An In-Depth Look at Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company

Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company is a regional insurance provider located in Canton, Ohio. They offer a range of insurance products to customers in their local area. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at this company, their history, services, ratings, complaints, and more.

Overview of Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company

  • Type of business: Insurance company
  • Location: Canton, Ohio
  • Years in business: Since at least 2012
  • Products offered: Auto, motorcycle, homeowners, life, business insurance

Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company operates as a regional insurance carrier serving customers in the United States. They offer a range of insurance products including auto, motorcycle, homeowners, life, and business insurance.

The company was founded in Ohio and has been in business since at least 2012. They are based in Canton, OH where their headquarters office is located.

Insurance Products Offered

Colonial County Mutual offers a variety of insurance products to meet the needs of customers in their region. Here is an overview of the main types of insurance they provide:

  • Auto Insurance – Colonial County provides auto insurance policies that cover liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, and other standard protections. They offer options for full coverage or liability-only policies. Discounts may be available for safe drivers.

  • Motorcycle Insurance – Motorcycle owners can get insurance to cover their bikes from Colonial County. This can include liability, collision, comprehensive, accessory coverage, and more.

  • Homeowners Insurance – For homeowners, Colonial County offers insurance to protect homes from damage. This can include coverage for the dwelling, other structures like garages, personal property, loss of use, personal liability, and more. Discounts may apply for alarm systems, smoke detectors, and other safety features.

  • Life Insurance – Colonial County provides term life and whole life insurance policies. Term life covers a set period of time, while whole life offers lifetime coverage.

  • Business Insurance – Business owners can get commercial insurance from Colonial County. This can include general liability, property, loss of income, commercial auto, workers compensation, bonds, and umbrella insurance.

In addition to these core products, Colonial County also offers some financial services like banking and retirement planning.

History and Ownership

Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company has been in business for at least a decade, though their full history is not widely publicized.

They are organized as a mutual insurance company, which means the company is owned by its policyholders rather than investors or stockholders. Any profits earned by the company are returned to policyholders through dividends.

The company operates regionally in Ohio and caters to local customers in their area. They are likely managed by a board of directors elected by policyholders.

Ratings and Accreditations

Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company currently has the following ratings and accreditations:

  • Better Business Bureau – Colonial County is not accredited by the BBB and has no rating. They have been a BBB-registered business since 2012.

  • A.M. Best – Colonial County does not appear to have a rating from A.M. Best, which assesses the financial strength of insurers.

  • Insurance Company Ratings – Other insurance company rating agencies like J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and do not have ratings data available for Colonial County.

  • Complaint Data – Colonial County has no complaints on file with the BBB and does not have financial strength ratings that would report complaint data.

So while Colonial County does not have notable ratings or accreditations, they also do not have any major red flags when it comes to complaints or financial stability. As a smaller regional company, they may not receive the same agency attention as nationwide insurers.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

Since Colonial County Mutual Insurance operates regionally in Ohio, it can be helpful to look at online customer reviews specific to their service area. However, Colonial County does not have a significant online presence or many customer reviews available. Here are some key points:

  • Better Business Bureau – Colonial County has been in the BBB database since 2012 but has zero complaints on file. The BBB does not reflect any customer reviews for this company either positive or negative.

  • Other Review Sites – Colonial County is not rated on major insurance review sites like or Consumer Affairs. There are no reviews on Google either.

  • Social Media – Colonial County does not appear to have official social media pages where customers commonly post reviews. They do not have a Facebook business page, for example.

  • Online Feedback – There is virtually no customer feedback available for Colonial County across the internet. This suggests they cater to a local customer base without much of an online presence.

So while Colonial County does not have any notable complaints, the lack of online reviews also makes it difficult for potential new customers to assess the company’s reputation. Consumers may want to check with local contacts who have used Colonial County when considering them for insurance.

Costs and Discounts

As a smaller regional company, Colonial County Mutual Insurance may offer affordable rates compared to large national brands. However, their costs can vary significantly based on factors like:

  • Location and zip code
  • Type of policy
  • Amount of coverage
  • Deductible amount
  • Driver age and history
  • Vehicle make, model, and age
  • Credit score
  • Safety features and discounts
  • Bundling multiple policies

To get an accurate Colonial County insurance quote, customers will need to directly reach out and provide details on these factors. The company may offer typical discounts like:

  • Safe driver discount
  • Good student discount
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Defensive driver discount
  • Advance quote discount

Bundling auto and home insurance together can also help save money compared to purchasing separate policies. Overall pricing will depend on the specifics of each insurance policy. Customers can contact Colonial County directly to get a free, personalized insurance quote.

How to Get a Quote and File a Claim

Getting an insurance policy or quote from Colonial County Mutual Insurance involves contacting their team directly:

To get a quote:

  • Call (877) 262-0247
  • Speak to an agent during business hours
  • Get a personalized quote for your insurance needs

To file a claim:

  • Call (877) 262-0247
  • Notify them as soon as possible of any accident or damage
  • Provide details of the claim and cooperate with any investigation

The claims process will depend on the type of insurance and nature of the claim. An adjuster typically investigates damage and determines the payout amount based on the policy limits. Colonial County handles claims for all of their insurance products including auto, motorcycle, home, life, and business insurance.

Is Colonial County Mutual Insurance a Good Choice?

When considering Colonial County Mutual Insurance for a policy, there are a few key factors to weigh:


  • Local company that serves the Ohio area directly
  • Competitive pricing from a smaller regional insurer
  • Mutual company where policyholders have ownership
  • No major complaints and good BBB standing


  • Does not have financial strength ratings
  • Minimal online presence and customer reviews
  • Limited insurance products compared to national carriers

For homeowners and drivers located in their direct service area of Ohio, Colonial County is a locally-focused insurance choice to consider. Their smaller size can mean more personalized service. However, the lack of consumer feedback makes it hard to assess reputation.

Shoppers should compare Colonial County quotes to pricing from other insurers like State Farm, Allstate, and GEICO to find the best rates. Reaching out to Colonial County directly allows requesting a free quote tailored to your specific insurance needs.

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Who is the parent company of Nationwide insurance?

Nationwide is owned by Nationwide policyholders, since it is a mutual insurance company and its shares are not available to investors on the public market. Among the 10 largest car insurance companies in the U.S., four are mutual insurance companies. For more information, check out WalletHub’s full Nationwide review.

Is Nationwide and Allstate the same company?

No, Nationwide is not the same as Allstate. Nationwide is not affiliated with Allstate in any way, though the two companies are both property and casualty insurers that offer similar services and coverage options to consumers.

Is Allied and Nationwide the same company?

In 1998, Nationwide merged with Allied and assumed responsibility for Allied’s independent agency network. In 1999, CalFarm Insurance in Sacramento, California joined Nationwide as well. These organizations, along with several others, now all operate as worldwide.

Are Progressive and Nationwide the same company?

Nationwide underwrites its own policies and sells a wide variety of insurance products, including auto, home, renters, life, pet and business insurance. Progressive Insurance is another popular car insurance provider, with almost 6% of the total market share, making it the third largest company in the United States.

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