Coastal American Insurance Company Reviews – Local Experts for Home Insurance on the Gulf Coast

Coastal American Insurance Company provides specialized home insurance coverage for properties located along the Gulf Coast. With deep expertise insuring coastal properties vulnerable to hurricanes, wind damage, and flooding, they are a top choice for homeowners in these high-risk regions.

In this article, we will share Coastal American Insurance reviews and ratings to provide insights into policyholders’ experiences with this regional carrier. We’ll cover company overview, coverages offered, customer feedback, claims processes, and more to help you make an informed insurance decision.

Overview of Coastal American Insurance Company

  • Location: Headquarters in Gulfport, MS
  • Products: Homeowners insurance, flood insurance
  • Serving: Primarily Mississippi Gulf Coast

Coastal American Insurance was founded by homeowners who struggled to find affordable coverage for their own coastal properties. Their mission is to provide quality insurance tailored to the unique risks facing homes along the Gulf of Mexico.

Because they specialize in this geographic region, Coastal American has deep expertise covering common exposures like hurricanes, storm surge flooding, wind damage and more. This allows them to provide comprehensive insurance at competitive rates.

They sell policies directly to homeowners, so you will not need to go through an agent. Their customer service team can provide quotes and explain coverages over the phone.

Below we’ll share Coastal American Insurance reviews from policyholders to provide insights into customer experiences with pricing, claims handling, and more.

Coastal American Insurance Customer Reviews and Ratings

On third-party review platform, Coastal American Insurance earns a strong rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 2 home insurance reviews.

100% of reviewers say they are likely to renew their Coastal American policy. This positive customer sentiment is reflected in the reviews:

“I find the yearly cost is very competitive and responsive people to serve your needs.”

“So far our experience with this company has been great! We have made a claim and they took care of it quickly and efficiently.”

Customers cite “competitive pricing” and “responsive service” as highlights of their Coastal American Insurance experience. The company receives positive feedback on claims handling as well.

While the review sample size is limited thus far, the initial feedback indicates satisfaction with Coastal American’s specialized coastal home insurance coverage and services.

Coverages and Discounts Offered

Coastal American Insurance provides comprehensive homeowners insurance designed specifically for coastal properties. Core coverages include:

  • Dwelling coverage – pays to rebuild or repair home
  • Other structures coverage – sheds, detached garages
  • Personal property coverage – furniture, clothes, appliances
  • Loss of use – additional living expenses during repairs
  • Liability – protects against injury claims
  • Medical payments – covers medical bills for injuries on property

They also offer flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This protects against flood damage not covered by standard homeowners policies.

Key Discounts

Coastal American offers several discounts to help lower premiums:

  • New home discount
  • Wind mitigation discounts – roof upgrades, storm shutters, wind-resistant features
  • Fire safety – sprinklers, fire-resistant materials
  • Central station alarm system

Bundling flood insurance with your homeowners policy may also reduce costs.

Claims Process and Customer Service

A key part of the insurance buying experience is how well the company handles claims. While limited claims insights are shared in reviews thus far, Coastal American states that their team will promptly investigate and process covered claims.

They have an in-house claims department focused on quickly resolving property damage claims and getting policyholders back on their feet after disasters.

For customer service, Coastal American Insurance provides support by phone. Their Gulfport office can be reached at 228-897-9786.

Additional online resources include:

  • Online account access to manage your policy
  • FAQs with policy and claims information
  • Flood insurance portal

Costs and Availability of Coastal American Insurance

Coastal American Insurance currently offers homeowners insurance in Mississippi. With their specialized expertise in coastal exposures, they focus on cities and counties along the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Your exact premium will vary based on factors like:

  • Location
  • Home type and age
  • Property features and building materials
  • Amount of coverage
  • Deductible
  • Discounts

To get a quote, you can call Coastal American Insurance at 228-897-9786. Their team can provide estimated pricing over the phone based on details about your property.

Online quotes are not available directly from the Coastal American website. But you may be able to compare quotes through independent insurance quote platforms.

Coastal American Insurance Pros and Cons

Based on our research and Coastal American Insurance reviews, here are some of the company’s key strengths and potential drawbacks:


  • Specialized expertise insuring coastal properties
  • Competitive pricing and discounts
  • Streamlined quotes and policy purchase over the phone
  • Strong financial backing from parent company


  • Limited policy availability beyond Mississippi
  • No online quotes or account management
  • Mixed feedback on claims processes

For homeowners on the Gulf Coast facing hurricane, flooding, and wind damage risks, Coastal American Insurance delivers targeted protection. But those outside of Mississippi may need to secure coverage from other carriers.

Is Coastal American Insurance the Right Insurer for You?

Coastal American Insurance offers a niche product designed specifically for the unique risks and challenges facing coastal homeowners.

They are best suited for properties located along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline that require specialized hurricane, wind, and flood insurance.

If your home falls outside of their geographic focus, you may need to consider alternatives like State Farm, Allstate or other national insurers.

For Mississippi Gulf Coast residents, Coastal American is worth considering to potentially save on your hurricane and flood insurance. Compare your options by getting quotes from both Coastal American and traditional insurers.

Look at the coverage offered, exclusions, deductibles, and pricing to find the right fit. And make sure to have replacement cost and Enhanced Replacement Cost if available.

The Bottom Line: Reviews Indicate Coastal American Satisfies Coastal Home Insurance Needs

In their reviews, Coastal American Insurance customers cite competitive pricing, excellent service, and efficient claims resolution as benefits of choosing this specialized coastal carrier.

Their focus provides deep expertise covering common exposures like hurricane wind damage and flood not offered by all standard insurers. Coastal American Insurance delivers a streamlined way for Mississippi Gulf homeowners to secure essential property protections.

While still a smaller regional company, Coastal American Insurance brings peace of mind and financial safeguards against devastating coastal storms and floods. For homeowners along the shore, they are worth considering when shopping for home insurance tailored to the unique local risks.

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What is the rating of American Coastal Insurance Company?

About American Coastal Insurance Corporation: American Coastal Insurance Company has earned a Financial Stability Rating of ‘A, Exceptional‘ from Demotech.

What is coastal home insurance?

Coastal homeowners insurance (also called beach house insurance) is a comprehensive home insurance policy specifically designed for homes near the water that are at heightened risk of windstorm and water damage.

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