The History and Ownership of United Home Insurance Company

United Home Insurance Company (UHIC) is a regional personal lines insurance provider based in Paragould, Arkansas. The company has a long history spanning over 100 years. But who owns United Home Insurance Company today? Let’s take a look at the origins and ownership structure behind this insurer.

The Early History of United Home

United Home Insurance Company was originally founded in 1913 as the United Home Protective Association. It was started by a group of businessmen in Paragould, AR who saw a need for fire insurance to protect homes and businesses in Greene County.

In the early years, United Home wrote fire insurance policies to homeowners in Northeast Arkansas from its office in downtown Paragould. Premiums were collected door-to-door by sales agents who traveled the area by horse and buggy.

The company gradually expanded its geographic reach and product offerings over the decades:

  • 1928 – Began writing automobile insurance
  • 1930s – Expanded into new counties and states
  • 1960s – Added farm insurance and extended operations into Missouri
  • 1970s – Extended into Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee
  • 1980s – Introduced homeowners insurance

So United Home progressively grew from its origins as a local fire insurer into a multi-line regional property and casualty insurance company.

United Home’s Structure as a Mutual Company

Up until 1992, United Home operated as a mutual insurance company. This meant the company was owned by its policyholders rather than stockholders.

As a mutual company, United Home had no shareholders. Instead, policyholders effectively “owned” the company. Mutual companies are designed to operate for the benefit of policyholders rather than to generate profits for external stockholders.

Policyholders in a mutual insurance company participate in company governance by electing the board of directors. The board is responsible for oversight of the company’s management and financial strength.

United Home functioned successfully for decades as a mutual company owned entirely by its policyholders.

Demutualization and Sale to Farm Bureau

In the early 1990s, United Home underwent a process known as demutualization. This converted the mutual company into a stock company owned by external shareholders.

As part of the demutualization, United Home was acquired by Arkansas Farm Bureau in 1992. Arkansas Farm Bureau purchased all the shares of United Home, making Farm Bureau the parent company and sole shareholder.

Following this acquisition, United Home continued operating independently while gaining the financial backing and stability of Arkansas Farm Bureau.

Ownership Transition to Current Principal Shareholders

In 2014, the ownership of United Home transitioned again when Arkansas Farm Bureau sold the company to a group of private investors:

  • Kyle Harris
  • Matthew Miller
  • Chris Clampitt

These three businessmen from Northeast Arkansas purchased all outstanding shares of United Home Insurance Company from Farm Bureau in 2014.

Harris, Miller and Clampitt then took over management and oversight of the company while implementing a growth strategy focused on agent relationships.

Current Ownership Structure

Today, the principal shareholders of United Home Insurance Company are:

  • Kyle Harris – CEO and majority shareholder. Harris provides overall leadership of the company’s strategy and operations.

  • Matthew Miller – President and COO. Miller heads company operations, sales, marketing and financial management.

  • Chris Clampitt – Significant minority shareholder. Clampitt serves as a board member and strategic advisor.

Policyholder Focus Remains

While the ownership structure has evolved over the years, United Home’s commitment to policyholders has remained constant for over a century.

As a regional company focused on five central states, United Home provides specialized insurance products, local expertise and exceptional service. With decision-making autonomy and little bureaucracy, the company can nimbly adapt to evolving customer needs.

The company culture retains a focus on relationships and community values – characteristics forged during its mutual company days. Agents and customers are treated like neighbors rather than merely transactions.

So while United Home Insurance Company has transitioned from a purely mutual model to a private stock company, its heritage as a policyholder-focused insurer endures. This local connection and service commitment remains central to United Home’s identity and strategy.

Financial Strength and Backing

Importantly, the ownership changes over the decades have not compromised the financial strength or claims-paying ability of United Home Insurance Company.

Key facts about United Home’s robust financial position:

  • A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, indicating extremely strong ability to meet obligations to policyholders. This rating has been maintained for over 15 years.

  • Over $125 million in policyholder surplus and reserves.

  • A Comdex financial strength ranking of 96 out of 100, comparing very favorably to competitors.

  • Licensed in all 50 states.

So United Home has maintained excellent financial strength through its transitions between mutual, stock and private ownership structures. Policyholders are protected by substantial capital reserves, strict regulatory oversight in each state, and third-party validation from rating agencies.

The backing of a major carrier (Farm Bureau) for over 20 years also enhanced the company’s finances and fueled expansion.

While the faces of ownership have changed, United Home’s financial foundation remains rock solid.

Looking Ahead Under Current Ownership

Kyle Harris, Matthew Miller and Chris Clampitt acquired United Home Insurance Company in 2014 with a vision to accelerate growth while preserving the company’s identity and culture.

Their focus has been on:

  • Digital transformation – Leveraging technology to improve customer and agent experiences

  • Product expansion – Broadening product lines to be a full-service regional carrier

  • Marketing outreach – Raising brand awareness and reaching new demographics

  • Agency relationships – Strengthening partnerships with independent agents

This strategy aims to modernize operations and services while retaining the connection, expertise and values forged over a century as a local insurance provider.

The result is a rare combination – a digitally agile, product-diverse insurer that feels like a trusted neighbor. Under its current ownership, United Home is well-positioned to build on its rich legacy for the next 100 years.

So while the specific ownership and structure has changed over time, United Home Insurance Company retains its identity as a regional insurer committed to protecting customers and communities across its heartland territory.

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How long has United Home Insurance been in business?

United Home Life Insurance Company and its parent company, United Farm Family Insurance Company, are family-oriented companies founded in 1948 and 1937,respectively. Both companies were founded with a philosophy of providing quality, personal service to our policyholders and agents. We are here to serve you.

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