Getting Great Customer Service from Prosperity Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is an important financial decision. You want to ensure you are getting the right policy to protect your loved ones, and that you’ll receive excellent customer service when needed. This article provides an in-depth look at what customers can expect from Prosperity Life Insurance’s customer service.

Overview of Prosperity Life Insurance

Prosperity Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance and annuity products, including:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole and universal life insurance
  • Final expense insurance
  • Annuities
  • Medicare supplement insurance

Prosperity Life Insurance consists of three underwriting companies:

  • SBLI USA – Services NY residents
  • S.USA – Does not operate in NY
  • Shenandoah Life – Does not operate in NY

Each company is responsible for its own customer service. However, the key options for contacting Prosperity Life Insurance customer service are outlined below.

How to Contact Prosperity Life Insurance Customer Service

Prosperity Life Insurance offers several convenient ways for customers to get assistance:

  • By phone: Call the customer service number for your specific underwriting company. Wait times are typically very short.
  • Online form: Fill out the online contact form with your question. A customer service rep will respond quickly.
  • Mobile app: Download the Prosperity Life Insurance app for easy access and self-service options.
  • Secure portal: Register for the customer portal to view your policy, make payments, file claims and communicate securely.
  • Email: Send a direct email to customer service for assistance. Emails are answered promptly.
  • Live chat: Chat with a customer service agent online during business hours for real-time assistance.

Contact information for each underwriting company:

  • SBLI USA: 1-877-725-4872
  • S.USA: 1-866-787-2123
  • Shenandoah Life: 1-800-848-5433

What to Expect When Contacting Prosperity Life Customer Service

Customers can expect excellent service when contacting Prosperity Life Insurance:

  • Short wait times – Calls, chats and emails are answered quickly by a knowledgeable rep.
  • Fast claims processing – Claims are handled efficiently and payouts issued promptly.
  • Helpful online resources – The website, portal and app provide support tools and info.
  • Secure communications – All interactions are safe and confidential.
  • Friendly, responsive service – Agents are professional and focus on resolving your needs.
  • Multichannel support – Prosperity Life Insurance makes it easy to get service when and how you need it.

Specific things to have ready when you contact customer service:

  • Your full name and policy number
  • Reason for your inquiry
  • Details about your situation

This ensures the agent can efficiently access your policy and provide tailored assistance.

Types of Inquiries Handled by Prosperity Life Customer Service

Prosperity Life Insurance’s customer service team can help with a wide range of policy and account inquiries, including:

  • Questions about your policy features, benefits and coverage details
  • Making changes like updating contact or beneficiary info
  • Learning how to use the online customer portal
  • Checking policy cash value amounts
  • Assistance with payments and billing issues
  • Filing a claim for benefits
  • Cancellation or surrendering a policy

The team has specialized expertise to address any issue and help customers understand all aspects of their policy.

How to File a Claim with Prosperity Life Insurance

One of the most important times to contact customer service is when filing an insurance claim. Here is the process:

  • Call or contact customer service to begin the claims process.
  • Provide details about the claim situation and the policyholder.
  • Submit the required paperwork and documentation outlined by the team.
  • Prosperity Life Insurance will review the claim and contact you for any additional information needed.
  • Once approved, the payout is issued according to the policy terms.

Prosperity Life Insurance aims to process claims quickly and accurately. Their customer service team guides you through each step.

Prosperity Life Insurance Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Overall, Prosperity Life Insurance customers appear very satisfied with the customer service experience:

  • Positive reviews – Customers praise the friendly, responsive support and quick claims payments.
  • Helpful agents – Customers say agents are very courteous, knowledgeable and solve issues promptly.
  • Reliable service – Customers mention consistently good experiences contacting customer service over the phone, online and via the portal.
  • Trusted company – Customers say Prosperity Life Insurance delivers as promised on its policies and service.

There are few negative reviews about Prosperity Life Insurance’s customer service from policyholders. The company maintains high standards for supporting customers.

Tips for Getting the Most from Prosperity Life Customer Service

Follow these tips for the best experience when contacting Prosperity Life Insurance customer service:

  • Have your policy number handy to expedite assistance.
  • Contact the specific service number for your underwriting company.
  • Opt for convenient service channels like online chat or the customer portal.
  • Save customer service contact details for quick access when needed.
  • Provide complete details when submitting a claim for efficient processing.
  • Notify Prosperity Life Insurance of any contact information changes.
  • Check the website and portal for self-service tools before calling.
  • Treat agents respectfully and they will be happy to resolve your needs.

Taking advantage of Prosperity Life Insurance’s various customer service access points ensures you get timely, personalized support.

Is Prosperity Life Insurance Right for You?

Prosperity Life Insurance offers comprehensive policies at competitive rates, along with excellent customer service:

  • Wide range of life insurance and annuity products
  • Accommodating underwriting for older applicants
  • Strong financial ratings for claims-paying ability
  • Easy quotes and application process
  • Helpful customer support resources
  • Quick claims processing and payout

If you want dependable life insurance paired with quality service, Prosperity Life Insurance is a leading choice to consider. Contact an agent today to learn more and get a quote.

Prosperity Life Product Overview with Jack Heller & Candice Dawson


Is prosperity life insurance a good company?

The Prosperity Life Group has a very strong financial rating from the independent review company A.M. Best. The company’s financial rating is an A-. This is one of the highest scores offered by A.M. Best. It is important to find companies with strong financial ratings, especially when it comes to life insurance.

What is the phone number for SBLI agent support?

Current SBLI Customers SBLI’s Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Contact Customer Service at 800-694-7254.

What type of insurance is prosperity?

Prosperity offers two types of final expense life insurance: final expense whole life insurance and term final expense. Some term life policies from Prosperity are convertible to whole life up to age 75.

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