Finding the Right American Family Insurance Agent in Grand Junction

Moving to a new area or reviewing your insurance needs? An American Family Insurance agent can provide customized coverage for auto, home, business, life, health and more. But with multiple American Family agents to choose from in Grand Junction, it can be tricky picking the right one. This detailed guide examines how to select the perfect American Family agent for your specific insurance requirements and situation.

Overview of American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, also known by its abbreviation AmFam, is a leading auto and home insurer founded in 1927 and based in Madison, Wisconsin. It provides policies nationally through exclusive agents located in 19 states across the U.S.

The company is known for quality customer service, competitive rates, dividends paid to long-term policyholders, and a wide array of insurance products sold by local agents who become trusted advisors for customers’ lifetime insurance needs.

Benefits of an AmFam Insurance Agent

Working with an AmFam agent for your insurance provides several advantages versus buying direct online:

  • Local expertise – Agents have in-depth knowledge of Grand Junction’s insurance markets, risk factors, and regulations.

  • Personalized advice – Agents take the time to understand your specific situation and needs.

  • Policy review – Agents will evaluate your existing coverage and recommend optimizations.

  • Claims assistance – Agents provide guidance through the claims process.

  • Bundling discounts – Agents can bundle home and auto policies for savings.

  • Ongoing support – Agents act as your long-term contact for insurance changes.

How to Select the Right AmFam Agent

With multiple American Family agents available in Grand Junction, it’s important to choose one that’s the perfect fit. Here are tips for evaluating AmFam agents:

Ensure they are licensed

Verify an agent is licensed through the Colorado Division of Insurance. Licensed sellers must meet expertise requirements.

Look for experience and specialties

Search for an agent with ample experience insuring local homes and autos. Some specialize in areas like life insurance or business coverage.

Inquire about designations

Designations like Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) mean agents invested time in insurance education and training.

Assess customer service

Read online reviews and talk to people you know to gauge an agent’s customer service and claims handling. Avoid agents with frequent complaints.

Compare multiple quotes

Have agents shop your profile to multiple insurers to compare pricing. Ensure you get full details on coverage, limits and discounts.

Consider the office location

Look for an agent with an office near where you live or work for convenience. Some operate multiple branch locations.

Top-Rated AmFam Agents in Grand Junction

To give you a head start on the agent search, here are two highly recommended American Family Insurance agents in the Grand Junction area:

Richard Nelson Agency

With deep community roots and expertise, Richard Nelson provides customized insurance including auto, home, business, farm, ranch, health, life, and more.

Location: 2505 Foresight Cir Unit B, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Specialties: Auto, home, life, business

Contact: 970-241-0078

Michael Daniels Agency

Michael Daniels creates tailored insurance plans based on individuals’ unique risks and needs.

Location: 644 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Specialties: Home, auto, business

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: 970-256-5336

What AmFam Agents Provide

Established American Family agents have the experience and resources to handle all your insurance needs:

Policy Review – Analyze your existing coverage and recommend improved plans.

Bundling Discounts – Save by combining home and auto or adding umbrella policies.

Claims Help – Assist with filing and managing claims.

Premium Discounts – help qualify for every available discount.

Policy Management – Handle payments, paperwork, and updates.

Risk Management – Suggest ways to reduce claim risks.

Customer Service – Provide ongoing, personalized service and advice.

Policy Updates – Adjust plans as your needs change over time.

Insurance Products from AmFam Agents

American Family agents sell a full suite of insurance policies for individuals and businesses:

Auto Insurance – Liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and more.

Home Insurance – Protection for dwelling, belongings, loss of use, liability, and more.

Umbrella Insurance – Extra liability coverage beyond regular policies.

Life Insurance – Term, whole, and universal life policies.

Business Insurance – Property, liability, commercial auto, workers comp, specialty policies.

Farm Insurance – Plans tailored for farms, ranches, and agriculture.

Health Insurance – Major medical, supplemental, and temporary health plans.

Specialty Insurance – Boat, motorcycle, classic car, and other niche offerings.

How AmFam Agents Save You Money

American Family agents have many tricks to help you pay the minimum required for adequate coverage:

  • Only bundle and compare rates with companies offering you the most discounts.

  • Adjust coverage limits just enough to meet legal minimums.

  • Raise deductibles according to your budget. But don’t raise them too high.

  • Suggest anti-theft devices, driver education, and usage-based programs providing discounts.

  • Match all renewal dates so multi-policy discounts maximize.

  • Remove unnecessary extra coverage options for older vehicles.

  • Leverage the agent’s volume of customers to negotiate better pricing from insurers.

  • Apply credits insurers provide agents at their discretion for competitive reasons.

  • Help qualify for discounts you may not be aware exist.

  • Recommend high-value insurer-provided services that reduce the need for claims.

Is AmFam Right for You?

American Family is a great option for many consumers thanks to quality coverage, excellent service, dividends paid to long-term customers, and availability of local agents. Some top benefits of American Family include:

  • Established reputation as a leading insurer since 1927.

  • Highly rated for customer satisfaction and claims handling.

  • Competitive pricing, especially when bundling multiple policies.

  • Friendly local agents provide personalized service for each customer’s unique needs.

  • Numerous discounts to lower premiums.

  • Pays dividends to customers after 5 years which can offset rate increases.

  • Large range of insurance products for every need.

To decide if American Family fits your situation, have agents provide quotes to compare pricing and coverage options against other top insurers. Be sure to ask potential agents plenty of questions at initial consultations to find the right AmFam representative for you.

Finding the Perfect AmFam Agent

Selecting the ideal American Family agent takes research and care, but it’s worth the effort to gain a trusted advisor on your side. Use the guidance in this article to feel fully confident choosing a knowledgeable AmFam agent in Grand Junction tailored to your specific insurance needs and providing ongoing support. Leverage their expertise to get optimal coverage at the best rate for you.

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Why is American family insurance so expensive?

Candace Baker, Car Insurance Writer American Family is so expensive because car insurance is expensive in general, due to rising costs for insurers. But at $665 per year, the average American Family car insurance premium is actually about the same as the national average of $671 per year.

Is American Family Insurance the same as the general?

The General Insurance is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp., which is owned by American Family. PGC Holdings Corp., which stands for Permanent General Companies, was purchased by American Family in 2012 for $239 million. However, The General is still maintained as a separate brand.

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