Lewis and Lewis Insurance Reviews – What Customers Say About This Provider

As one of the largest brokers of Mexican auto insurance for US drivers, Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency has served hundreds of thousands of customers over their 75+ years in business. But how do real Lewis and Lewis customers rate their experience with this insurance provider?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine multiple Lewis and Lewis insurance reviews from sources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), WalletHub, and other third-party sites. You’ll see detailed feedback on claims handling, customer service, overall value, and what policyholders think after filing claims and working with Lewis and Lewis.

Overview of Lewis and Lewis Insurance

First, let’s look at some background on Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency:

  • Founded in 1948 – One of the oldest Mexico insurance brokers serving US drivers.

  • BBB accredited – Maintains A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Headquartered in California – Main office located in Los Angeles, but writes policies nationwide.

  • Primarily sells auto policies – Specializes in Mexican auto insurance for travelers. Also offers some health and homeowners policies.

  • Broker, not direct carrier – Lewis and Lewis sells policies underwritten by various Mexican insurance companies.

  • Bi-lingual support – Many agents speak both English and Spanish.

Now that you understand the Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency brand, let’s dive into detailed customer reviews from multiple sources to see common feedback and themes.

Lewis and Lewis Customer Reviews on Claims Experiences

For many policyholders, the true evaluation of an insurer comes when it’s time to file a claim. How well does the company handle the claims process and make the customer whole after a loss? Here are excerpts from Lewis and Lewis insurance reviews specifically discussing claims:

“I was in an accident in Mexico and Lewis and Lewis did everything possible to get my claim resolved quickly and fairly. Always available by phone too.”

“Communication was poor throughout the claims process. I had to constantly call for claim status updates and to have repairs approved.”

“They rejected my claim saying damage occurred outside policy dates, but I sent proof it was within my coverage. Took multiple rounds of appeals before I finally got claim approved 2 months later.”

“Our RV had major damage driving the Baja. Lewis and Lewis expedited our claim and got repairs authorized in under a week. Made the process very smooth.”

Many reviewers report good experiences when it comes to claims advocacy and pushing the underwriting carriers to honor claims. However, poor communication and slow response times are also commonly cited as areas for improvement in working claims files.

Reviews of Lewis and Lewis Customer Service

In addition to claims, many Lewis and Lewis insurance reviews also focus on customer service experiences:

“Customer service reps are extremely knowledgeable about Mexican insurance and helped me understand the policy and print all docs before my trip.”

“I must have been transferred 6 times trying to ask a simple billing question. Ended up on long holds and having to explain my issue repeatedly.”

“The agents I worked with to setup my policy were friendly, but followed up with me was severely lacking after initial purchase.”

“Even when I’ve had minor issues like updating a credit card for billing, the Lewis and Lewis staff have been super friendly and resolved it instantly.”

Here the reviews are polarized, with some customers highly satisfied with the customer service received, and others reporting poor experiences with hold times, unclear communication, and difficulty reaching knowledgeable agents.

Lewis and Lewis Reviews on Value and Cost

Are customers satisfied with the value they receive from Lewis and Lewis Insurance policies relative to the premiums paid? Here’s what reviewers say about cost and overall value:

“Pricing was only a little better than competitors for Mexican auto coverage, even though their website touts big savings. Didn’t seem like a great value to me.”

“I shopped extensively and Lewis and Lewis offered one of the lowest prices for the coverage levels I needed for my RV trip.”

“With all the discounts and multi-policy savings, I pay around 40% less than I was quoted by other Mexico insurers.”

“Considering I had no claims for 5+ years, I expected my premiums to decrease more over time. Pricing seems too high based on my clean record.”

Opinions on Lewis and Lewis insurance pricing vary widely based on individual circumstances. Overall, many do seem to find their rates competitive compared to other brokers, especially when bundling multiple policies.

Overall Lewis and Lewis Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Looking at the big picture across claims, customer service, and value, how do policyholders rate Lewis and Lewis Insurance overall based on their first-hand experiences?

“Will only work with Lewis and Lewis for Mexico insurance going forward. Never an issue in 5 years of coverage and claims handled smoothly.”

