How to Cancel Your Allstate Insurance Policy

Deciding to cancel your Allstate insurance policy can be a big step. Allstate is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, offering a wide range of policies including auto, home, renters, and life insurance.

Canceling an insurance policy with Allstate is possible at any time, for any reason. However, there are a few things you need to know in order to successfully cancel your Allstate policy. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the Allstate cancellation process step-by-step.

When Can I Cancel My Allstate Insurance Policy?

  • You can cancel your Allstate insurance policy at any time, for any reason. There is no penalty for canceling your policy as long as you do not have an outstanding claim.

  • Allstate does not limit cancellation to specific scenarios like selling your car or home, or switching insurance providers. You can cancel an Allstate policy for any personal financial reason.

  • If you are switching insurance providers, make sure your new policy is active before canceling your Allstate plan. This ensures you do not have a lapse in coverage.

  • If you are selling your insured car or home, keep your Allstate policy active until the sale is finalized. Canceling too early can leave you uninsured.

How to Cancel Your Allstate Car Insurance Policy

Follow these steps to cancel your Allstate auto insurance policy:

Step 1: Gather Your Policy Information

  • Policy Number – This can be found on your insurance ID cards or policy documents.

  • Account Number – Located on your insurance billing statements.

  • Driver’s License Number – Have your license ready to verify your identity.

Step 2: Have Your Cancellation Date Ready

  • Choose the specific date you want your Allstate cancellation to be effective. This cannot be retroactive.

  • Ensure you have auto insurance coverage until this cancellation date from Allstate or your new provider.

Step 3: Contact Your Allstate Agent

  • Call your agent directly and inform them you want to cancel your policy. Provide the cancellation date you selected.

  • Your agent may ask you to submit a written cancellation request by email or standard mail.

  • If you prefer, you can call the Allstate customer service line at 1-800-ALLSTATE to cancel over the phone.

Step 4: Get Confirmation of Your Cancellation

  • Allstate will send you confirmation of your policy cancellation by mail within 5-7 business days.

  • Confirm your cancellation date in writing matches what you originally requested.

  • Follow up with Allstate if you do not receive your cancellation confirmation.

How to Cancel Your Allstate Home Insurance Policy

Canceling your Allstate home or renters insurance involves the same overall process:

Step 1: Gather Your Home Insurance Policy Details

  • Policy Number – Found on your insurance documents or ID cards.

  • Account Number – Listed on your Allstate billing statements.

  • Address – Have your insured property address handy to verify.

Step 2: Choose Your Exact Cancellation Date

  • Pick the date you want your Allstate home insurance policy to end. This cannot be backdated.

  • Make sure you have coverage from Allstate or a new provider until the cancellation date.

Step 3: Notify Your Allstate Agent

  • Contact your agent directly and provide your cancellation date.

  • You may need to submit a written cancellation request through email, fax, or mail.

  • You can also call Allstate customer service at 1-800-ALLSTATE to cancel over the phone.

Step 4: Confirm Your Home Insurance Cancellation

  • Allstate will mail you confirmation of cancellation within 5-7 business days.

  • Review your policy end date on the cancellation notice to ensure accuracy.

  • Follow up with Allstate if you do not receive a cancellation confirmation letter.

How to Cancel Your Allstate Life Insurance Policy

Canceling an Allstate life insurance policy requires a few extra steps:

Step 1: Review Your Policy Documents

  • Check your life insurance contract for any surrender charges or penalties for early cancellation.

  • Some Allstate life policies have an initial period where cancellation incurs fees.

Step 2: Contact Your Allstate Agent

  • Inform your agent you wish to cancel your life insurance policy. Provide your target cancellation date.

  • Ask for details on any cancellation fees based on your policy type and age.

Step 3: Complete Paperwork to Cancel Coverage

  • Allstate requires you fill out a surrender or cancellation form for life policies.

  • Forms are available from your agent or the Allstate website.

  • Return your completed cancellation paperwork by the requested date.

Step 4: Get Confirmation from Allstate

  • You will receive written confirmation within 10 days verifying cancellation.

  • Review any refund or charges processed according to your policy guidelines.

  • Follow up immediately if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation.

Will I Get a Refund When Canceling My Allstate Policy?

  • You are entitled to a prorated refund of any unused premium already paid to Allstate when you cancel your policy.

  • The refund is calculated based on the number of days left in your current policy period at cancellation.

