How to File a Claim with Ohio Security Insurance Company

Ohio Security Insurance Company provides insurance coverage for homes, automobiles, businesses, health and more. If you need to file an insurance claim with Ohio Security, there are some important steps to take to ensure your claim is processed quickly and fairly. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about filing an insurance claim with Ohio Security Insurance Company.

Overview of Ohio Security Insurance Company

Ohio Security Insurance Company was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a property and casualty insurance company that offers coverage for homes, vehicles, businesses, liability, workers compensation and more.

Some key facts about Ohio Security Insurance Company:

  • Provides insurance in 28 states
  • Has an A- rating from A.M. Best Company
  • Offers insurance through independent agents
  • Part of the Liberty Mutual Group since 2003
  • Policyholders can manage claims online

How to File an Insurance Claim with Ohio Security

If you need to file an insurance claim with Ohio Security Insurance Company, here are the steps to take:

1. Report the Loss

The first thing you’ll need to do is report the loss or damage to Ohio Security Insurance Company. This starts the claims process.

There are a few ways to report a new claim:

  • Online: You can start the claims process by reporting your loss through Ohio Security’s online claims center. You’ll need to provide details about what happened and upload any photos or documentation.

  • By Phone: Call Ohio Security’s claims number at (513) 603-2400 to speak with a representative and report your claim over the phone.

  • Through your Agent: Contact the agent who sold you the policy and have them assist you in starting the claims process.

Be sure to gather any documentation related to your claim before reporting it, such as police reports, repair estimates, medical bills, etc. Promptly reporting the loss helps speed up claim processing.

2. Ohio Security Investigates the Claim

After receiving notice of your claim, Ohio Security will assign a claims adjuster to investigate what happened. The adjuster may:

  • Ask you for more details about the loss event
  • Request any additional documentation or proof to support the claim
  • Inspect the damage themselves
  • Obtain statements from witnesses
  • Review police reports

Cooperating with the claims investigation and providing all relevant information will help move the process along.

3. Ohio Security Determines Coverage

Once the investigation is complete, Ohio Security will determine if your policy provides coverage for the loss. The claims adjuster will review the policy terms, exclusions, and limitations to make this decision.

If they determine that coverage applies, they will proceed with processing the claim. If there are disputes about the application of coverage, you may need to provide additional information or consult with an attorney.

4. Estimate Damages and Losses

For covered claims, the claims adjuster will work to quantify the extent of damages or losses. This may involve:

  • Sending an inspector to assess the damage
  • Obtaining repair estimates
  • Requesting documents to value lost or damaged items
  • Reviewing any related expenses or medical bills

Be sure to submit all repair bills, invoices, medical documentation, and other evidence to justify your claimed losses.

5. Receive Payment from Ohio Security

Once Ohio Security verifies coverage and quantifies damages/losses, they will issue payment in accordance with your policy terms.

  • For property damage claims, you will generally receive payment within 30 days after reaching an agreed-upon settlement amount.
  • For liability claims, payments may go directly to third-parties (like an injured party).
  • For medical payments coverage, Ohio Security will pay covered expenses as finalized bills/paperwork are submitted.

Be sure to review the payment amount and follow up on any discrepancies right away. Cashing the check generally indicates your acceptance of the claim settlement.

6. Appealing a Claims Decision

If you disagree with the claims determination or payment amount, you have the right to appeal. Follow the instructions on your claims documentation to file an appeal or complaint.

Additional steps for disputing a claims decision include:

  • Write a letter explaining your dispute and request that the claim be re-examined. Include additional documentation.
  • Contact the claims manager or supervisor to discuss your appeal.
  • Consult with an attorney experienced in insurance claims disputes. They can review your case and help negotiate a better outcome.
  • File a complaint with your state insurance regulator if the dispute is not resolved.

Going through the appeals process soon after receiving the claims determination allows you to get issues resolved in a timely manner.

Important Documentation for Your Ohio Security Claim

To get your Ohio Security insurance claim processed as quickly as possible, be sure to have the following documentation ready when reporting your loss:

  • Your policy number – This allows Ohio Security to pull up your policy information and confirm coverage details.

  • Date and location of loss – Provide the specific date and address where the loss or damage occurred. For motor vehicle accidents, supply the street names involved.

