Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Scottsdale, AZ

As a major city in Arizona, Scottsdale has over 250,000 residents and many drivers navigating its streets daily. Having proper auto insurance coverage is crucial for all Scottsdale motorists. This article will guide you through getting the right car insurance policy at the lowest price in Scottsdale.

Why You Need Auto Insurance in Scottsdale

Arizona state law requires all vehicles to be insured. Driving without active insurance can lead to fines, license suspension, and vehicle impoundment.

Beyond legal requirements, auto insurance protects you financially for:

  • Damage to your car from accidents
  • Injuries to yourself or passengers
  • Injuries you cause to others
  • Theft or vandalism

With high rates of accidents, traffic, and car crime in Scottsdale, having adequate coverage is essential. Auto insurance transforms potentially devastating events into minor annoyances.

Key Factors Impacting Your Insurance Rates

While premiums vary across insurers, some universal factors determine your rates in Scottsdale:

Driver Factors:

  • Age – Drivers under 25 pay the most
  • Gender – Men generally pay more than women
  • Marital status – Married drivers get lower rates
  • Driving history – Accidents and violations increase rates
  • Credit history – Better credit means lower premiums

Vehicle Factors:

  • Make, model and year – Sports cars and luxury vehicles cost more
  • Value – More expensive cars have higher premiums
  • Safety ratings – Safer cars get discounts
  • Modifications – Upgrades like lift kits raise rates

Other Factors:

  • Mileage – More miles driven increases risk
  • Location – Urban areas cost more than rural spots
  • Coverage limits – Higher liability/collision limits mean higher premiums
  • Deductibles – Lower deductibles lead to higher rates

Shopping around and comparing quotes is the best way to find affordable premiums. First though, let’s look at the required coverages in Arizona.

Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Arizona

To legally drive in Arizona, you must carry:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Covers injuries to others when you’re at fault. Arizona requires minimum limits of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

  • Property Damage Liability: Covers damage you cause to other vehicles or property. The minimum limit is $15,000.

  • Uninsured Motorist: Protects you if hit by a driver with no insurance. Must match your liability limits.

Many drivers choose higher 50/100/50 or 100/300/100 liability limits for better protection. Collision and comprehensive are also smart additions for most drivers.

How Insurers Calculate Your Premiums

Insurance companies use various factors to estimate your risk profile and set rates accordingly. Here’s an overview:

  • Data like age, credit, gender, and driving history determine your risk tier – higher risk equals higher rates.

  • Details about your car like make, model, and age place you into a vehicle risk tier. Safer, cheaper cars get lower rates.

  • Your location also impacts your tier. Urban areas cost more than rural spots.

  • Finally, your selected coverage levels adjust your premium up or down. Higher limits mean higher rates.

Your final premium is based on your combined risk tier plus coverage selections. Comparing quotes helps find the insurer that evaluates these most favorably for you.

Top 7 Auto Insurance Companies in Scottsdale

Below are popular insurer choices for Scottsdale drivers. We’ll highlight key details to help you choose:

1. State Farm

  • Largest auto insurer in the U.S.
  • Competitive rates plus bundling discounts
  • Strong financial strength (A++ rating)
  • Large local agent network

Best for: Bundles, local agents, brand recognition


  • Second largest U.S. auto insurer
  • Low rates with an easy online quote process
  • Good option for high-risk drivers
  • Limited local agent support

Best for: Low rates, high-risk drivers, easy online quotes

3. Allstate

  • Second largest U.S. auto insurer
  • Competitive rates and good customer service
  • Bundling discounts on home insurance
  • Large network of local agents

Best for: Bundles, local agents, brand name

4. American Family

  • Regional insurer popular in Arizona
  • Competitive rates with a variety of discounts
  • Policy add-ons like accident forgiveness
  • Local agent support

Best for: Regional company with strong Arizona presence

5. Progressive

  • Third largest U.S. auto insurer
  • Competitive rates with online account management
  • Usage-based options through Snapshot® program
  • Limited local agent support

