What is the NAIC Number for Mercury Insurance?

When shopping for car insurance or dealing with a claim, you may come across an insurance company’s NAIC number. NAIC stands for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This association assigns a unique 5-digit code known as an NAIC number to every insurance provider licensed in the United States.

So what is the NAIC number for Mercury Insurance? And why does this number matter for consumers?

The Main Mercury Insurance NAIC Number is 16810

The primary NAIC number for Mercury Insurance is 16810. This code applies to their flagship company, Mercury General Corporation, which provides auto insurance nationwide.

However, Mercury Insurance Group consists of 10+ different insurance companies and affiliates, each with their own specific NAIC number assigned by regulators:

  • American Mercury Insurance Company – 16810
  • American Mercury Lloyds Insurance Company – 25470
  • Mercury Casualty Company – 11908
  • Mercury County Mutual Insurance Company – 29394
  • Mercury Indemnity Company of America – 11201
  • Mercury Indemnity Company of GA – 10015
  • Mercury Insurance Company – 27553
  • Mercury Insurance Company of FL – 11202
  • Mercury Insurance Company of GA – 34410
  • Mercury Insurance Company of IL – 34444
  • Mercury National Insurance Company – 27988

So the exact NAIC number for your Mercury Insurance policy depends on which subsidiary company underwrites your specific auto insurance coverage.

You can find the applicable NAIC number printed on your Mercury insurance ID cards and declarations page. This number allows regulators to track complaints and oversight for your insurer.

What is the Purpose of an Insurance Company’s NAIC Number?

NAIC numbers serve several key purposes for insurance regulation and consumer protection:

Uniform Company Identification – The NAIC number provides a uniform way to track insurance companies that operate in multiple states under different license numbers in each state.

Complaints & Violations – State regulators log consumer complaints against companies by NAIC number so they can analyze complaint data across state lines to spot trends.

Financial Oversight – Insurers file detailed financial statements using their NAIC number, allowing regulators to monitor solvency and financial strength.

Consumer Lookup – Shoppers can search for an insurance company’s NAIC number to review its complaint record and research third-party financial strength ratings before purchasing a policy.

Fraud Prevention – Consumers can verify an insurer’s NAIC number to avoid being scammed by fraudulent “ghost” insurance providers that lack a valid NAIC identification code.

So the NAIC number helps facilitate regulatory oversight and transparency for consumers shopping for insurance or interacting with an insurance company.

How to Find Mercury Insurance’s NAIC Number

If you need to look up the specific NAIC number on your own Mercury Insurance auto policy, there are a few easy ways to find it:

  • Insurance Card – Your Mercury insurance ID card will display the applicable NAIC number for your subsidiary insurer. This is the easiest place to quickly find the code.

  • Policy Documents – Check your Mercury insurance declarations page, which outlines your coverages. The NAIC number is typically listed here.

  • Website – Most insurance company websites publish their primary NAIC number publicly. But to find the specific one for your policy, check your insurance paperwork.

  • Call and Ask – As a last resort, you can call Mercury Insurance customer service and request to confirm the NAIC number attached to your active policy. Just provide your member ID number and they can assist.

Having this five-digit NAIC code can help you verify legitimate Mercury coverage and research any complaints or financial data through insurance regulator resources.

How the NAIC Number Helps Insurance Regulators

Insurance is primarily regulated at the state level. But the NAIC number allows regulators to share oversight and track insurer behavior across multiple states:

Company Licensing – When an insurer applies for a license to sell policies in a new state, regulators use the NAIC number to coordinate and track authorizations.

Financial Analysis – State insurance departments can pool and analyze financial statements filed by insurers using the NAIC number to monitor solvency risks.

Market Conduct Reviews – Regulators initiate market conduct exams of companies based on NAIC numbers to review compliance and consumer complaints.

Enforcement Actions – State enforcement orders, penalties and suspensions against an insurer are logged under the NAIC number in a central database for other states to access.

Statistical Reporting – Insurers report annual complaint data, loss data, expenses, premium written and other figures to regulators using the NAIC number for aggregated analysis.

This system of uniform tracking and data sharing between states improves oversight and helps maintain the stability of insurance markets nationally. The NAIC number acts as a common identifier for regulatory cooperation.

How Consumers Can Use an Insurer’s NAIC Number

The NAIC designed its uniform numbering system to benefit both regulators and everyday insurance consumers. Here are some ways drivers can use an insurance company’s NAIC number:

  • Validate Legitimacy – Fake “ghost” insurers often lack a valid NAIC number. Consumers can verify a company is properly licensed and avoid scams.

