Key Considerations for Car Rental Business Insurance Coverage

Operating a car rental business comes with substantial risks that make insurance coverage an absolute must. From customer accidents to theft and vandalism, there are many exposures that can lead to costly claims and lawsuits against your company. Working with reputable car rental insurance providers is essential to fully protecting your fleet, facilities, employees and overall business interests.

This comprehensive guide examines the specialized coverage options car rental firms need and top insurance carriers that offer tailored policies for the industry.

Typical Auto Exposures for Car Rental Companies

Car rental operations have unique insurance needs compared to other commercial auto fleets. Here are some of the major exposures to consider:

  • Customer Accidents – Renters getting into fender benders or causing injury/damage to others open up the rental company to liability claims.

  • Theft and Vandalism – Rented vehicles left unattended are susceptible to theft and vandalism leading to physical damage claims.

  • Natural Disasters – Severe hail, floods or wildfires can damage large portions of the rental fleet in one event.

  • Mechanical Breakdowns – Engine trouble or tire blowouts can leave customers stranded and vehicles in the shop.

  • Third Party Claims – Injuries to employees or customers at rental locations may trigger lawsuits.

  • Employee Auto Use – Company cars used by staff for errands or to shuttle vehicles creates additional exposure.

Key Car Rental Insurance Coverages

To fully protect against these widespread risks, car rental operators need tailored policies that bundle these essential coverages:

Commercial Auto Liability – Covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties when rented vehicles are involved in accidents. Limits of $1 million per occurrence are typical.

Physical Damage – Provides coverage for damage to rental vehicles from collision, theft, vandalism and other covered causes, often with $1,000 deductibles.

General Liability – Protects against third party injury lawsuits from slips-and-falls, employee accidents and other incidents on rental company premises unrelated to auto use.

Garagekeepers Liability – Covers theft or damage to customer vehicles left on rental lots for servicing or waiting to be rented.

Worker’s Compensation – Pays for medical treatment and lost wages for employees injured on the job per state law.

Many insurers also offer useful optional coverages like rental reimbursement, roadside assistance protection and more. Umbrella liability can provide additional protection beyond auto and general liability limits.

Top Car Rental Insurance Companies

The major national insurance carriers that offer specialized policies for car rental companies include:

Lancer Insurance

Lancer is one of the largest writers of car rental insurance in the U.S. and brings over 50 years of experience serving the industry’s unique risks. They offer comprehensive commercial auto coverage and have a reputation for strong loss control and claims service.


Zurich is a leading commercial property/casualty insurer that provides tailored rental vehicle programs. Zurich offers flexible physical damage options and programs to accommodate fleet growth.

The Hartford

The Hartford is a top business insurer with deep experience covering car rental operations. They offer broad coverage form options and can bundle with workers’ comp and umbrella policies.

Progressive Commercial

Progressive Commercial provides total loss replacement, loan/lease gap protection and rental reimbursement coverages that car rental firms value.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a national carrier that can bundle commercial auto with general liability, property and other coverages car rental businesses need within one convenient policy.


Westfield features rental vehicle coverage enhancements like automatic addition of newly acquired vehicles and special protection for contents stored in rented trailers/autos.

National General

National General is a leading writer of car rental insurance focused on small to mid-sized operators. They offer policyholders risk management guidance and safety materials.

Key Factors in Getting Coverage for Car Rental Firms

The specific risks of your car rental business and operation will determine what insurance coverage you need. When shopping for insurance, here are some important considerations:

Vehicle Class Mix – The mix of economy cars vs. luxury cars in your fleet impacts premiums. More expensive cars cost more to insure and repair.

Rental Periods – Short term rentals of just a few hours or days have lower risk than longer term rentals of weeks or months.

Driver Screening – Stringent driver approval and background checks may earn lower premiums from some insurers.

Geographic Markets – Urban rentals generally cost more to insure than rural/suburban-based operations.

Claims History – Past loss experience will be examined closely and affects pricing.

Seasonal Fluctuations – Rental demand fluctuations throughout the year may allow adjustable coverage.

Rental Company Size – Larger national brands often get better rates than regional or local operators.

Value-Added Programs – Usage-based insurance, telematics and enhanced safety tech can garner discounts.

Multi-Policy Discounts – Insurers may discount premiums when bundling rental vehicle policies with other coverage.

Critical Factors in Selecting a Car Rental Insurance Provider

While pricing is critical, it’s also vital to select an insurer with expertise in the car rental space and the capacity to properly cover your unique risks. Here are key considerations as you shop for providers:

Experience Insuring Rental fleets – Look for extensive expertise covering rental vehicles specifically vs. just general commercial auto know-how.

Appetite for Large Fleets – For national brands, make sure the insurer has capacity to properly cover a fleet of thousands of vehicles.

Flexibility – Since rental demand fluctuates, the ability to adjust coverage during peak and slow periods is ideal. Look for seasonal coverage options.

Specialized Services – Loss control guidance, risk management resources and training programs tailored to car rental operations add value.

Claims Handling Expertise – For major losses, a skilled claims team that knows car rental exposures is critical.

Financial Strength Ratings – Choose providers rated “Excellent” or “Superior” by A.M. Best to ensure ability to pay out large claims.

Producer Support – For some insurers, independent agents have access to specialized rental sales/service teams for added support.

Policy Discounts – Look for insurers that offer multiple discounts like multi-policy, defensive driver training, usage-based insurance, loyalty programs and more.

Final Thoughts on Insuring Your Car Rental Business

The large property values tied up in rental vehicle fleets along with the extensive liability risks make insurance non-negotiable. Investing in specialized coverage from a top car rental insurance provider delivers essential protection so you can focus on profitably growing your business. With proper risk transfer in place, you won’t have to worry about accidents and losses derailing your operations.

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What does Allianz rental car insurance cover?

Our car rental insurance product is called OneTrip Rental Car Protector and provides primary coverage for covered collision, loss and damage up to $50,000, along with 24-hour emergency assistance.

What is the PAC PPC coverage?

PPC (Personal Property Coverage) can protect the renter’s personal property. PAC (Personal Accident Coverage) can add extra medical and death benefits in the event of an accident.

Does Turo provide insurance for hosts?

Summary of US host protection plans Liability insurance is provided under a policy issued to Turo by Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Company (“Travelers”). Plans provide varying levels of contractual reimbursement from Turo for Physical Damage and theft.

Does Zurich cover rental cars?

We cover the deductible, contractually owed vehicle repairs, breakdown and towing costs for Rental and Sharing Vehicles from commercial providers.

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