Best for: Online service, apps, usage-based options

6. Liberty Mutual

  • Fifth largest U.S. auto insurer
  • Customizable coverage options and discounts
  • Home insurance bundling discounts
  • Local and online service options

Best for: Mix of local agents and online service

7. Travelers

  • Competitive rates plus longevity discounts
  • Home insurance bundling savings
  • Local independent agents provide service

Best for: Bundles and local agent support

This covers top national brands plus American Family as a strong regional choice. Also consider local companies like The Hartford, Country Financial, and National General.

How to Get the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Scottsdale

Here are proven strategies to lock down the cheapest auto insurance rates in Scottsdale:

  • Compare quotes – Rates vary widely amongst insurers for the same coverage.

  • Raise deductibles – Higher deductibles substantially lower premiums.

  • Drop optional coverages – Eliminate extras like rental reimbursement to save money.

  • Ask about discounts – Take advantage of every discount you qualify for.

  • Maintain good credit – Better credit scores mean better rates.

  • Enroll in telematics – Usage-based programs can earn discounts.

  • Bundle insurance – Add home or umbrella policies with the same insurer.

  • Drive a safe car – Insure a newer vehicle with high safety ratings.

  • Limit mileage – Less driving means lower risk and premiums.

  • Take a defensive driving course – Completing a class leads to discounts.

  • Increase liability limits – 100/300/100 gives the best long-term rates.

  • Drop collision on older cars – It gets expensive for vehicles over 8-10 years old.

  • Use auto-pay – Paying automatically earns up to a 5% discount.

Finding the most affordable rates in Scottsdale takes effort. But following these tips could save you hundreds per year.

Top 5 Auto Insurers in Scottsdale, AZ

To summarize, here are the top auto insurance options for Scottsdale drivers based on reputation, customer service, and rates:

  1. State Farm – Best overall value balancing rates, service, and discounts

  2. GEICO – Great rates starting online, especially for high-risk drivers

  3. Allstate – Popular for local agents and home insurance bundles

  4. American Family – Leading regional insurer in Arizona

  5. Progressive – Best digital experience with competitive pricing

You have great choices between national brands like State Farm, GEICO, and Allstate. American Family and Progressive also shine as more specialized options.

Make sure to compare quotes from this top group. Include a mix of national, regional, and local insurers in your search. With some effort, you can find great car insurance rates in Scottsdale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car insurance per month in Scottsdale?

Average monthly rates in Scottsdale are around $160 for minimum coverage and about $220 for 100/300/100 liability with collision and comprehensive. High-risk drivers may pay over $350 per month.

How much is minimum coverage in Arizona?

Arizona requires minimum 25/50/15 liability limits but we recommend higher 100/300/100 limits for better protection.

Who has the cheapest car insurance for young drivers in Scottsdale?

Younger drivers under 25 can find some of the cheapest rates at national companies like GEICO, Progressive, and Allstate. Local option American Family also offers competitive pricing.

What auto insurance do I need in Arizona?

You must carry 25/50/15 minimum liability limits and uninsured motorist coverage. Collision and comprehensive are also recommended to protect your vehicle.

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How much is car insurance in Scottsdale?

Car insurance in Scottsdale costs an average of $961 for a six-month policy or $160 per month on average.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Arizona?

Annual Premium
Monthly Premium
Country Financial
State Farm
Iowa Farm Bureau

How much is car insurance per month in AZ?

Minimum-coverage car insurance costs $90 per month in Arizona, on average. The average cost of full-coverage insurance in Arizona is $224 per month. However, every insurer offers different prices, and what you’ll pay depends on your age, driving history, location and credit score.

Why is Arizona auto insurance so high?

Car insurance in Arizona is expensive because the state has higher than average traffic fatalities, with 1.4 deaths per 100 million miles driven (compared to the national average of 1.1).

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