  • Research Complaints – The NAIC provides an online consumer tool to lookup insurer complaint data by NAIC number, allowing shoppers to spot red flags.

  • Check Financial Ratings – Independent agencies rate insurer financial strength based on NAIC filings. The NAIC number allows consumers to cross-reference these ratings.

  • File Complaints – States use the NAIC number to log consumer complaints. Having the number handy helps the complaint process.

  • Report Fraud – Providing a suspect insurance company’s NAIC number assists fraud departments in their investigations.

So the next time you come across Mercury’s NAIC number, know that this code helps both regulators monitor the company and consumers gain useful insight. It can be an important tool if issues ever arise.

Mercury Insurance’s Complaint Index vs. Average

One way consumers can leverage an insurer’s NAIC number is to view their complaint data.

Using Mercury Insurance’s NAIC code 16810 to check their complaint record shows:

  • Complaints Upheld Last 3 Years – 282
  • Complaint Index – 0.68

This means Mercury Insurance has fewer consumer complaints registered against them compared to other national carriers, based on their market share. An index of 1.00 is considered average. So with a complaint index of 0.68, Mercury performs better than many other auto insurance competitors.

Of course, consumers should compare complaint ratios for themselves using NAIC numbers if considering Mercury or another insurer. But this example demonstrates how the NAIC codes help with transparency.

NAIC Numbers Help Shoppers Research Insurers

While pricing is important when choosing insurance, it’s also wise to research a company’s reputation, client satisfaction and financial strength before purchasing a policy. An insurance provider’s NAIC number opens the door to valuable background information, allowing consumers to look beyond premiums alone.

Insurers with low complaint ratios, positive third-party financial ratings, and a long history of ethical conduct are most likely to provide a quality customer experience and responsibly pay out claims when needed. The NAIC numbering system helps shoppers find red flags or verify quality companies. So be sure to note the NAIC digits on any insurer you may be considering.

Key Takeaways

  • Mercury Insurance’s primary NAIC number is 16810, but each subsidiary insurer under the Mercury brand has its own unique five-digit NAIC code.

  • These identification numbers allow regulators to track insurer complaint and financial data across multiple states where a company operates.

  • Drivers can use an insurance provider’s NAIC number to validate legitimacy, research complaints, view financial ratings, and make more informed policy purchase decisions.

So while pricing matters when choosing coverage, evaluating insurers based on NAIC data provides greater peace of mind that you are selecting a reputable provider that will pay claims responsibly. Every insurer’s NAIC number tells an important story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mercury Insurance’s NAIC Number

Shopping for car insurance can involve lots of unfamiliar terminology. For drivers in California and across the U.S., one term that frequently arises in insurance paperwork is the NAIC number. Here are answers to some common questions about what this number means and how it relates to Mercury Insurance policies specifically:

What is Mercury Insurance’s NAIC number?

The primary NAIC number for Mercury Insurance is 16810. However, Mercury has 10+ different subsidiaries with unique NAIC codes assigned by regulators, ranging from 10015 to 34410. You need to check your specific insurance documents to find the five-digit NAIC number applicable to your particular policy.

Why does Mercury Insurance have more than one NAIC number?

Insurance companies often operate multiple subsidiaries or affiliated insurers, particularly when they provide coverage in multiple states nationally. Each individual insurance company receives its own NAIC number for tracking purposes, even if licensed under one parent brand like Mercury.

Where can I find the NAIC number for my Mercury Insurance policy?

The easiest way is to check your Mercury insurance ID cards or declarations

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How do I find my NAIC number for insurance?

Your insurance provider’s NAIC number should be on your insurance card. The number may not have NAIC printed near it. If not, look for a five-digit number. The five-digit number should be the NAIC number.

What is the NAIC code on my car insurance?

It is a five-digit numeral. The NAIC number should be on your insurance card. If you find it challenging to find the NAIC number, try to look for the Company Number. If it is a five-digit number, most probably, that’s the NAIC number.

What insurance code is 19658 in NJ?

NAIC numbers: 19658 – Bristol West Insurance Company. 25089 – Coast National Insurance Company. 33120 – Security National Insurance Company. 12774 – Bristol West Preferred Insurance Company.

Who is the parent company of Mercury Insurance?

Mercury is owned by its shareholders, as it is a publicly traded company. The biggest shareholders are The Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and Renaissance Technologies which have a combined ownership stake of almost 10%, according to public records, as of Q1 2020. Mercury was founded in 1961.

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