Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee: History, Products, and Contact Info

The Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee was a prominent life insurance company based in Nashville. Founded in 1903, it grew to become one of the largest insurers in the state before eventually being acquired by American General in the 1980s.

In this article, we’ll look at the history of Life and Casualty, the products they offered, their company contact information, and what became of the company after acquisitions.

Overview of Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee

  • Founded in 1903 in Nashville, TN
  • Founder A.M. Burton was previously with Western & Southern Life
  • Originally sold industrial life and ordinary life policies
  • Policies marketed door-to-door to working class consumers
  • Constructed the 31-story L&C Tower in 1957 as their headquarters
  • Acquired by American General Insurance in the mid-1960s
  • Merged with National Life and Accident Insurance Company in the 1980s
  • Products now part of American General Life Insurance Company

Life and Casualty Insurance Company aimed to provide life insurance policies to both middle class and working class Tennesseans in the early 20th century. Their products gave financial protection to families in case of death or disability of a breadwinner.

History of Life and Casualty Insurance Company

Life and Casualty Insurance Company was founded in 1903 by A.M. Burton. Burton had previously worked as a regional manager for Western & Southern Life Insurance Company.

When Western & Southern decided to leave the Tennessee market, Burton started his own life insurance firm to fill the gap. The company grew steadily in its early years.

In 1957, Life and Casualty opened their new 31-story headquarters, the L&C Tower, in downtown Nashville. This was briefly the tallest building in the Southeast U.S.

The company also became known for its ownership of radio and TV stations WLAC. They held these media properties until the 1970s.

In the mid-1960s, Life and Casualty Insurance Company was acquired by American General Insurance Company, based in Texas. However, operations continued mostly unchanged until the 1980s.

In the 1980s, American General acquired rival insurer National Life and Accident. They then merged Life and Casualty and National Life into one entity.

The original L&C Tower remained a Nashville landmark but was sold off by the company. The merged insurance company operated as American General Life and Accident.

Today, the successor to Life and Casualty is headquartered in Brentwood, TN as part of American International Group (AIG).

Products Offered by Life and Casualty

Life and Casualty Insurance Company offered two main types of life insurance policies:

Industrial Life Insurance

  • Low face value policies ($100 to $1,000)
  • Affordable premiums for working class
  • Premiums collected door-to-door

Ordinary Life Insurance

  • Larger face value policies
  • Targeted at middle class consumers
  • Premiums paid annually, semi-annually, etc.

Industrial life insurance provided basic financial protection for low-income families. Agents would visit weekly or monthly to collect premiums.

Ordinary life policies were oriented towards middle class breadwinners. These policies had higher face values and flexibility in premium payments.

Over time, Life and Casualty expanded into additional insurance products beyond just life insurance. However, life policies remained the company’s primary focus throughout its history.

Contact Information for Life and Casualty Insurance Company

Since Life and Casualty Insurance Company no longer operates as an independent insurer, there is no direct contact information available.

The successor to the company is now American General Life Insurance Company, headquartered in Brentwood, TN. Their contact numbers are:

  • Phone: (800) 888-2452

  • Fax: (877) 601-5746

For general inquiries about insurance in Tennessee, consumers can contact the state Department of Commerce and Insurance:

  • Main Phone: (615) 741-2241

  • Toll Free: (800) 342-4029

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Mailing Address:

TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance
500 James Robertson Pkwy
Nashville, TN 37243

To look up license information for agents and brokers in Tennessee, visit the Department of Commerce and Insurance website.

The Legacy of Life and Casualty Insurance Company

While Life and Casualty Insurance Company no longer operates as an independent entity, it played an important role in Tennessee’s insurance history.

At its peak, Life and Casualty provided protection for thousands of Tennessean families and employed hundreds of state residents. The L&C Tower remained a Nashville architectural landmark for decades.

And even after acquisitions, the company’s products and policies lived on through successors like American General. So the legacy of Life and Casualty continues to impact life insurance customers in Tennessee and beyond.

The company A.M. Burton founded in 1903 succeeded in bringing life insurance to generations of working class citizens. That positive impact still resonates today across Tennessee.

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Who took over Life and Casualty insurance company of Tennessee?

The company Burton founded went through a series of mergers and acquisitions which now form American General Life and Accident, now headquartered in the Nashville suburb of Brentwood, Tennessee as part of American International Group (AIG).

How do I find out if someone has life insurance in Tennessee?

But Tennesseans can use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Life Insurance Policy Locator. This locator allows beneficiaries and others (e.g., executors and legal representatives of the deceased individual) to search for possible life insurance policies or annuity contracts.

What is the phone number for the TN Gov service desk?

For technical support or problems viewing a webpage, please dial 629-888-5871 or 1-888-834-4375 and select one of the following options.

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