Everything You Need to Know About Motor Club of America Insurance

Motor Club of America (MCA) is a motor club providing roadside assistance and other auto-related services to members across the United States and Canada. This article will explain what MCA offers, who it’s best for, and whether MCA’s services can act as an alternative to traditional auto insurance.

What is Motor Club of America Insurance?

Motor Club of America is not an insurance company. Rather, it is an automobile club providing emergency roadside assistance, travel discounts, and additional member benefits.

Key MCA offerings include:

  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
  • Towing services
  • Legal services for traffic violations
  • Travel and hotel discounts
  • Limited reimbursements for travel emergencies
  • Hospital income benefits
  • Discounted dental, vision, and doctor visits

MCA has been around for over 80 years and has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have built a reputation for reliable roadside assistance.

However, it’s important to understand MCA is not auto insurance. There is no coverage for collision, comprehensive, or liability. You still need a standard auto insurance policy.

Is MCA Worth It? Who Might Benefit?

MCA motor club membership can provide value beyond just roadside assistance. For around $20 per month, you gain access to:

  • nationwide 24/7 emergency towing services – up to 100 miles per incident
  • travel discounts – on hotels, car rentals, airport parking, etc.
  • arrest bonds – up to $500 bail bond reimbursement
  • reimbursements – for rental car costs and other incidentals resulting from a breakdown/accident
  • hospital income – $150 per day for hospital stays up to 365 days
  • death benefit – $10,000 for accidental death
  • discounts – on dental, vision, prescriptions, and doctors visits

Frequent travelers can benefit the most from the hotel and car rental discounts. The hospital income and death benefits also provide security.

For those prone to breakdowns or accidents far from home, the emergency towing and reimbursements are helpful. Arrest bond reimbursement and ticket lawyer referrals provide useful legal assistance as well.

Overall, MCA provides a suite of services and discounts that complement an auto insurance policy. It can serve as an affordable supplement to boost your protection and savings on the road.

What Does MCA Cover? Key Plan Benefits

Here are some of the most important benefits across MCA’s four membership plans:

Emergency Roadside Assistance

All plans include:

  • 24/7 access to call center
  • Towing – up to 100 miles per incident
  • Flat tire change
  • Vehicle lockout service
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Fuel delivery – you pay pump cost

Upgrades on higher plans cover winching, RV tire change, and additional miles.


Covers incidental costs related to a breakdown or accident like car rental, meals, and lodging. Reimbursements range from $500 to $2000 across plans.

Arrest Bonds

Reimbursement provided for bail bonds needed resulting from a traffic law violation – up to $500.

Daily Hospital Benefits

If hospitalized from a covered accident, benefit payments help cover miscellaneous costs. Ranges from $150 to $300 per day.

Death Benefit

Pays from $10,000 to $100,000 to your beneficiary for accidental death while traveling.


All plans include discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions, chiropractic, diabetes supplies, and doctors visits. Hotel and car rental discounts available on higher plans.

What MCA Doesn’t Cover

Again, it’s important to remember MCA is not auto insurance. Key exclusions include:

  • No liability coverage for damage/injuries you cause
  • No coverage for damage to your own vehicle
  • Limited reimbursements (doesn’t fully cover major costs)
  • No comprehensive/collision damage coverage
  • No uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

You still need a standard auto insurance policy for financial protection against accidents. MCA fills gaps and reduces incidental costs, but doesn’t replace insurance.

MCA Coverage vs Car Insurance Coverage

Here is how MCA’s offerings compare to key components of a typical auto insurance policy:

Coverage Traditional Auto Insurance MCA Motor Club
Liability (damage/injuries to others)
Uninsured Motorist
Roadside Assistance
Rental Reimbursement
Travel Discounts
Arrest Bonds
Hospital Benefits
Accidental Death Benefit

Auto insurance covers the major financial risks of accidents, liability, and vehicle damage. MCA fills in gaps for incidentals plus provides additional travel benefits and legal assistance.

Can MCA Replace Auto Insurance?

MCA should not serve as a full replacement for traditional auto insurance. Without liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, you take on major financial risks of causing accidents or vehicle damage.

Plus, auto insurance is required universally across the U.S. and Canada. You must maintain state minimum liability and other required coverages to legally drive.

Instead, MCA works best as a supplement to auto insurance, not a replacement. It enhances your protection for a relatively small membership fee.

Is MCA Worth the Cost?

The value you get from MCA depends on how frequently you drive and travel.

For city dwellers using public transit or those working from home, there may be less benefit.

But for frequent drivers and travelers, especially in rural areas, MCA provides robust emergency road service and trip protection.

Plus, there are useful everyday discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions, and doctor visits.

At around $20 per month, MCA offers compelling benefits and savings for most active drivers. It provides peace of mind for roadside emergencies and trip disruptions.

Consider adding MCA if you drive often, travel regularly, or simply want extra assurance handling roadside headaches. But don’t drop your standard auto insurance which covers larger financial risks.

What Do Members Say About MCA?

Current MCA members almost universally praise the motor club’s fast, reliable roadside assistance and service. Some key member benefits highlighted include:

  • “Fast and friendly dispatch – tow trucks arrive promptly” – vital reassurance when stranded alongside a highway
  • “Hotel discounts saved me hundreds on long family road trips” – big savings for frequent travelers
  • “Towing allowance got me home over 100 miles away free” – reduces out-of-pocket costs after a major breakdown
  • “Arrest bond reimbursement gave peace of mind when pulled over” – helpful protection against common traffic violations
  • “Hospital benefits paid me $150 per day after an accident” – covers incidentals during medical treatment

The few negative reviews relate to cancellation/refund policies. But overall, MCA earns consistent praise for delivering on promised emergency roadside assistance and travel protections.

Is MCA an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

No, MCA operates as a standard motor club, not a pyramid scheme. Income relates only to sales commissions, not recruitment.

There is an affiliate program where existing members can recommend MCA and earn a referral bonus. This allows for direct sales through word-of-mouth marketing vs company-paid advertising.

Importantly, members only earn commission for new sales attributed directly to them. There is no money made from “downstream” recruits or expanding a network.

So while MCA does offer an affiliate program, it is just a basic referral structure common for membership clubs. It is not an illegal pyramid or Ponzi scheme dependent on ongoing recruitment.

The Bottom Line – Is MCA Worth Getting?

For active drivers prone to roadside emergencies, MCA provides invaluable 24/7 assistance and protection.

The hotel discounts, arrest bonds, hospital benefits, and death benefit offer additional financial cushions while traveling.

Plus, you gain everyday savings on healthcare costs through dental, vision, prescription, and doctor visit discounts.

At around $20 per month, MCA serves as highly affordable supplementary auto coverage. It fills key gaps and reduces incidental costs from accidents, breakdowns, violations, and other mishaps on the road.

Just make sure to still carry standard minimum auto insurance for liability, collision, and comprehensive risks. MCA enhances your protection as a driver or traveler – it doesn’t replace core auto insurance requirements.

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Who is the CEO of Motor Club of America?

Wardell Coleman – CEO – (MCA) Motor Club Of America | LinkedIn.

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