How to Complete the Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report

Being involved in a traffic accident can be stressful and confusing. In Oregon, you are required by law to file an accident report with the DMV if certain conditions are met. This ensures all parties have documentation of the incident.

The Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report is the standard form used to report crashes. Failing to submit this when required can result in fines or driver’s license suspension.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Oregon accident report form, including:

  • When a report must be filed
  • How to complete each section
  • How to submit the report to the DMV
  • Additional requirements for totaled vehicles
  • Consequences for not reporting

Knowing accident reporting rules and properly completing the form protects your rights. Let’s review the details so you’re prepared in the event of a crash.

When You Must File an Oregon Accident Report

By law, you must complete the Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report if any of the following apply:

  • Damage to any one person’s property is over $2,500
  • Damage to any vehicle exceeds $2,500
  • Any vehicle is towed from the scene due to damages
  • There are any injuries (even minor ones)
  • There is a fatality
  • You hit an unattended vehicle

The report must be submitted within 72 hours of the accident. Failure to file when required can lead to fines and suspension of your license.

Even if a police report was filed, you must still complete your own Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report and submit to the DMV. The police report does not replace your requirement to file.

How to Fill Out the Accident Report Form

Let’s walk through how to complete each section of the Oregon crash report form.

Section 1: Date, Time, Location

  • Provide the exact date, day of week, and time of accident.
  • Specify the road name, nearest intersecting road, direction, and distance to nearest town.
  • Identify the county. Contact law enforcement if unsure.

Accurate location details are critical for matching to other reports.

Section 2: Your Vehicle & Insurance Information

  • Provide your full name, license number, DOB, address, and other details.
  • Give insurance company name and policy number. This will be verified.
  • List vehicle year, make, model, VIN, plate number.

Section 3: Accident Details

  • Check all boxes that describe the accident circumstances and conditions.
  • Note any citations issued or if police came to the scene.

Section 4: Other Vehicle Information

  • Provide details for the other vehicle(s) involved as available.

Section 5: Description and Signature

  • Describe what happened in your own words.
  • Sign and date the report. If incapacitated, a family member may sign for you.

How to Submit the Completed Accident Report

You can submit the report by:

  • Email: [email protected] (save email/confirmation)
  • Fax: 503-945-5267
  • Mail: DMV Crash Reporting Unit, 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem, OR 97314
  • At a DMV office

Keep documentation showing when you submitted the report. You can request a copy of the report you filed.

Additional Requirements for Totaled Vehicles

If your vehicle is “totaled” in the accident, you must follow additional instructions printed on the form:

  • If totaled, you must surrender the title – either to your insurer if they take possession of the vehicle OR to the DMV to apply for a salvage title.
  • Alternatively, you can notify the DMV in writing if unable to obtain the title.

Failure to properly handle title for totaled vehicles can result in charges.

Consequences of Not Filing an Oregon Accident Report

If you do not file the report when required, the DMV may take the following actions:

  • Issue a suspension of your driving privileges
  • Impose fines up to $250
  • Suspend vehicle registration

Make sure to consult the accident reporting requirements and file the form on time to avoid penalties. This also documents your side of what happened.

Tips for Completing the Crash Report Accurately

  • Double check all identifying information like VINs, addresses and license details.
  • Only provide facts about the accident – do not speculate.
  • If submitting for an incapacitated driver, state your relationship and the reason they are unable to sign.
  • Keep a copy of the report and confirmation of submittal for your records.
  • Take photos documenting damage and conditions to supplement the report.

Thoroughly and neatly completing the report establishes your account of the incident. This can be valuable if claims or liability questions arise later.

Key Takeaways

Being in an accident is never pleasant, but knowing Oregon’s reporting rules prevents further headaches. Keep these tips in mind:

  • File the Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report within 72 hours if damages or injuries exceed defined thresholds. This is required by law.

  • Complete all sections fully and accurately – especially location, insurance, and vehicle details.

  • Take photos and document witness information to support your report.

  • Follow additional title surrender instructions if your vehicle is totaled.

  • Keep copies of the report and confirmation of submitting to DMV.

  • Contact law enforcement with any questions about reporting requirements or procedures.

Carefully completing the Oregon accident report form protects your rights and driving privileges. Report promptly after a crash to comply with regulations. This ensures you have proper documentation should any claims or legal questions arise later. Stay safe on the roads!

How to Fill Out an Oregon DMV Traffic Accident Report Form


When must you file an Oregon traffic accident insurance report?

Within 72 Hours of a motor vehicle crash, you are required to submit an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report with DMV.

Where do I get an accident report in Oregon?

Call DMV Customer Assistance at 503-945-5000 and request DMV send (mail/fax/email) you the accident report; or. Pick up a paper form from a DMV field office or your local law enforcement department.

What happens if you don t report an accident to the DMV in Oregon?

Failure to report when required may result in DMV issuing Notice of Suspension. Call 503-945-5098 for assistance in completing the report. Complete ALL fields. Failure to provide complete information may result in DMV issuing Notice of Suspension.

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