Grundy Collector Car Insurance Reviews: Is It the Best Choice for Classics?

Insuring a classic or antique car requires specialty coverage to properly protect your investment. Grundy is one of the biggest names in collector car insurance, but are they the right choice?

In this article, we’ll examine Grundy’s collector car insurance by looking at:

  • An overview of Grundy as a company
  • Grundy collector car insurance coverage
  • Cost of Grundy classic car insurance
  • Grundy collector car insurance reviews
  • Pros and cons of Grundy
  • Whether Grundy is the best classic car insurer

Let’s dive in and see if Grundy lives up to their reputation for insuring classics, antiques, and exotic vehicles.

About Grundy Collector Car Insurance

First, here’s some background on the company:

  • Founded in 1947 in Pennsylvania
  • Specializes in insurance for collectible cars
  • Also offers boat, motorcycle, and home insurance
  • Rated A- by A.M. Best for financial strength
  • Rated 3/5 stars on WalletHub based on 45 reviews

Grundy is best known for specializing in insurance for antique autos, muscle cars, exotics, and other collectible vehicles. They promote customized coverage and agreed value policies.

Grundy Collector Car Insurance Coverage

Grundy offers a standard collector car program called the Olde Original which bundles these coverages in one policy:

  • Agreed value
  • Full comprehensive and collision
  • Spare parts
  • Trip interruption reimbursement
  • Towing and labor
  • Liability up to $1 million

The liability payment covers your entire collection of classic vehicles. Grundy also offers Motor Vehicle policies to combine regular car insurance with specialty auto coverage.

Notable Features:

  • No mileage restrictions
  • Coverage for events and exhibits
  • Pet injury coverage
  • Spare parts and memorabilia coverage
  • Earned premium refund at renewal

So Grundy offers broad specialty protections suited for collector vehicles. But how much does Grundy’s classic car insurance cost?

Cost of Grundy Collector Car Insurance

Grundy does not provide general quotes or rate estimates on their website. As a specialty insurer, they calculate premiums individually based on:

  • Type, age, and value of vehicle
  • Selected coverages and deductibles
  • Where the vehicle is garaged
  • Owner’s age and driving record

However, published customer reviews give us a sense of pricing:

  • Policies as low as $400 per year
  • Typical cost of $800 to $1,200 annually
  • Multi-car discounts available

Many reviewers highlight the significant savings over standard insurance. But is Grundy’s service and claims process good? Let’s look at reviews.

Grundy Collector Car Insurance Reviews

We analyzed reviews from two main sources – WalletHub and ConsumerAffairs:


  • 3 out of 5 stars based on 45 total reviews
  • 76% of reviews only 1 or 2 stars

The most common complaints include:

  • Extremely slow and difficult application process
  • Excessive paperwork required
  • Lack of responsiveness from agents


  • 1.03 out of 5 stars based on 3 total reviews
  • Response from Grundy on a disputed claim denial

The reviews echo frustrations with Grundy’s customer service. Next let’s highlight the key pros and cons.

Pros of Grundy Collector Car Insurance

  • Specialty coverage – Grundy is focused specifically on insuring collectible vehicles unlike standard insurers. Their coverage options and agreed value policies are tailored for this market.

  • Reputation – In business for 75+ years and well established in the classic car insurance space.

  • Premium discounts – Grundy offers multi-car and multi-policy discounts to help lower costs.

Cons of Grundy Collector Car Insurance

  • Customer service – Reviews frequently cite very slow service, non-responsive agents, and an overly difficult application/claims process.

  • No online quotes – Grundy does not provide instant online quotes. You have to contact an agent for a quote.

  • Limited availability – Grundy only operates in 42 states compared to national companies. Unavailable in states like California.

Is Grundy the Best Classic Car Insurer?

The positives of Grundy’s specialized coverage and premium discounts make them a solid option for insuring classics and antique autos.

However, the common complaints about poor customer service are concerning. Rival insurers like Hagerty and American Collectors offer similar specialty policies with better reputation for claims and support.

For most collectors, we would recommend getting quotes from Hagerty, American Collectors, or other top-rated classic car insurers in addition to Grundy. This allows you to compare coverage, pricing, and customer ratings.

While Grundy pioneered the collector vehicle insurance space, their lackluster reviews suggest they may no longer be the premier choice when considering their competition.

The Bottom Line on Grundy Collector Car Insurance

Grundy offers customized coverage catered specifically to insuring antique, classic, and exotic vehicles. Their focus on this niche gives them specialty options and agreed value protection that standard insurers lack.

However, Grundy’s poor reviews for customer service and claims response indicate significant room for improvement. Their slow quoting process and limited geographic availability are other downsides.

For most collectors, we recommend comparing Grundy to other top classic car insurance providers before deciding. While Grundy deserves consideration, the collector car insurance space now has stronger options for service and support.

By taking the time to research and compare, you can find the perfect specialty auto insurance for properly protecting your prized classic or antique vehicle.

Unbiased Review: Is Grundy Insurance the Best Choice for Classic and Collector Car Owners?


Why is Grundy so cheap?

Grundy offers pretty affordable rates on classic cars, especially considering it doesn’t impose any mileage caps like other classic car insurers. But exact costs depend on a variety of factors, including the driver’s accident history and the agreed-upon value for the vehicle.

Is Grundy full coverage?

Full Agreed Value Guaranteed, No Deductible in Most States, Full Comprehensive and Collision, Liability With Limits Up To $1,000,000, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, State Required PIP As Medical Benefits, Inflation Guard Value Protection, Spare Parts Inventory Coverage up to $500, Trip Interruption up to $600, Towing …

How long has Grundy insurance been in business?

James A. Grundy, Sr. actually invented this special insurance in 1947, and this is how he came to do it: At the turn of the last century, Colonel Sam Baily was a Philadelphia businessman who saw that the automobile was going to replace the horse as the primary means of transportation.

Does Grundy insurance cover theft?

Grundy Agreed Value Insurance gives you 100% of the Agreed Value of your car in the event of a theft or total loss, guaranteed.

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