How To File An Insurance Claim With National General Insurance

National General Insurance offers auto, homeowners, renters, RV, motorcycle, and other types of insurance policies. If you need to file a claim on your National General policy, you can report it by phone or online 24/7. Here is a guide on how to submit an insurance claim with National General, including important contact info and tips for a smooth process.

National General Insurance Claims Contact Information

To get started filing a new claim with National General Insurance, you will need to provide some key details over the phone or through their online form.

Reporting A Claim By Phone

The main claims phone number for National General policyholders is 1-800-468-3466. This number can be used for claims related to auto, homeowners, renters, RV, or motorcycle insurance.

For flood insurance claims, call 1-888-598-0296.

The claims contact center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have your policy number available when you call.

Filing A Claim Online

You can also report a claim on the National General Insurance website:

  • Go to

  • Click on “Report a Claim”

  • Choose the option to log into your online account or file as a guest

  • Fill out the online claims form

This is the easiest way to file if you want to include photos, videos, or other documentation to support your claim.

Contact For Agents

If you are an insurance agent filing on behalf of a client, use the online form and choose “Agent” when prompted for your role in the claim. You can also call the main claims line if unable to access the website.

What Information You’ll Need To Report A Claim

Whether calling National General or filing a claim online, make sure to have the following information ready:

  • Your policy number – This is critical for pulling up your account details. It is found on your insurance ID cards and declarations page.

  • Date/time/location of loss – Be prepared to provide the exact date and time the incident occurred. For auto claims, note the street location. For homeowners claims, confirm the insured property address.

  • Description of damages – Briefly explain what was damaged or stolen. For example, front-end collision damage to your car or water damage to your living room ceiling.

  • Police report – The claims agent will want to know if officers were called to the accident scene or burglary location and if you have a police report.

  • Contact info – Provide phone numbers where you can be reached at any time throughout the claims process.

  • Photos/videos – Especially for online claims, submit any pictures or footage you may have clearly showing the extent of damage or missing items.

The more details you can provide upfront, the faster your claim can be processed and approved.

National General Insurance Claims Process Explained

Understanding what happens after you report the claim helps set proper expectations. Here are the major stages of the National General claims process:

1. Notice Of Loss

Notifying National General that you need to file a claim is the first step after any incident or loss. This puts your insurer on notice that you will be submitting a claim to your policy.

Provide initial details over the phone or online as soon as possible. For claims involving injuries or substantial property damage, it is best to call right away.

2. Investigation

The claims department will assign an adjuster to investigate your claim. They may ask you for:

  • A recorded statement about what happened

  • Written statement or affidavit signing off on your account of events

  • Additional documentation (receipts, medical reports, etc.)

  • Inspection and estimates from approved vendors

Cooperate fully and respond promptly to all adjuster requests. This will help advance your claim.

3. Coverage Review

The adjuster analyzes how the circumstances of your claim fit with your specific policy coverage and limits. This determines whether it will be approved and the amount payable.

If there are any problems with your claim eligibility, the adjuster will contact you to discuss the next steps. For straightforward claims, they will simply proceed with processing once coverage is verified.

4. Settlement

After confirming coverage, National General will issue payment to either reimburse you or pay vendors directly for approved repairs, replacements, or medical services.

For claims on vehicles or property with outstanding loans, funds are usually sent to the lender first. Remaining settlement amounts are then paid to the policyholder.

5. Closing

The claims process concludes once you cash any checks sent or repairs/replacements are completed using direct National General payments. But the claim remains on file if you need to re-open it later for any reason.

Tips for Filing Claims With National General

Here are some useful tips for ensuring the claims process goes smoothly when insured with National General:

  • Review your coverages – Know what your policy does and does not cover before filing so you have accurate expectations.

  • Document evidence – Take lots of photos and save receipts, invoices, or repair estimates to support your reported damages.

  • Respond promptly – Return adjuster calls and information requests right away to expedite settlement.

  • Get estimates – For home repairs or car body work, get a couple quotes from preferred National General vendors.

  • Speak with care – Avoid speculating or admitting fault during the recorded claims process. Stick to only the facts.

  • Follow treatment plans – Seek proper medical care after an accident and follow all doctor-prescribed treatment plans.

  • Ask questions – If anything is unclear during the claims process, don’t hesitate to contact your adjuster for clarification.

Key Takeaways

  • Contact National General at 1-800-468-3466 or online to start a claim. Provide your policy number, loss details, and any evidence.

  • National General thoroughly investigates claims, checks coverage, and issues settlement payments for covered losses.

  • Supply all necessary documentation, respond to adjusters timely, and comply with treatment recommendations.

  • Review your policy and document damage evidence like photos to smoothen claims filing. Ask questions if unsure about anything.

Filing an insurance claim does not need to be stressful. Knowing what to expect and following tips like having your policy number handy makes the process much easier. Reach out to National General right away after any incident to get your claim started on the right foot.

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How do I check the status of my National General Claims?

Report or check the status of a claim Call us: 1-800-468-3466.

Is National General Insurance owned by Allstate?

When Allstate acquired National General in 2021, another great pair came together, joining products to offer employers an even broader suite of coverage solutions for their employees.

Is direct general the same as National General?

Who owns Direct Auto insurance? Direct Auto is part of the Direct General Group, which is owned by National General Holdings Corp., a property and casualty insurance company headquartered in New York City.

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