How to Contact Hyundai Motor Finance for Gap Insurance Help

If you financed or leased a new or used Hyundai vehicle through Hyundai Motor Finance, you may have purchased gap insurance to protect yourself in case of a total loss. Gap insurance pays the difference between what your auto insurance covers and what you still owe on your loan or lease. This guide provides everything you need to know about reaching the Hyundai gap insurance department to submit a claim or ask any questions.

What is Gap Insurance for a Hyundai?

  • Covers the “gap” between actual cash value and remaining loan balance if vehicle is totaled
  • Typically an optional add-on product at time of purchase or lease
  • Provides extra protection beyond standard auto insurance policy
  • Ideal for new cars that depreciate quickly or vehicles with little equity

Gap insurance is administered by Hyundai Motor Finance for vehicles financed through the automaker’s captive finance arm. There are two main types of gap coverage:

Vehicle Return GAP – Waives the remaining lease payments if the leased vehicle is totaled.

Vehicle Purchase GAP – Pays the difference between insurance settlement and loan balance if the financed vehicle is totaled.

When to Use Your Hyundai Gap Insurance

The most common reasons to use your gap insurance and file a claim include:

  • Your Hyundai is totaled in an accident and declared a total loss by auto insurance
  • Your Hyundai is stolen and not recovered
  • Your Hyundai sustains fire, flood, or storm damage beyond repair

In any of these situations, your standard auto insurance will pay the actual cash value or replacement cost minus your deductible. If you owe more than that amount on your Hyundai loan or lease, the gap insurance will cover the difference so you don’t end up making payments on a vehicle you no longer have.

How to File a Hyundai Gap Insurance Claim

Follow this step-by-step process if you need to file a gap insurance claim:

  1. Report the total loss incident to your primary auto insurance carrier. Make sure the claim is fully settled.

  2. Gather your gap insurance documents, loan/lease agreement, and auto insurance settlement details.

  3. Call Hyundai Motor Finance gap claims: 855-367-3471.

  4. Provide the requested documentation to Hyundai gap claims department.

  5. Hyundai will review your information and process the claim within 30 days of receipt.

  6. Remaining loan/lease balance will be paid directly to Hyundai Motor Finance.

  7. You will receive notification upon claim approval or denial.

Important: You must continue making your normal loan or lease payments until the gap claim is finalized.

What Hyundai Gap Insurance Documents to Have Ready

To expedite the claims process, have these gap insurance documents handy:

  • Certificate of gap coverage or contract
  • Auto insurance declaration page
  • Total loss settlement letter from auto insurance
  • Police report or other proof of loss
  • Loan or lease agreement
  • Current loan/lease payoff amount

Having all this information ready will help you provide the necessary details when you call Hyundai’s gap insurance claims department.

Hyundai Motor Finance Contact Information

In addition to gap insurance claims, you can contact Hyundai Motor Finance for:

  • Questions about your loan or lease
  • Making payments
  • Getting payoff quotes
  • Updating account information
  • Reviewing account documents

Hyundai Motor Finance

PO Box 20829
Fountain Valley, CA 92728

By Phone:

  • Gap Insurance Claims: 855-367-3471
  • Main Customer Service: 800-523-4030

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-8pm PT


Email: [email protected]

The Hyundai Motor Finance website also has live chat available and a dealer locator to find a local dealer or lender representative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hyundai Gap Insurance

Here are answers to some common questions about gap coverage from Hyundai Motor Finance:

How much does gap insurance cost for a Hyundai?

The cost varies, but is typically $500 – $700 total for 2-3 years of coverage. It can be added to your loan amount.

When does gap insurance coverage start and end?

Gap insurance starts on the loan/lease origination date and continues until the end of the term, or when you pay off the balance – whichever comes first.

Does Hyundai gap coverage have deductible options?

No, Hyundai’s gap insurance does not have deductible options or variations in coverage limits.

Can I cancel my Hyundai gap insurance?

Yes, you can cancel anytime and receive a pro-rated refund. Contact Hyundai Motor Finance to discuss cancellation.

Do I need gap insurance if I make a large down payment?

It depends on how quickly your Hyundai depreciates. Even with a large down payment, gap coverage provides peace of mind.

What if the gap claim payment doesn’t fully cover my remaining loan balance?

Unfortunately gap insurance only covers the calculated difference, up to the maximum limits in your contract. Any remaining loan balance would still be owed by you.

Is Hyundai Motor Finance the Best Lender for You?

Hyundai Motor Finance is the “captive” lender owned by the automaker, so they offer competitive purchase and lease financing options on new and used Hyundai vehicles. However, be sure to also check rates and terms from other lenders like:

  • Your bank or credit union
  • Online auto lenders like Carvana
  • National lenders like Capital One Auto Finance

Every lender uses different credit requirements and approved interest rates for financing your Hyundai. Comparing quotes from multiple places ensures you get the very best auto loan or lease. Be sure to also compare gap insurance costs and benefits.

Get Comprehensive Coverage for Your New Hyundai

Gap insurance helps protect your financial interest in your new vehicle. Hyundai Motor Finance makes it easy to get this valuable coverage during purchase or lease financing. Keep their gap claims contact number handy in case you ever need to file a total loss claim. Thoroughly understand all policy terms so you can utilize the coverage effectively.

Hyundai Gen 3 Gap Insurance


What is Hyundai gap insurance?

Hyundai Insurance: Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) How does this form of Hyundai insurance work, then? GAP waives the difference between your outstanding loan balance and insurance payout up to $150,000 or 150% of your car’s MSRP. GAP also waives your deductible up to $1,000. Up to $50,000 of losses may be waived.

How to cancel gap insurance with Hyundai?

Gap Insurance Cancellation Contact your gap insurance provider to begin the cancellation process, and be ready to submit the following: Gap insurance cancelation forms. Copy of an odometer disclosure statement. Copy of auto loan payoff showing the date your vehicle was paid off.

What is Hyundai assurance policy?

Zero depreciation cover. No loading charges for break in cases. Uniform cash less facility across India. No salvage deduction from claim amount. Time bound settlement of total loss and theft cases.

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