First Guard: Your Top Choice for Commercial Truck Insurance

Operating a commercial trucking business involves major financial risks. From physical damage to cargo claims, lawsuits and more, there are many exposures truckers must manage. Having the right insurance coverage in place is essential to protect your business assets and income.

First Guard has provided customized truck insurance solutions directly to owner-operators and fleets for over 80 years. We will explore why First Guard is a top choice for comprehensive commercial truck insurance.

Overview of First Guard Truck Insurance

First Guard offers a complete portfolio of insurance products specifically designed for the needs of truckers.

Key coverages include:

  • Physical Damage – Covers collision repairs and replacement for tractors, trailers, etc.

  • Non-Trucking Liability – Limited liability protection when using trucks for personal needs.

  • Occupational Accident – Protection for medical bills and lost wages from on-the-job injuries.

  • Trucker Liability – Bodily injury and property damage protection.

  • Trucker Cargo – Safeguards cargo from risks like theft, accidents and damage.

In addition to tailored coverage options, First Guard provides advanced technology for convenient account management and fast claims resolution.

Why Choose First Guard for Your Truck Insurance

With so many commercial truck insurance providers to choose from, why select First Guard? Here are the key advantages you get:

1. Direct Insurance Specifically for Truckers

First Guard offers insurance directly to truck drivers and fleets, not through agents. Their coverages are designed for the unique risks truckers face, not generic business insurance.

2. Affordable Premiums and Discounts

First Guard leverages its specialized expertise in trucking insurance to offer highly competitive rates. Discounts are available for safe driving records.

3. Per-Mile Coverage and Monthly Billing

Pay for physical damage coverage based on miles driven. Payments can be made monthly rather than large lump sums.

4. Quick and Easy Quotes

Get personalized quotes in minutes over the phone from First Guard’s team of trucking insurance experts. No hassles.

5. Superior Claims Service

Experienced claims adjusters simplify the process and expedite claim resolution and payouts.

6. Policy Management Technology

Manage your account, drivers, equipment and more through First Guard’s convenient online portal anytime.

7. Strong Industry Reputation

First Guard earns high marks for customer service and satisfaction from independent industry ratings agencies.

Choosing First Guard means getting unmatched specialized protection and services for your trucking business.

Physical Damage Truck Insurance

One of the most important coverages truckers need is physical damage, also called collision, insurance. It covers repairs or replacement when your tractors, trailers, or other commercial rigs are damaged in an accident or other covered event.

Here are some key advantages of First Guard’s physical damage insurance:

  • All Risk Protection – Covers any cause of loss except those specifically excluded.

  • Spare and Extra Equipment – Protection extends to spare parts and accessories.

  • Rental Reimbursement – Pays for rental trucks while yours is being repaired.

  • Deductible Options – Choose from a wide range of deductibles to fit your budget.

  • Towing ALLOWANCE – 100% of towing costs to the nearest repair facility covered.

Insuring your valuable trucks and equipment properly is essential. First Guard’s physical damage insurance provides complete protection.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Most truckers spend a lot of time operating their rigs for personal reasons when not under dispatch. Non-trucking liability insurance from First Guard provides vital protection during this personal use.

Key highlights include:

  • Personal Use Protection – Covers liability when using your truck for non-business needs.

  • Up to $1 Million – Policy limits go up to $1 million for accidents involving bodily injury or property damage.

  • No Down Payment – Affordable monthly premiums for coverage.

  • Quick Processing – New policies can be issued same day in most cases.

Don’t take chances driving your commercial rig for personal use without non-trucking liability insurance from First Guard.

First Guard for Trucking Fleets

In addition to individual owner-operators, First Guard offers comprehensive commercial fleet truck insurance programs.

Turnkey program features include:

  • Online Fleet Administration – Manage all your drivers, trucks and policies through First Guard’s portal.

  • Quick Equipment Updates – Change unit numbers, values and coverage instantly online.

  • Customized Billing – Pay for all drivers and trucks in one monthly invoice.

  • Multiline Discounts – Reduce costs when you insure trucks, cargo, and liability with First Guard.

  • Instant Certificates – Provide required certificates of insurance immediately.

Get superior technology, service and savings tailored for fleets of all sizes with First Guard.

Get a Quick Quote for Coverage

It only takes minutes to get a fast free quote for commercial truck insurance from First Guard.

Simply call First Guard at 800-995-4827 or get an instant quote online. You’ll speak with a knowledgeable representative who will gather details about your trucking business, driving history and coverage needs.

They will provide you with a customized quoted based on the precise liabilities your owner-operator or fleet faces. Feel confident you are getting the best rates and insurance package possible.

Policy Management Made Easy

Managing your First Guard truck insurance policies is simple through their online account management portal.

After signing up, you can:

  • Pay bills online.

  • Download copies of insurance cards and other paperwork.

  • Review policy documents and track claims.

  • Access billing history and statements.

  • Update driver and vehicle information.

The portal lets you handle necessary insurance administration tasks anytime with ease.

Why Trust First Guard for 80+ Years

With a track record spanning over 80 years, First Guard has earned the trust of truckers by consistently delivering on promises.

First Guard pioneered direct insurance sales for trucking long before it was an industry norm. Both individual truckers and national fleets rely on First Guard’s expertise, service and specialized coverage.

Their longevity and focus purely on the trucking insurance market sets First Guard apart. You can be confident they will be there to pay claims and support your business now and for the long run.

The Bottom Line

Insuring semi trucks involves unique challenges and exposures standard business policies aren’t designed to address. That’s why truckers since the 1930s have turned to First Guard for customized coverages and unmatched services.

From fast quotes to easy claims resolution and advanced online account management, First Guard stands ready to provide end-to-end insurance solutions for your trucking business. No agents required.

Contact First Guard today to learn more about your options and get a fast free quote tailored to your specific coverage requirements. Keep your hard-earned trucks and income protected on the road ahead with First Guard commercial truck insurance.

First Guard Commercial Truck Insurance


Why is commercial truck insurance so high?

Trucking Accidents Keep Rising The reason behind this is simple, the demand for trucking is ever-increasing, yet the driver shortage is never quite curbed. There is also an increase in the demand for delivered goods, which means that most drivers are probably working overtime, and fatigue sets in more often.

How does commercial truck insurance work?

Truckers’ general liability coverage will protect the actions of the driver who is operating on someone else’s premises. For example, a mistake at truck stops and loading docks will be covered under this policy. General liability insurance also covers mistakes that occur in the delivery of the driver’s load.

What is general liability insurance for truckers?

General liability for truckers protects the assets of insureds against legal obligations of payment to a third party. Such claims may be for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, and personal injury damages covered by the policy.

How big is the commercial trucking insurance market?

This is where commercial insurance steps in, since it can cover vehicles that regular auto insurance would not. The Global Commercial Truck Insurance Market Size was estimated at USD 107888.55 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 171754.90 million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.87% during the forecast period.

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