AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance: Reviews, Costs and Coverage Details

Getting a flat tire or scraping your rims on a pothole can lead to expensive auto repairs. That’s why many drivers opt for tire and wheel protection plans to cover such damage. AAA offers one popular tire and wheel insurance program. But is it worth getting?

This guide provides an in-depth look at AAA’s tire and wheel insurance, including:

  • Overview of coverage
  • Costs
  • Reviews from members
  • Pros and cons
  • Alternatives to consider

Read on to see if AAA’s tire and wheel protection is right for your vehicle.

Overview of AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance Coverage

AAA’s tire and wheel insurance aims to cover repairs when your tires and wheels get damaged from road hazards like potholes, nails, glass and debris. Here’s an overview of what’s included:

Tire Repair/Replacement

  • Covers unlimited tire repairs or full replacement if a tire can’t be fixed
  • Applies to damage from punctures, cuts, impact breaks, etc. caused by road hazards
  • Includes cosmetic tire damage, as well as sidewall and curb damage

Wheel Repair/Replacement

  • Provides unlimited repairs or replacement of damaged wheels (rims)
  • Covers damage from road hazards as well as curb damage

Lost Key Replacement

  • Replaces lost or stolen keys/key fobs up to $5,000 total benefit

Paintless Dent Repair

  • Unlimited paintless dent repair of minor dents up to 4 inches wide
  • For vehicles up to 5 model years old

The coverage is flexible, with term options from 12 to 84 months. You can add it when purchasing a new or used vehicle through AAA, or later if you already have a car.

What Does AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance Cost?

Costs for AAA’s tire and wheel insurance vary based primarily on the term length you select. Here are some sample prices:

Term Length Sample Cost
12 months $199
24 months $345
36 months $505
48 months $640
60 months $885

Other factors impacting your price include:

  • Vehicle age, make and model
  • Coverage tier (Basic, Standard, Powertrain)
  • Whether it’s being financed with an auto loan
  • AAA membership status and multi-policy discounts

You can get an exact quote for your vehicle online or by calling AAA. Premier members save $100 and Plus members save $50 off the price.

Reviews of AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance

AAA tire and wheel insurance gets mixed reviews from members:


  • Smooth claims process with fast tire replacement
  • Affordable pricing with membership discounts
  • Convenient one-stop shopping with other AAA products


  • Difficulty getting reimbursement for repairs done at non-AAA shops
  • Limitations like high deductibles and exclusions
  • Less coverage but similar pricing as alternatives from dealerships

Many say it provides peace of mind against expensive tire and wheel repairs. But others feel the limitations make it not worth the cost compared to road hazard warranties from tire shops.

Pros of AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance

Here are some of the key benefits of getting AAA’s coverage:

AAA Brand Reputation – Long history and recognition provides member confidence. Easy to add with other AAA insurance products.

Flexible Terms – Can get short 12 month plan or extend up to 84 months for lower monthly payment.

Membership Discounts – Premier members get $100 off and Plus members get $50 off the plan cost.

Lost Key Coverage – Provides reimbursement for costly key and fob replacements up to $5,000.

Cosmetic Repairs – Many road hazard warranties exclude cosmetic tire damage, but AAA covers this.

No Mileage Limits – Unlimited claims within the term period. Usage doesn’t impact coverage.

Cons of AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance

Here are some potential downsides to consider:

Mixed Claims Experiences – Some member challenges getting non-AAA repair reimbursement approved.

Exclusions – Damage from off-road use, accidents, vandalism, etc. isn’t covered.

Deductible – $50 deductible per covered repair claim.

Newer Vehicle Limitation – Paintless dent repair only for vehicles up to 5 years old.

Availability – Coverage not offered in all states or for certain vehicle types.

While the AAA brand provides credibility, reviews suggest claims and exclusions should be reviewed carefully before enrolling.

Alternatives to AAA Tire and Wheel Insurance

Beyond AAA, you have other options for protection against tire and wheel repairs, including:

  • Road hazard warranties – Many tire manufacturers and dealers like Discount Tire offer these warranties covering damage from potholes, debris, etc. Prices start around $10-15 per tire.

  • Rental car insurance – Daily rental car insurance through AAA covers tire/wheel damage and other losses.

  • Auto insurance – Comprehensive coverage on auto policies covers damage from non-collision events.

  • Extended car warranties – Wheels may be included under powertrain warranties from the manufacturer or third parties.

  • Credit cards – Some premium cards provide rental car coverage or protection when new tire/wheel purchases are charged to the card.

Shop around to compare coverage terms, costs, convenience, reviews and other benefits like roadside assistance.

Is AAA’s Tire and Wheel Insurance Worth It?

AAA’s tire and wheel insurance provides affordable peace of mind against pothole damage and road hazards. It offers flexible terms and can bundle nicely with other AAA products. However, some limitations exist and experiences vary on claims reimbursement.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons versus alternatives like road hazard warranties. Check what tire and wheel damage may already be covered under your comprehensive auto insurance as well. For AAA members wanting the convenience of one-stop shopping, the program is worth considering. But review the details closely to ensure it meets your needs.

Is Tire and Wheel Protection/Warranty Worth It?


Will AAA replace the rim?

The AAA Tire & Wheel Program provides our members with the extra protection needed from road hazards such as shattered glass, nails and potholes with the benefits of repairing or replacing tires, wheels and rims if structurally damaged due to road hazards.

Does AAA help with nail in tire?

Protection and Security with AAA The package can be financed into an auto loan or purchased separately. Tire & Wheel Repair/Replacement: Unlimited repair or replacement for tires and/or wheels due to impact with road hazards such as potholes, nails, glass, road debris, etc. Includes cosmetic, curb and side wall damage.

Does tire and wheel protection cover rim damage?

Tire & Wheel Protection gives you the extra protection you need from road hazards such as nails, glass, and potholes with benefits including: Tires, wheels, and rims repaired or replaced if structurally damaged due to road hazard.

How does tire insurance work?

Most plans cover your tires for a predetermined amount of time, mileage, or dollar amount. For example, your policy may allow up to $5,000 worth of repairs, 60,000 miles of travel on a tire, or three years of use. It’s important that you understand what is and is not covered, and if you have to pay a deductible.

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