What Happens if You Get a No Insurance Ticket in Mississippi?

Getting pulled over and ticketed for not having proof of insurance can be an expensive and frustrating experience in Mississippi. But what exactly are the penalties and consequences for driving without insurance in the Magnolia State?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about no insurance tickets in Mississippi – from the initial fine amounts to license suspension and long-term impacts on your driving record and insurance rates.

An Overview of Mississippi’s Insurance Requirements

Since 2000, Mississippi has had a compulsory auto insurance system requiring all drivers to carry liability coverage. The minimum liability limits are:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage

Drivers must carry proof of insurance in their vehicle at all times and present it if requested by law enforcement during a traffic stop. While officers cannot pull you over solely for an insurance check, they can ask to see your insurance card if they stop you for another violation.

The Mississippi Insurance Department (MID) states that the most common way to meet the requirements is by purchasing an auto liability insurance policy. But you can also post a bond or make a cash deposit for the minimum amounts.

What is the Fine for No Insurance in Mississippi?

If you are caught without proof of active auto insurance during a traffic stop in Mississippi, you will receive a ticket and fine.

According to the MID, the initial penalty for a no insurance violation is:

  • $1,000 fine
  • A 1-year suspension of your driver’s license

The license suspension remains in effect until you provide proof of valid auto insurance to the Department of Public Safety’s Safety Responsibility Division.

Additional Consequences of Driving Uninsured

Beyond the initial $1,000 fine and 1-year license suspension, getting ticketed for no insurance in Mississippi can lead to extended hassles and expenses:

Longer License Suspension

If you fail to provide proof of insurance after the initial 1-year suspension, your license can remain suspended indefinitely. You will need to file an SR-22 form and pay a $75 reinstatement fee to regain your driving privileges.

SR-22 Requirements

An SR-22 form proves you have auto insurance and is required for 3 years after certain violations in Mississippi, including driving uninsured. SR-22 insurance often costs 2-3 times more than regular coverage.

Points on License

Uninsured driving violations lead to 4 points added to your Mississippi driver’s license. This is concerning because if you accumulate 12 points in 2 years, your license will be suspended.

Increased Insurance Costs

A no insurance ticket will show up on your driving record for 3 years. Most insurers consider uninsured driving a major offense that significantly increases your premiums. Rates could be 50-100% higher after a violation.

Possible Vehicle Impound

If it’s not your first offense, law enforcement may tow and impound your vehicle. You’ll have to pay fees to retrieve your car from the impound lot after showing proof of insurance.

Harder to Find Insurance Coverage

Having an uninsured driving violation on your record makes it more difficult to find affordable auto insurance going forward. Many insurers will outright reject applicants with a history of lapsed coverage.

How to Prevent No Insurance Tickets

The best way to avoid headaches and expenses from an uninsured driving citation is to proactively maintain continuous auto insurance coverage. Here are some tips:

  • Shop around for the best rates and understand policy costs before purchasing.

  • Pay premiums on time to prevent lapses – set up autopay or payment reminders.

  • Keep your insurance card in your vehicle and current.

  • Notify your agent immediately if you switch vehicles or need to cancel a policy.

  • Double check insurance is active before driving and when renewing registration.

  • Compare rates periodically to find cheaper coverage as you gain driving experience.

  • Ask about discounts – many insurers offer lower premiums for bundling policies, good driving records, good students, defensive driving courses, anti-theft devices, and more.

What to Do if You Get a No Insurance Ticket

If you do receive an uninsured driving citation in Mississippi, stay calm and take the following recommended actions:

  • Remain polite and cooperative with the officer – do not argue.
  • Do not admit fault or share information beyond required documents.
  • Record details like officer name/badge number, ticket fine amount, court date.
  • Contact your agent immediately to set up insurance if lapsed.
  • Consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to potentially reduce fines and points.
  • Appear in court on your date or request a continuance to allow time to obtain insurance.
  • Provide proof of insurance to the DPS Safety Responsibility Division to avoid an indefinite license suspension.
  • Make changes like taking a safe driving course to offset some penalty points on your record.

Finding New Insurance After a Ticket

If you need to find new auto insurance after a no insurance violation, be prepared for much higher rates. Try these tips to secure mandatory coverage:

  • Compare quotes from various national and local insurance companies. Rates can vary widely between insurers.

  • Look into state minimum coverage plans that offer bare bones liability protection at lower premiums.

  • Ask about SR-22 filings – not all insurers provide them so check when getting quotes.

  • See if you qualify for state auto insurance plans like the Mississippi Assigned Risk Plan.

  • Consider non-owner insurance if you do not have a vehicle. It provides liability coverage for driving other people’s cars.

  • Improve your driving record by taking defensive driving courses and maintaining a clean record to qualify for better rates over time.


Driving without insurance in Mississippi can lead to a $1,000 fine, 1-year license suspension, 3 years of SR-22 requirements, 4 points on your license, and substantially higher insurance rates for years. It’s critical to maintain continuous auto insurance coverage at all times to avoid the hassles and expenses of an uninsured driving ticket. Shop around for the best policy rates, pay premiums on time, and keep your insurance card handy when on the road. With some diligence, you can steer clear of costly no insurance citations in Mississippi.

How to Beat a Traffic Ticket Due to No Insurance


How much is a no insurance ticket in Mississippi?

Fine for First Offense
Jail Time

How do I get out of a no insurance ticket in Mississippi?

If you did not have valid insurance at the time of the stop but have it now, you must show proof to the court on your scheduled court date. The proof must show either valid insurance on the vehicle you were driving or valid insurance under the name of the defendant on any vehicle.

Is it illegal to drive in Mississippi without insurance?

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Mississippi. Every driver must carry a minimum amount and proof of this coverage is required to be carried at all times. This proof of coverage must be shown at the request of any law enforcement official.

How much is a ticket for no license in Mississippi?

If you are caught driving on a suspended or revoked license, you could be charged with a misdemeanor crime, and subject to the following penalties: Fines between $200 and $500.

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