How to Contact Garrison Insurance to File a Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be a headache. Finding the right phone number to call to start the process can be even more frustrating. This article will provide an overview of Garrison Insurance and the best way to contact them to file a claim.

An Introduction to Garrison Insurance

Garrison Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency located in Chula Vista, California. They offer a wide range of insurance products including:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance

As an independent agency, Garrison Insurance works with multiple highly-rated insurance carriers. This allows them to shop around to find the best coverage options and rates for their customers.

Some of the major insurance companies Garrison Insurance partners with include:

  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • Safeco
  • Foremost
  • AAA
  • Allstate
  • Nationwide
  • and more

Garrison Insurance has been serving the San Diego area since 1989. They are licensed in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

How to File an Insurance Claim with Garrison Insurance

If you need to file a claim on an existing Garrison Insurance policy, here are the steps to take:

1. Gather Information About the Claim

  • Date, time, and location of loss/damage
  • Police report if applicable
  • Estimate of damage/loss amount
  • Photos documenting damage/loss
  • Receipts for temporary repairs or housing if applicable

2. Contact Your Garrison Insurance Agent

  • Call 619-591-0101
  • Email your agent directly if you have their contact info
  • Stop by their office at 553 Telegraph Canyon Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Your agent can confirm if you have the right coverage for your claim and help start the claims process.

3. Call the Claims Number for Your Insurance Carrier

Garrison Insurance works with over 25 insurance carriers. Each company has their own claims department and phone number.

Here are the claims numbers for some of Garrison Insurance’s biggest partners:

  • AAA Insurance: 800-672-5246
  • Allstate Insurance: 800-255-7828
  • ASI Lloyds: 866-274-5677
  • Encompass Insurance: 800-255-7828
  • Foremost Insurance: 800-527-3907
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance: 844-339-5299
  • MetLife: 800-854-6011
  • Nationwide Insurance: 800-421-3535
  • Progressive Insurance: 800-776-4737
  • Safeco Insurance: 800-332-3226
  • Travelers Insurance: 800-252-4633

A full directory of claims numbers can be found on the Garrison Insurance website.

When you call, be prepared with your policy number, details about your claim, and any documentation. The claims adjuster will walk you through the next steps based on your policy and the nature of your claim.

4. Cooperate Fully with the Claims Process

To get your claim paid efficiently, be sure to:

  • Provide all requested documentation in a timely manner
  • Allow insurance company representatives to inspect damage
  • Obtain estimates for repairs
  • Keep all receipts for temporary repairs, housing, and other claim-related expenses
  • Accept reasonable settlement offers

5. Get Repairs/Replacement Completed

Once your claim is approved, you can begin repairs or replacement of damaged items. Be sure to keep copies of all repair invoices and receipts.

6. Receive Claim Payment

The final step is to receive your claim payment, either directly or through the repair shop. Be sure to cash or deposit the check right away.

Tips for Filing Garrison Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim with Garrison Insurance doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these tips:

  • Call your agent first – They can advise if you have the appropriate coverage and help start the claims process.

  • Act quickly – File your claim as soon as possible after the loss or damage occurs. Delayed reporting could denial of your claim.

  • Document everything – Take photos and videos documenting damage. Save all related receipts and repair invoices.

  • Read your policy – Know what your policy does and does not cover before filing a claim to avoid misunderstandings later.

  • Be detailed – Provide as many details as possible when reporting your claim. Missing information can slow the process.

  • Be responsive – Quickly provide any additional documentation the insurance company requests. Non-response can delay or deny your claim.

  • Be reasonable – Cooperate fully with inspectors and accept reasonable settlement offers. Unreasonable demands could result in claim denial.

  • Ask questions – If there is anything you don’t understand about the claims process, ask your agent or claims adjuster for clarification.

When to Contact DOI Instead of Garrison Insurance

In most cases, you’ll get claims issues resolved by working directly with your Garrison Insurance agent and the insurance carrier.

However, if you exhausted all options and feel your claim is being wrongfully denied or delayed, you can contact the California Department of Insurance to file a complaint.

Here is the contact information:

California Department of Insurance

Consumer Hotline: 800-927-4357

Online Complaint Form:

Mailing Address: Consumer Services & Market Conduct Branch
300 South Spring Street, South Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Department of Insurance can help investigate mishandled claims. Their consumer hotline can also answer any other insurance-related questions.

Garrison Insurance Is There to Help

Dealing with insurance claims isn’t fun, but the friendly team at Garrison Insurance is there to support you. They will work closely with insurance carriers to help get your claim resolved quickly and fairly.

With the right information and cooperation, you can move through the claims process as smoothly as possible. Use the phone numbers and tips provided in this article to get your Garrison Insurance claim paid without hassle.

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Is Garrison insurance the same as USAA?

Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company is one of many subsidiaries of USAA, one of the leading insurance providers in the United States. In short, most information about USAA and Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Corporation will pertain to the parent company.

What is a claim number?

Claim numbers are often used by insurance companies to identify a specific claim. Claim numbers are unique identifiers that give a clear indication of what the claim is about.

What is the 800 number for USAA claims?

You’ll need to call us to file a claim at 800-531-USAA (8722). We’ll connect you to an adjuster, and if covered, send a tow truck to you. Examples of when you may need a collision tow: You hit an object or another vehicle.

How do I check the status of my USAA claim?

On You’ll find your active claim next to your policies. Select the claim and go to the “Your Claims” page. Then choose “Check Claim Status.”

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