on insurance coverage can be confusing. Many renters wonder – can you add insurance after renting a car from Enterprise?

The short answer is yes, you can purchase additional protection from Enterprise at any time during your rental. However, doing so may result in extra fees and charges.

Below is an in-depth look at adding insurance after renting from Enterprise, including:

  • Enterprise’s insurance options
  • When to add coverage
  • How to add insurance to your rental
  • Potential fees and restrictions
  • Tips for maximizing rental coverage

What Insurance Options Does Enterprise Offer?

Enterprise provides renters several optional protection products at an additional cost:

  • Damage Waiver (DW) – Reduces financial liability for damage/theft of the rental vehicle.

  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) – Provides additional liability coverage beyond state minimums.

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) – Covers medical expenses for injuries sustained in an accident.

  • Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) – Protects personal belongings from loss or damage.

  • Emergency Roadside Service – Provides 24/7 roadside assistance for lockouts, flat tires, jumpstarts, etc.

Collision and comprehensive coverage are not available from Enterprise. You would need to rely on your own auto policy or credit card protections for those risks.

When Should You Add Insurance Coverage?

Ideally, you should decide on insurance needs upfront when booking your Enterprise rental. This ensures you are fully covered from the moment you drive the vehicle off the lot.

However, you can add protection days or even weeks into your rental term if you realize your existing coverage is insufficient. Common scenarios include:

  • Taking the car on unpaved roads not covered by basic Damage Waiver.

  • Driving into Mexico where liability limits are higher.

  • Auto policy or credit card excluding regular business rentals.

  • Teenage driver being added who needs extra coverage.

  • Extended rental period beyond what current protection covers.

Think about your trip circumstances and confirm you have adequate coverage. Adjust if needed.

How to Add Insurance to an Enterprise Rental

If you realize you require additional protection for your Enterprise rental, follow these steps:

  • Review options – Understand which products suit your needs. Damage Waiver and higher liability limits are most common.

  • Contact Enterprise – Call customer service and explain you want to add coverage to an existing reservation. Provide rental details.

  • Choose coverage – Select which protection plans and coverage limits you need.

  • Update contract – The agent will amend your rental contract to reflect new insurance selections.

  • Make payment – Provide payment info to purchase the supplemental coverage.

  • Get documentation – Request a revised rental receipt showing newly added insurance.

That’s all there is to it! The agent will explain coverage details and adjust your rental charges accordingly.

Potential Fees and Restrictions

When adding insurance mid-rental, be aware:

  • Daily rate may apply – Even partway through rental, you may pay a full daily rate versus prorated fee.

  • Limited availability – Some options like Mexico liability may not be addable mid-rental.

  • Pre-inspection may be required – You may need to return the car for inspection before amending coverage.

  • Max trip length – Supplemental coverage may only be available for rentals under 30 days.

  • Exclusions – Damage incurred before purchase may be excluded.

While Enterprise offers flexibility to add protection anytime, certain limitations can apply. Discuss with the agent beforehand so you know the exact fees and restrictions.

Tips for Maximizing Rental Coverage

To ensure you get adequate coverage from Enterprise without overpaying, consider these tips:

  • Review your own auto policy, travel insurance, and credit card protections for rental coverage.

  • Only purchase Enterprise’s Damage Waiver if you lack primary coverage for collision/theft.

  • Add Supplemental Liability for driving into Mexico or overseas.

  • Request PAI medical coverage for adventurous trips with higher injury risk.

  • Buy Personal Effects Coverage for valuables like laptops and jewelry.

  • Compare rates for trip insurance versus Enterprise options.

  • Ask about part-day rates if adding midway through a multi-day rental.

Taking a few minutes to understand your risks allows you to customize rental insurance needs cost-effectively.

The Bottom Line

While it’s best to sort insurance ahead of time, Enterprise does allow supplemental coverage to be added anytime during your car rental. This provides flexibility if your situation changes. However, fees and restrictions may apply depending on options, rental length, and timing.

Discuss any coverage changes directly with an Enterprise agent to ensure you get protected without overpaying. And compare added protections versus relying on your own insurance policies first. By following these tips, you can rent worry-free knowing you have suitable coverage.

Should I get the Insurance through Enterprise Rent-A-Car?


Is it worth getting extra insurance on a rental car?

If you don’t already own a car with insurance, rental companies automatically cover the bare minimum in your state. However, if you want more protection, or if you’re traveling abroad or for business purposes, you might need to get rental car insurance.

What does enterprise consider damage?

Any unusual wear to the interior such as discoloration, rips in upholstery, broken parts, etc., will be considered damage. Tires/Brakes – In the event that there is tire damage due to off road use, the Agency/renter will be responsible for the remaining useful life of the damaged tire.

How long does enterprise keep you on do not rent list?

They keep it forever. This isn’t like credit where you can not pay a credit card and after 5 or 6 years, it falls off. If you owe money, even 20 bucks, if you don’t pay, you are blacklisted from it and all its subsidiaries. So Enterprise rental, alamo, and national would refuse to rent a car to you if you owed money.

Does Enterprise do upgrades?

Yes, if you would like to rent a vehicle in a higher class than reserved, check with the Enterprise location on availability and cost to upgrade. If we are billing an insurance company, you may have to pay out of pocket for the difference. Learn more about rental reimbursement coverage types.

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