“There are better options out there for Mexico auto policies if you don’t mind doing a little more shopping around. I won’t be back.”

“Fantastic service start to finish. Highly recommend Lewis and Lewis Insurance to anyone traveling to Mexico that needs proper coverage.”

“Was a loyal Lewis and Lewis customer for many years, but over time service and communication became poor. Recently switched providers.”

Reviewers that report smooth claims experiences and excellent customer service tend to be very satisfied overall with Lewis and Lewis Insurance. However, those facing claims denials, long delays, or unresponsive service report significantly lower satisfaction and likelihood to recommend or renew policies.

Common Pros Mentioned in Lewis and Lewis Reviews

Looking across multiple reviews from policyholders, here are some of the most commonly cited positives of using Lewis and Lewis Insurance:

  • Quick and painless claims resolution when damages are straightforward
  • Discounts for bundling multiple Mexico policies
  • Ability to easily purchase policies online or over the phone
  • Knowledgeable agents for complex Mexico insurance questions
  • Quotes and coverage options customized for your trip
  • Strong reputation and longevity servicing Mexico travelers

Common Cons Highlighted in Reviews

While Lewis and Lewis earns positive feedback from many customers, here are some areas of repeated criticism according to reviews:

  • Very long customer service hold times
  • Inconsistent claim communications and delayed settlements
  • Difficulty speaking with assigned agent or adjuster
  • Claims denied in error then requiring appeals
  • Lack of discounts or rewards for long-time customers
  • Pre-purchase quotes differ from higher final premium at checkout

How Lewis and Lewis Reviews Compare to Competitors

Mexico auto insurance is a niche market with only a handful of major providers. Here’s how Lewis and Lewis customer satisfaction compares:

  • AAA: Known for slightly higher prices but superior claims service and responsiveness.

  • GEICO: Geico policies receive better reviews for consistent communications and seamless technology.

  • HDI Seguros: Top-rated Mexico insurer overall with stellar customer service reviews.

  • Progressive: Slightly lower customer satisfaction ratings than Lewis and Lewis on third-party review sites.

  • Safeco Insurance: Specializes more in US policies, but has strong Mexico presence and positive reviews.

While Lewis and Lewis satisfies many customers, reviews indicate others offer more consistent experiences and better claims handling. It pays to compare providers before purchasing Mexico auto insurance.

The Bottom Line: Lewis and Lewis Reviews Are Mixed

Based on in-depth analysis of Lewis and Lewis Insurance reviews from multiple sources, customer satisfaction appears to be polarized. Many policyholders are very pleased with responsive claims and friendly service. However, others faced slow claims resolution, denial of valid claims, and difficulty getting questions answered.

Pricing is competitive but quotes often come in higher than initial estimates. The quality of service you receive can vary drastically depending on which department and agent you interact with. While Lewis and Lewis satisfies some, we recommend comparing providers to maximize your chances of getting quality Mexico insurance.

Common Questions: Lewis and Lewis Insurance Reviews

Q: Does Lewis and Lewis have a good reputation?

Yes, Lewis and Lewis Insurance maintains accreditation and an A+ rating with the BBB. They are one of the most recognized Mexico insurance brokers. Reviews are mixed, however, when it comes to customer service and claims experiences.

Q: How quickly does Lewis and Lewis process claims?

Reviewers report widely varying claims processing times. Straightforward claims may process in under two weeks, while complex claims often take multiple months for Lewis and Lewis to resolve with the underwriting carrier.

Q: Are Lewis and Lewis policies affordable?

Lewis and Lewis pricing is competitive with other major Mexico insurance brokers. But it always pays to compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best rates for your specific situation.

Q: Does Lewis and Lewis offer any discounts?

Yes, Lewis and Lewis offers common discounts like multi-policy, senior, military, and good driver discounts. But they have fewer discounts compared to some other Mexico insurance companies.

Q: Can I work with Lewis and Lewis agents in Spanish?

Yes, Lewis and Lewis Insurance employs many bi-lingual agents fluent in both English and Spanish. Just request a Spanish-speaking agent when you contact their office.

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