North Star Mutual Insurance Reviews: What Policyholders Are Saying About This Midwest Insurer

North Star Mutual Insurance is a regional property and casualty insurance company based in Cottonwood, Minnesota. Founded in 1920, they provide insurance policies to protect families, farms, and small businesses in the Midwest.

But what do customers really think of North Star Mutual Insurance? Here’s an in-depth look at North Star Mutual reviews from policyholders:

Overview of North Star Mutual

Before diving into reviews, let’s take a quick look at North Star Mutual Insurance:

  • Specializes in farm, home, auto, and business insurance. Main products are farm, home, auto, commercial policies, and umbrella coverage.

  • Operates in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

  • Sold through a network of local, independent insurance agents.

  • A mutual company, meaning it is owned by policyholders rather than shareholders.

  • Award-winning company, including “Best Place to Work in Insurance” and “Best Website” awards.

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, showing proper handling of customer complaints.

North Star Mutual Insurance Reviews on Customer Service

Many North Star Mutual reviews highlight the company’s personable, small-town customer service:

  • Positive experiences working with local agents who take time to explain policies. Agents are responsive, provide good advice tailored to situations.

  • Company employees are friendly and easy to work with. Provide good communication throughout claims process.

  • Smaller company allows for more personalized service compared to large national insurers.

  • Responsive claims servicing and fast payment of claims. adjuster quickly assessed damage after storms.

However, some customers feel customer service could improve:

  • Long wait times when calling, difficulty reaching representatives. Lack of communication during claims.

  • Inconsistent experiences – some agents provide excellent service, while others are hard to get ahold of.

Reviews on Rates and Discounts

For pricing and discounts, reviews are more mixed:

  • Competitive rates and discounts available, including multi-policy, safe driver, anti-theft, and good student discounts.

  • Bundling home and auto policies provides large savings. Rates decreased after switching.

  • Good value for price – affordable policies with quality coverage. Rates better than some national companies.

  • Expensive premiums compared to other insurers, did not offer lowest rate.

  • Raised rates on renewals despite no claims or changes. Difficult to get discounts approved.

North Star Mutual Insurance Claims Reviews

The claims process is where many customers judge an insurer. Here are common themes in North Star claims reviews:

Positive reviews mention:

  • Fast response and settlement of claims after accidents and weather damage.

  • Adjuster thoroughly inspected home/property damage and was fair in estimate.

  • Promptly mailed checks, repairs covered or replacements paid for.

  • Good communication throughout process and follow-up.

Negative reviews describe:

  • Lowball damage estimates requiring multiple adjuster visits. Fight to get full value of claim.

  • Denied coverage for damage despite paying for coverage. Roof/siding not covered after storms.

  • Lack of communication and slow response time to start claims process.

  • Required use of preferred vendors to make repairs, limited choice.

North Star Mutual Reviews on Coverage Offered

In terms of coverage options, North Star Mutual reviews mention:

  • Broad policy offerings – can get all insurance needs through one company.

  • Specifically tailor farm insurance policies to cover equipment, livestock, and crops.

  • Offer specialty policies such as classic/collectible car and identity theft coverage.

  • Lack some newer coverages offered by competitors, like water backup or equipment breakdown.

  • Mostly standard insurances, not much choice in add-ons or customization.

Online Reviews vs BBB Complaint Data

Checking both online reviews and BBB complaints provides a balanced perspective:

  • Online reviews range from 1 to 5 stars. Most common complaints in low reviews involve claims denial and poor customer service.

  • The BBB profile shows North Star Mutual has a low complaint volume relative to their size. 4 complaints closed in the past 3 years.

  • North Star has addressed 100% of BBB complaints, showing responsiveness. Their A+ rating requires proper resolution of complaints.

Common Pros and Cons in North Star Mutual Reviews

Pros frequently highlighted include:

  • Good value for price of policies

  • Excellent local agent support

  • Fast claims response and settlement

  • Broad range of insurance products

Common complaints include:

  • Denied claims despite coverage purchased

  • Low damage estimates requiring appeals

  • Lack of communication from company

  • Expensive rates, limited discount opportunities

Is North Star Mutual a Good Insurer?

North Star Mutual Insurance gets mixed reviews, but overall feedback skews positive. They stand out for personalized service from local agents and efficient claims servicing. Policyholders praise the affordable premiums and broad coverage options. However, like any insurer, they still receive complaints about denied claims, disputes over damage assessments, and poor customer service. Check reviews and complaints records before choosing an insurance provider. But for Midwest families and businesses needing regional insurance, North Star Mutual remains a top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About North Star Mutual

Q: What types of insurance does North Star Mutual offer?

North Star Mutual provides property and casualty insurance policies to protect homes, vehicles, farms, and small businesses. Their main products include farm, homeowners, auto, commercial, and umbrella insurance coverage.

Q: What states does North Star Mutual operate in?

The company markets policies across eight Midwestern states: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Q: How do you buy insurance from North Star Mutual?

North Star Mutual sells policies exclusively through local independent insurance agencies. You can use their website to find an agent in your area to get a quote.

Q: Does North Star Mutual have good financial ratings?

Yes, North Star Mutual maintains strong financial ratings from AM Best (A-) and Standard & Poor’s (A-), indicating excellent ability to pay out future claims.

Q: What do customers think of North Star Mutual based on reviews?

Reviews are mixed but generally positive overall. Customers praise the local service, competitive rates, and efficient claims handling. Complaints involve claims denials, delays, and poor communication.

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Who is the CEO of North Star Mutual Insurance Company?

Pete Hellie – President & CEO – North Star Mutual Insurance Company | LinkedIn.

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