Is Roadside Assistance Free With Farmers Insurance?

When you’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or dead battery, roadside assistance can be an absolute lifesaver. But is this emergency help free if you have Farmers auto insurance? Or do you need to pay extra for the peace of mind of roadside assistance coverage?

Unfortunately, roadside assistance is not automatically free from Farmers. However, it is available as an affordable add-on service starting at just $1 per month for Farmers policyholders.

Below we will cover everything you need to know about getting roadside assistance with Farmers insurance, including:

  • What Farmers roadside assistance provides
  • Cost for roadside assistance from Farmers
  • How it compares to competitors
  • What to know before adding it to your policy
  • Instructions for purchasing Farmers roadside assistance
  • Alternative options if you don’t have roadside assistance

What Does Farmers Roadside Assistance Provide?

Farmers offers standard roadside assistance coverage to give drivers help with:

  • Towing – Up to 20 miles of towing to the nearest qualified repair facility
  • Battery jump starts – A jump start if you have a dead battery
  • Lockout service – Assistance if you lock your keys in your car
  • Fuel delivery – Delivery of a small amount of fuel if you run out
  • Flat tire change – Help changing a flat tire with your good spare
  • Winching – Pulling your vehicle out if it’s stuck in a ditch or snow

You can request Farmers roadside assistance online, through their mobile app, or by calling 1-800-435-7764. The coverage provides up to 3 service calls per year.

Some exclusions do apply – certain costs may not be covered if you exceed set limits, like being towed more than 20 miles. Be sure to check your specific policy details.

How Much Does Farmers Roadside Assistance Cost?

Roadside assistance is not free from Farmers, but rather available as an affordable add-on starting at just $1 per month. On average, Farmers roadside assistance costs:

  • $12 to $36 per year
  • $1 to $3 per month

The exact cost can vary based on your location and vehicle. Bundling it with your auto policy may qualify you for a multi-product discount as well.

This makes Farmers one of the most budget-friendly options for basic nationwide roadside assistance coverage.

How Does Farmers Roadside Assistance Compare?

Here’s how Farmers roadside assistance stacks up against plans from AAA and Liberty Mutual:

Company Avg. Annual Cost Towing Limit Tire Change/Jumpstart
Farmers $12 – $36/year 20 miles Not included
AAA Basic $29+/year 5 miles Included
Liberty Mutual $1 – $10/month Nearest location Included

Farmers is one of the most affordable options, though service is limited compared to auto club memberships like AAA that offer more robust coverage.

Still, Farmers roadside assistance provides sufficient help for most minor roadside emergencies at a very low cost.

What to Know Before Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Farmers Policy

Before paying extra for Farmers roadside assistance, keep a few important considerations in mind:

  • It’s only for comprehensive/collision customers – You need to carry comp and collision coverage on your Farmers policy to add roadside assistance.

  • Not available in all states – Farmers roadside assistance is not offered in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

  • Covers registered vehicles only – Roadside help is only for cars registered and insured under your Farmers policy, not unlisted vehicles.

  • Carefully review coverage limits – Be clear on mileage and dollar caps for towing, labor fees, etc. to avoid surprise costs.

  • You pay the costs up front – You will need to pay for any roadside services out of pocket and submit receipts for reimbursement.

  • May not cover certain exotic or oversized vehicles – Ask Farmers to confirm eligibility for specialty cars like recreational vehicles.

Taking a few moments to understand coverage details and eligibility requirements can prevent headaches later if you need to use your Farmers roadside assistance.

How to Purchase Farmers Roadside Assistance

If you decide the coverage fits your needs, purchasing roadside assistance from Farmers is easy:

  1. Call 1-800-435-7764 to speak with a Farmers insurance agent.

  2. Let the agent know you want to add roadside assistance to your existing auto policy.

  3. Provide your full name, policy number, and billing details.

  4. The agent will add the coverage and adjust your premium payments accordingly.

  5. Review your updated declarations page and policy documents to confirm the change.

You can also visit your local Farmers agent in person to purchase roadside assistance along with your auto insurance.

Current policyholders can add roadside assistance at any time – it does not have to be done at initial signup. Review your options whenever you renew your Farmers policy.

What If I Don’t Have Roadside Assistance Coverage?

If you don’t have roadside assistance through Farmers or another provider, you still have options if you breakdown:

  • Call a towing company yourself – Look up local towing businesses and choose one to dispatch help.

  • Try your auto club membership – Services like AAA offer robust roadside help, even to non-insurance members.

  • Use a pay-per-use provider – Companies like Allstate Roadside let you pay per service call as needed.

  • Contact your car dealer – Some dealerships provide free roadside assistance for new car owners.

  • Ask a friend/family member – See if someone close by can come help with a jumpstart or quick fix.

  • Use a ridesharing app – Request a ride while you wait for assistance.

  • Call emergency services – For dire situations, ask for police or highway patrol assistance.

Having roadside assistance coverage in place before you need it saves the stress and cost of making panic arrangements from the roadside. Carefully weigh the relatively low price of Farmers roadside protection compared to potentially paying out of pocket down the line.

Is Farmers Roadside Assistance Worth It?

Farmers doesn’t offer the most comprehensive roadside assistance coverage compared to premium providers like AAA. However, for budget-focused drivers who want bare bones emergency help available, Farmers roadside assistance provides solid value.

Starting at just $1 per month, you can gain nationwide access to critical services like towing, fuel delivery, jump starts, and lockout assistance. Farmers convenient digital tools also make it easy to request help 24/7 from anywhere when you really need it.

Just be sure to clearly understand any coverage limits and restrictions in your specific state and policy. With reasonable expectations, Farmers roadside assistance can be a stress-reducing add-on that provides peace of mind for only pennies a day.

The Bottom Line

Roadside assistance does not automatically come free with Farmers car insurance policies. But drivers can purchase affordable coverage starting around only $1/month when bundled with their auto policy.

Compared to standalone options from auto clubs or other insurers, Farmers roadside assistance hits a great price point for those wanting basic emergency help. Just be aware of any coverage limits, eligibility rules, and reimbursement procedures to avoid surprise costs.

Prevent being stranded without assistance by considering the low price and convenience of adding roadside coverage from Farmers today.

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