Everything You Need To Know About Auto-Owners Insurance’s NAIC Number

Are you an Auto-Owners Insurance customer looking to better understand the company’s NAIC number? Or maybe you’re considering purchasing a policy and want to learn more about this major car insurance provider. Either way, this comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about Auto-Owners Insurance’s NAIC number and what it means for customers.

What is an NAIC Number?

NAIC stands for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This organization assigns a unique 5-digit code, known as an NAIC number, to every insurance company authorized to conduct business in the United States.

These NAIC numbers allow regulators to track companies across state lines and identify any emerging issues or patterns of consumer complaints. NAIC numbers also provide consumers with an easy way to lookup key financial and complaint data for any given insurance provider.

So in essence, an NAIC number serves as an ID code for insurance companies. It’s an important piece of information that can assist both regulators and consumers in making informed choices.

What is Auto-Owners Insurance’s NAIC Number?

The main Auto-Owners Insurance NAIC number is 18988. This is the primary code assigned to Auto-Owners Insurance Company, which provides auto, home, business, and life insurance policies across 26 states.

However, Auto-Owners Insurance actually consists of multiple affiliated insurers, each with their own separate NAIC number:

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company: 18988
  • Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company: 61190
  • Auto Owners Specialty Insurance Company: 12508
  • Home Owners Insurance Company: 26638
  • Owners Insurance Company: 32700
  • Property Owners Insurance Company: 32905
  • Southern Owners Insurance Company: 10190

So while 18988 is the main Auto-Owners NAIC number, the specific code associated with your particular policy will depend on the issuing subsidiary company. Check your insurance card or policy paperwork to find the applicable NAIC number.

How to Use Auto-Owners’ NAIC Number

Knowing Auto-Owners’ NAIC number comes in handy for consumers in a few key ways:

Looking Up Financial Ratings: The NAIC publishes annual financial data on every licensed insurance carrier using these identification codes. You can search for Auto-Owners’ NAIC number on the NAIC website to view important financial strength ratings, which assess an insurer’s ability to pay out claims.

Researching Complaint Data: The NAIC tracks consumer complaint information by NAIC number in its Consumer Information Source database. Look up Auto-Owners’ NAIC to learn more about the types of complaints policyholders have filed against the company and how they were resolved.

Filing Your Own Complaint: If you need to file a complaint against Auto-Owners Insurance, you’ll need to provide the company’s NAIC number along with your policy details. This allows the NAIC to catalog your grievance appropriately.

Confirming Licensure: Entering Auto-Owners’ NAIC number on your state insurance department’s website will show you whether the company is licensed and in good standing in your location.

Comparing Insurers: NAIC numbers provide an easy way to quickly look up and compare the financial strength, complaint records, and other data for Auto-Owners Insurance vs competitors when shopping for coverage.

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Profile

Now that you understand what an NAIC number is and Auto-Owners’ specific NAIC codes, let’s take a closer look at the company itself:

  • History: Auto-Owners Insurance was founded in 1916 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The company offers auto, home, business, and life insurance policies across 26 states.

  • Financial Strength: Auto-Owners has among the highest financial strength ratings in the industry, indicating excellent claims-paying ability. A.M. Best has assigned the company an A++ (Superior) rating, while Standard & Poor’s gives them an AA+ (Very Strong) rating.

  • Products Offered: In addition to standard auto insurance, Auto-Owners sells homeowners, condo, renters, motorcycle, boat, classic car, and umbrella insurance policies. They also offer business, farm, and life insurance plans.

  • Customer Service: Auto-Owners frequently ranks well in industry surveys for customer satisfaction. They provide 24/7 policyholder support and have local agents across their 26 state footprint.

  • Discount Opportunities: Auto-Owners offers numerous discounts that can potentially lower your premiums, including multi-policy, safe driver, anti-theft device, good student, and paid-in-full discounts.

  • Online Offerings: While Auto-Owners positions itself as an agent-focused company, you can get a quick quote online and service policies through their self-service customer portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Auto-Owners’ NAIC Number

Below are answers to some common questions consumers may have about Auto-Owners Insurance’s NAIC number and what it indicates:

Q: What is Auto-Owners Insurance’s NAIC number?

A: The primary Auto-Owners Insurance NAIC number is 18988. However, the company has several affiliated insurers, each with their own NAIC code. Check your policy paperwork for the specific number applicable to your coverage.

Q: Where can I find Auto-Owners’ NAIC number?

A: The easiest way to find their NAIC number is by checking your insurance card or policy documents. You can also search for Auto-Owners Insurance on the NAIC website or your state department of insurance website.

Q: Why do I need Auto-Owners’ NAIC number?

A: Knowing their NAIC number allows you to look up key financial strength ratings, complaint data, and other information to evaluate Auto-Owners as an insurer. It also facilitates the consumer complaint process if needed.

Q: What does Auto-Owners’ NAIC number indicate about the company?

A: The NAIC number itself doesn’t convey any information about the insurer. But using Auto-Owners’ NAIC to research their ratings and complaint index reveals that they are a highly-rated company with relatively few customer grievances.

Q: How does Auto-Owners’ NAIC number impact my policy?

A: Your policy is not affected by Auto-Owners’ NAIC number. This number simply provides an identification code that regulators and consumers can use to track information about the company.

Q: Can I get an Auto-Owners Insurance quote without the NAIC number?

Absolutely. The NAIC number is not required to obtain a quote from Auto-Owners. But it’s still useful information to have on hand when evaluating insurance options.

Q: Where can I file a complaint using Auto-Owners’ NAIC number?

A: To file a complaint against Auto-Owners Insurance, you would provide the NAIC number along with your policy details to your state insurance department. You can also file directly with the NAIC via their Consumer Information Source online complaint database.

The Bottom Line

Auto-Owners Insurance is a leading insurance carrier known for strong customer service and financial stability. The company’s NAIC number – primarily 18988 – serves as an important identification code in the insurance industry.

Consumers can use Auto-Owners’ NAIC number to look up detailed information about the company’s financial strength, complaint record, license status, and more as part of researching insurance options. It’s an easy way to gain valuable insight to help you make a smart coverage decision.

So the next time you take out an Auto-Owners policy or consider switching providers, be sure to note the NAIC number on your paperwork. Knowing this number makes you a more informed insurance shopper and policyholder.

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How do I find my NAIC code for car insurance?

The NAIC code is a 5-digit number that can be found on your insurance card. Most of the time the NAIC is printed on your ID card, however it may not be labeled. For a complete list of NAIC numbers, please visit the NAIC website. Renewing your registration?

What is the NAIC number for a vehicle?

An NAIC number is a 5-digit unique number used to identify insurance companies. This is set up at the state level. NAIC stands for (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). Most people are aware of needing an NAIC number when their registration needs to be renewed.

What does NAIC mean for auto insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the U.S. standard-setting and regulatory support organization created and governed by the chief insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.

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