TD Visa Car Rental Insurance: Complete Coverage Guide

Renting a car for business or leisure travel? Be sure to understand the rental car insurance benefits that come with your TD Visa card. TD Visa cards provide valuable coverage that can protect you during vehicle rentals.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about TD Visa rental car insurance.

Overview of TD Visa Auto Rental Benefits

Most TD Visa cards come with Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance. This provides coverage against damage or theft when you rent a car and decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver (CDW).

Key features of TD Visa rental car insurance:

  • Covers up to 48 consecutive rental days
  • Pays for losses from collision, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Covers most rental cars with MSRP up to $65,000
  • Primary coverage pays before your personal car insurance

To activate benefits, you must:

  • Decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver
  • Use your eligible TD Visa to pay for the entire rental

This valuable coverage means you can rent worry-free knowing your TD Visa card has you protected if the unexpected occurs.

When the TD Visa Benefit Applies

The TD Visa rental car insurance becomes active when:

  • You rent a qualifying rental vehicle for personal or business use
  • You use your TD Visa card to pay for the entire car rental
  • You decline the CDW or similar coverage offered by the rental company

Coverage lasts for up to 48 consecutive rental days. Rentals booked as part of a pre-paid travel package are also eligible.

If the vehicle gets damaged or stolen during the rental period, TD Visa’s coverage kicks in to reimburse you for associated losses like repairs or replacement.

TD Visa Car Rental Insurance Coverage Details

TD Visa Auto Rental insurance provides valuable protection while driving a rental car. Here are key details about what is covered:

Covered Vehicles

Most standard passenger vehicles are covered, including:

  • Cars
  • Minivans
  • SUVs
  • Convertibles
  • Limited-use trucks

Notable Exclusions:

  • Exotic/luxury vehicles
  • Vans
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Antique cars

Covered Losses

  • Collision damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hail damage

You are covered for the cash value of repairs or replacement if the vehicle suffers direct physical loss or damage from a covered peril.

Policy Limits

TD Visa rental insurance covers vehicles with an MSRP up to $65,000. There is no deductible.

Where Coverage Applies

The insurance is valid worldwide except where prohibited by law or where the coverage violates local public policy. This makes it ideal for worldwide travel.

Steps to Using the TD Visa Auto Rental Benefit

Follow these steps when renting a car to ensure TD Visa’s rental coverage protects you:

  1. Use your eligible TD Visa card to pay for the entire rental upfront.

  2. Review the rental agreement and specifically decline the CDW, LDW or similar coverage offered by the rental company.

  3. Verify with the rental agent that all coverage has been declined on the rental contract.

  4. Keep copies of your TD Visa statement showing the rental charge and the final rental agreement.

  5. Inspect the vehicle before driving and note any prior damage.

  6. Report any accidents, losses or theft to the rental agency immediately.

  7. Call TD Visa within 48 hours to report a claim if an eligible loss occurs.

Following this process ensures you do not void any of the valuable rental car insurance benefits that come with your TD Visa card.

Important TD Visa Rental Car Coverage Exclusions

While TD Visa’s Auto Rental insurance provides robust protection, some key exclusions apply:

  • Rentals longer than 48 days
  • Leased or rented vehicles
  • Vehicles with an MSRP over $65,000
  • Trucks, pickups, box trucks, campers, trailers
  • Exotic, expensive, or antique cars
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Losses from illegal activities

Liability exclusions:

  • Injury to other people
  • Damage to other property

Losses from:

  • War or hostilities
  • Wear and tear
  • Gradual deterioration
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Driving while intoxicated

Review your TD Visa’s full certificate of insurance for a complete list of rental car exclusions.

Coordinating With Your Personal Auto Insurance

Your own personal or business automobile insurance may provide secondary coverage if the TD Visa benefit does not fully reimburse a rental car claim. However, TD’s coverage acts as primary insurance and pays out first.

Notify your personal insurer of the loss, but TD’s claims team will handle the claim process as the primary insurer for rental vehicles. Follow their required procedures for submitting rental car damage claims.

Never assume your personal insurance automatically covers rental cars – always verify policy specifics. The TD Visa benefit offers assurance your rental car has primary coverage.

How to File a TD Visa Rental Car Claim

If an accident, theft or damage occurs during a covered rental period, take these steps to file your TD Visa claim:

  1. Notify the rental agency immediately and obtain necessary documents and reports.

  2. Call TD Visa claims within 48 hours at 1-866-374-1129. Inform them you want to submit an Auto Rental CDW claim.

  3. Provide details about the rental, accident, damages, and any payments from the rental agency.

  4. Submit all required documentation when requested (rental agreement, police report, invoices, etc).

  5. TD will confirm whether the claim is approved and process approved payments within 60 days whenever possible. You may need to pay rental or repair charges first, then get reimbursed.

TD Visa will need proof of damages and losses to process the reimbursement, so be sure to take photos and get documentation from the rental agent.

The Bottom Line on TD Visa Rental Coverage

The inherent risks with renting and driving an unfamiliar vehicle make rental car insurance extremely valuable protection. TD Visa Auto Rental Coverage provides primary insurance that can save you from major out-of-pocket costs if the unforeseen strikes during a car rental.

By paying with a TD Visa card and declining the CDW, you can drive rental cars worry-free knowing your card has you covered in case of an accident or theft during the rental period. Just be sure to follow proper procedures to activate benefits and file a claim if the need arises.

Does My Credit Card Have Rental Car Insurance? What Does it Cover?


Does my Visa card cover rental car insurance?

The Visa car rental coverage provides reimbursement of up to the full cost of a repair or replacement of a rental vehicle in the event of: damage due to collision or theft of the vehicle; • Malicious vandalism against auto; documented valid loss-of-use charges imposed by your company to the renter of the car.

Does TD First Class Visa cover car rental insurance?

Use your Card and/or TD Rewards Points to pay for the full cost of an eligible car rental and get the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage at no additional cost for up to 48 consecutive days.

Does TD Visa Infinite have travel insurance?

For Trip Cancellation, up to $1,500 of coverage per insured person, with a maximum of $5,000 for all insured persons, and for Trip Interruption, up to $5,000 of coverage per insured person, with a maximum of $25,000 for all insured persons on the same covered trip.

Does my Visa card have travel insurance?

Travel comfortably and safely with Visa thanks to the insurance service. All Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum Business and Visa Signature Business premium cardholders automatically take out travel insurance, while some cards also offer COVID-19 insurance.

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