  • Contact information – Provide phone numbers where you can be reached during business hours so the claims adjuster can follow up with you easily.

  • Loss details – Be prepared to give a brief description of what happened and the resulting damage or injuries.

  • Police report – For accidents, thefts, vandalism, or other crimes resulting in loss, supply a copy of the police report documenting the incident.

  • Photographs – Take photos documenting the extent of property damage or injuries to submit to the insurance company.

  • Repair estimates – For property damage claims, work on getting repair estimates or appraisals to include with your claim submission.

  • Medical documentation – Include medical bills, records, and other items that detail injuries or healthcare costs for injury claims.

  • Proof of value – For stolen or damaged personal property, locate original receipts, warranties, or other proof of the item’s value.

Providing complete details and documentation right away avoids delays in processing your Ohio Security insurance claim.

Tips for Getting Your Ohio Security Claim Paid Quickly

To help avoid problems and get your Ohio Security claim processed as efficiently as possible, keep these tips in mind:

  • Report the loss immediately – prompt notification is key to timely claims resolution.

  • Take photos – capture images onsite that document the damage or losses.

  • Save receipts and documentation – have proof of value ready for personal property claims.

  • Avoid making repairs – don’t begin repairs or alter damage until approved by the adjuster.

  • Complete all paperwork – fill out all claims forms completely and return promptly.

  • Follow up on delays – reach out to your claims adjuster for status updates if the claim seems stalled.

  • Provide all requested items – respond quickly to any claim documentation requests.

  • Keep a record – maintain a claims file with copies of everything you supply to the insurance company.

  • Avoid accepting early offers – make sure you understand the claim settlement before agreeing to it.

Proper documentation and diligent follow up can help get your Ohio Security insurance claim processed faster.

Getting Help with Your Ohio Security Insurance Claim

For additional assistance in getting your Ohio Security claim paid fairly and promptly, consider enlisting the help of a public adjuster or attorney that specializes in insurance claims. They can:

  • Review your Ohio Security policy to confirm available coverage
  • Help value damaged property and inventory your losses
  • Negotiate with claims adjusters on your behalf
  • Resolve any coverage disputes or appeals
  • Ensure proper documentation is assembled
  • Provide peace of mind that your claim will be handled appropriately

An experienced professional can relieve some of the burden of managing your Ohio Security insurance claim and maximize the payment amount you ultimately receive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Security Insurance Claims

Here are answers to some common questions about filing insurance claims with Ohio Security:

How long does Ohio Security take to settle a claim?

For straightforward property damage claims with clear coverage, you can generally expect to receive payment within 30 days of reaching an agreed-upon claims amount. More complex cases involving liability, injuries, or coverage disputes may take 2 to 6 months or longer to fully settle.

What is Ohio Security’s claims phone number?

You can reach Ohio Security Insurance Company’s claims department at (513) 603-2400. This number allows you to start the claims process or follow up on an existing claim.

Can I file a claim online with Ohio Security?

Yes, Ohio Security Insurance Company allows policyholders to report claims digitally through their online claims center. You will need to provide details about the loss and upload any supporting documentation.

What is the Ohio Security Insurance complaints phone number?

If you need to file an appeal or complaint about a claims determination, you can reach Ohio Security’s consumer affairs department at (800) 362-6572. This division handles disputes related to claims handling or payouts.

How long does Ohio Security take to pay a claim?

Once you reach an agreed-upon claim amount with Ohio Security, they generally issue

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Is Ohio Security Liberty Mutual?

Founded in 1919, the Ohio Security Insurance Company, part of Liberty Mutual’s insurance enterprise after being acquired by Ohio Casualty, provides a range of personal and commercial insurance products, like inland marine insurance and commercial umbrella insurance, to seven states. These states include: Delaware.

What is the phone number for Ohio Security Insurance Company?

Ohio Security Insurance Company 175 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116

How long does an insurance company have to settle a claim in Ohio?

Insurance companies in Ohio have 46 days to settle a claim after it is filed. Ohio insurance companies also have specific time frames in which they must acknowledge the claim and then decide whether to accept it, before paying out the final settlement.

How do I claim money from my insurance company?

Contact your insurer for the insurance claim process. Inform about the incident and provide all relevant information and documents as requested. This includes your policy number, date, and location of incident. You also need to provide medical records or police reports if any, and other evidence.

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