Union Plus Life Insurance: Reviews of Benefits, Rates, and Customer Service

Union Plus offers group term life insurance designed specifically for union members and their families. This article provides an overview of the Union Plus life insurance plans, reviews from policyholders, sample rates, and tips for deciding if it’s the right option for your needs.

Overview of Union Plus Life Insurance

Union Plus life insurance aims to provide affordable coverage by leveraging the group purchasing power of union members. Key features include:

  • Term-to-70 policy: Coverage until age 70 without underwriting or rate increases. Can convert to a permanent policy after.

  • Spousal coverage: Spouses can get insured even if not in a union.

  • Living benefits: Access up to 75% of death benefit if terminally ill.

  • Strike waiver: Premiums waived for up to 3 months during a strike or lockout.

  • No medical exam: For policies up to $200,000 depending on health questions.

Union Plus life insurance is available for union members, retirees, and associate members. Spouses can also apply even if not part of a union themselves.

Sample Monthly Premiums

Premiums are based on 5-year age bands and smoking status. Here are some sample non-smoker monthly rates for the Union Plus term life plan:

Age $50,000 Policy $100,000 Policy $200,000 Policy
25-29 $4 $8 $16
40-44 $6.90 $13.80 $27.60
55-59 $26.70 $53.40 $106.80
65-69 $67.90 $135.80 $271.60

Smokers pay higher premiums. Spouses must purchase the same coverage amount as the union member.

Reviews of Union Plus Life Insurance

Here are some common themes from online customer reviews of Union Plus life insurance:

  • Affordable rates: Many mention the rates are very reasonable, especially for spouses.

  • Easy application: Applying is simple with limited medical questions up to $200,000.

  • Reliable benefits: Policyholders say claims were paid promptly without issues.

  • Limited plan options: Some want more flexibility like term lengths or permanent life options.

  • Pushy upselling: A few complain about frequent marketing offers after enrolling.

Overall, reviews indicate Union Plus life insurance provides solid value if you want basic term coverage until age 70.

Is Union Plus Life Insurance Right for You?

Union Plus life insurance can be a cost-effective option if you meet some of these criteria:

  • You want term life insurance until age 70.

  • You don’t require permanent life insurance.

  • You only need basic death benefit protection.

  • You don’t need a lengthy 30-year term.

  • You can qualify for the non-smoker discounted rates.

  • Your spouse needs affordable coverage.

However, it may not be the best fit if:

  • You want lifetime permanent life insurance.

  • You prefer a longer term length like 30 years.

  • You require disability income or chronic illness riders.

  • You need a policy over $200,000.

  • You don’t qualify for the lowest premium class.

Talk to an independent life insurance agent or broker to review all your options before deciding. But for basic term coverage, Union Plus life insurance offers a budget-friendly way to protect union families.

Pros and Cons of Union Plus Life Insurance

Potential advantages:

  • Low group rates without medical exams up to $200,000.

  • Can convert to permanent coverage at age 70 without new underwriting.

  • Includes strike waiver and living benefits riders.

  • Available for spouses even if not in a union.

  • Shows commitment to supporting union workers.

Potential disadvantages:

  • Only offers a single term-to-70 policy.

  • Must buy same amount for spouse as member.

  • Complaints of pushy marketing after enrollment.

  • Mixed reviews of customer service.

  • Limited ability to customize coverage.

Getting the Best Rate with Union Plus Life Insurance

Follow these tips to get the lowest premiums with Union Plus:

  • Compare quotes. Get quotes for multiple coverage amounts to weigh costs.

  • Check spouse rates. Spouse rates are often far lower than individual policies.

  • Ask about discounts. See if you qualify for any multi-policy or group discounts.

  • Maintain good health. Being a non-smoker and keeping healthy can reduce your costs.

  • Lock in young. Buying coverage when young keeps your rates low as you age.

  • Pay annually. Opting for annual premium payments avoids monthly fees.

  • Review annually. Confirm your policy still meets your needs as life circumstances change.

Is Union Plus Life Insurance a Good Value?

For union members wanting basic term life insurance, Union Plus provides competitive rates that can save substantially over individual policies.

The group purchasing strength of over 13 million union members and families gives Union Plus bargaining power to negotiate low premiums from leading insurers.

Union Plus term life insurance offers a quality value proposition for union families looking for temporary coverage for 20-30 years until retirement age.

The living benefits rider also provides important peace of mind if faced with a terminal diagnosis. And spouses gain access to affordable rates regardless of health or occupation.

For those seeking lifelong permanent life insurance or more customizable options, Union Plus likely won’t meet your needs. But for keeping loved ones protected until your 70s, Union Plus life insurance gives union members an economical way to cover their families.

Is Union Plus Term Life Insurance Right for You?

If you want easy and budget-friendly term life insurance, Union Plus is worth considering. Compare your options to make sure it provides enough coverage at a cost that fits your budget.

Union Plus also offers other insurance like dental, vision, auto, and homeowners policies. Check if you can bundle several policies together to maximize discounts.

Consult with a financial advisor or insurance agent to ensure you get adequate coverage tailored for your specific situation. But for union members seeking basic term life insurance without extensive underwriting, Union Plus provides an affordable option with helpful benefits like strike waivers.

The Bottom Line

For union employees and families wanting simple term life insurance until retirement age, Union Plus offers competitive group rates and helpful perks like living benefits and waiver of premium during strikes. Just be aware of limitations like set policy terms and limited customization. Compare to alternatives like employer life insurance or quotes from highly-rated life insurers before deciding if Union Plus meets your needs. But for many union households, Union Plus presents an easy and inexpensive way to gain vital temporary life insurance coverage.

The Value of Union Plus


Is Union Plus Insurance legit?

Yes. Union Plus Term-to-70 Life Insurance includes a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Upon acceptance into this insurance plan, you’ll receive a Certificate of Insurance.

Can I get life insurance through my union?

Union Plus Life Insurance Plans are available to: Dues-paying labor union members of participating unions. Retired labor union members. Spouses/domestic partners of union members.

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