Does State Farm Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Dog bites can lead to painful injuries and costly medical bills. As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to understand your homeowners insurance coverage in case your dog ever bites someone. This article explains what State Farm homeowners insurance covers for dog bites.

Overview of Dog Bite Coverage

A standard homeowners insurance policy provides liability coverage if your dog bites and injures someone. This means State Farm will pay for injuries and damages you become legally obligated to pay due to your dog.

Coverage usually includes:

  • Medical payments for the victim’s injuries, such as hospital bills, ambulance fees, and prescriptions
  • Lost wages if the bite causes the victim to miss work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Legal fees if you are sued

Homeowners policies typically do not cover bites to you, your family members, or your dog. You’d need separate coverage like health insurance or pet insurance for those incidents.

Key Factors in Dog Bite Claims

Several things determine whether State Farm will pay a claim for a dog bite:


  • State Farm must determine you are legally liable for the bite. This means proving you were negligent and your dog posed an unreasonable risk.


  • Some policy exclusions may apply, such as if the bite occurred as part of your business or profession (like dog breeding or training).

Policy limits

  • State Farm will pay up to the liability coverage limits stated on your policy. This is usually $100,000 to $300,000. You would be responsible for any damages above that amount.


  • If State Farm pays a claim, they may require you to reimburse them. This prevents your premiums from increasing.

Dog breed

  • State Farm does not exclude specific dog breeds from coverage or ask about your dog’s breed when writing homeowners policies. They evaluate risk based on the individual dog’s temperament and bite history, not its breed.

How Dog Bite Claims Work

Here are the typical steps in a dog bite claim with State Farm homeowners insurance:

  1. Report the bite – Notify State Farm as soon as possible if your dog bites someone. Provide details about what happened and the victim’s injuries.

  2. Investigation – State Farm will investigate to confirm you are liable for the bite and determine the amount of damage.

  3. Settlement or lawsuit – State Farm may offer a settlement to the victim. If no settlement is reached, the victim can file a lawsuit to recover damages from you.

  4. Claims process – State Farm will appoint a lawyer to defend you if you are sued. They will pay legal fees and any court-awarded damages covered under your policy limits.

  5. Reimbursement decision – After settling the claim, State Farm will decide if they require you to reimburse them. Factors include the severity of the bite and your dog’s history.

Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

To help avoid dog bites and claims, be a responsible pet owner by doing things like:

  • Socializing and properly training your dog
  • Using a leash in public areas
  • Educating children on safe behavior around dogs
  • Allowing your dog regular exercise and mental stimulation
  • Spaying/neutering your dog
  • Keeping dogs separated in multi-dog households
  • Ensuring your dog gets veterinary care for any health issues
  • Purchasing pet insurance to cover additional medical costs if your dog does bite

Shop State Farm Homeowners Insurance

State Farm provides dog bite liability protection on standard homeowners insurance policies. Contact a local State Farm agent to discuss your specific coverage needs and get a quote. With State Farm you can have peace of mind knowing you and your beloved pup are protected.

Does my home insurance cover dog bites


Does my homeowners insurance cover me if my dog bites someone?

As long as your dog isn’t an excluded breed, your home insurance will likely cover you if your dog bites someone. Here’s how it works. The personal liability component of your homeowners insurance covers damage and injuries considered your responsibility.

How much money can I get from a dog bite?

Dog bite cases often settle between $10,000 and $100,000 but can be higher or lower depending on case factors. Each dog bite claim is unique, and settlement amounts will vary depending on case factors such as severity of injuries, liability & negligence, and whether the case goes to trial or is settled.

Will my insurance go up after a dog bite?

Even if your insurance coverage isn’t dropped, premiums could go up if the dog is considered to be at high risk for aggressive behavior by the insurance company. In some cases, an insurer may require you to sign a liability waiver for dog bites.

Who is responsible for a dog bite?

Dog-bite statute – The dog owner is automatically liable for any injury or property damage the dog causes, even without provocation. “One-bite” rule – In some states, the owner is not held liable for the first bite the dog inflicts.

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