  • Any refund owed will be sent within 5-7 weeks after Allstate processes your policy cancellation.

  • If your cancellation date is close to your renewal date, you may not receive a premium refund.

Does Allstate Charge Fees for Canceling Insurance?

Allstate does not charge cancellation or termination fees for ending an auto, home, renters, or life insurance policy. However:

  • Newer life insurance policies may have surrender charges for early cancellation. Check your contract.

  • You are responsible for paying any outstanding balance owed for coverage up until the cancellation date.

  • If you received a new policy discount, you may have to pay back a pro-rated portion if canceling within 90 days.

  • Customers enrolled in the Allstate Easy Pay Plan must provide 10 days notice to cancel EFT withdrawals.

Can I Cancel Allstate Insurance Online?

Unfortunately, Allstate does not currently offer online cancellation for any types of insurance policies. There are two ways to cancel your Allstate coverage:

  • Contact your agent – Most policyholders can cancel by calling their agent directly. You may need to follow up with written authorization.

  • Call customer service – You can cancel an Allstate policy over the phone by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE. An agent will guide you through the process.

Allstate requires agent or customer service involvement to verify details and process cancellations properly in their systems.

When Will My Allstate Insurance Coverage End After Cancellation?

Your Allstate insurance coverage will end at 12:01 am on the cancellation date you provide.

  • Allstate cannot backdate cancellation requests or end coverage retroactively.

  • Make sure you arrange continuing auto, home, or life insurance before your Allstate policy terminates.

  • Once you cancel, Allstate will no longer provide active insurance benefits on claims after the cancellation date.

Can I Cancel My Allstate Insurance Policy Mid-Term?

Yes, Allstate allows policyholders to cancel an insurance policy mid-term and does not penalize customers for doing so.

  • You can cancel with Allstate effective immediately or schedule it for a future date.

  • Customers canceling mid-term may or may not receive a partial premium refund depending on time left in the policy period.

  • Mid-term cancellations often make you ineligible for multi-policy or renewal discounts if you later reapply for coverage.

  • Check for any state laws that require notifying your auto lienholder ahead of cancelling insurance mid-term.

Will Canceling My Policy Impact My Allstate Rewards?

If you currently receive discounts through one of Allstate’s rewards programs, canceling insurance may impact your status and discounts.

  • Allstate Rewards – Program points expire if you close your Allstate policies. Points determine your reward payment each year.

  • Drivewise – This program rewards safe driving habits. You will lose your status and no longer accrue rewards after cancellation.

  • Milewise – Milewise membership is not tied to having an active Allstate policy. You can continue to participate and earn rewards if you cancel insurance.

  • New Car Replacement – Cancelling a policy with this coverage means you lose eligibility for future use of the replacement benefit.

What Should I Do With My Allstate Insurance ID Cards After Cancellation?

Once your Allstate cancellation is finalized, handle your insurance ID cards and policy documents this way:

  • Auto ID cards – Destroy the ID cards and print evidence of your new insurance to carry in your vehicle.

  • Home/renters documents – Shred policy documents to prevent identity theft from unsecured documents.

  • Life insurance paperwork – Keep records about your previous coverage for future reference.

  • Explanation of benefits – Retain any explanation of benefits forms for tax purposes or future claims issues.

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How To Cancel Auto Policy With Allstate


Can I cancel my Allstate policy online?

Since Allstate doesn’t provide an online option to cancel your policy, you’ll have to contact the company directly. Allstate directs drivers to its contact page, where you have a few generic options for contacting customer service, including online chat, email, and a phone number.

Is there a cancellation fee for Allstate insurance?

If you’ve already paid your premium for the policy period in full, Allstate will refund the unused portion. Allstate does not impose a cancellation fee or penalty for early termination. Finally, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to cancel your policy just because you’re going through some life changes.

How do I quit Allstate?

Cancel your Allstate insurance You just need to dial 1 (800) 255-7828 or visit the nearest Allstate branch. Once you contact your agent, explain the reason for the cancelation and complete the process. Rarely, you may have to submit a written request showing the reason for cancelling your Allstate auto insurance.

Can I cancel my insurance policy at any time?

Whether you’re switching car insurance providers or selling your car, you can cancel your current insurance policy at any time. It’s a simple process that typically doesn’t take much time. That said, you’ll need to consider the timing and potential fees before you terminate your insurance.

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