How to Cancel Your MetLife Pet Insurance Policy

Purchasing pet insurance can provide peace of mind by helping cover unexpected veterinary costs. However, life circumstances or changing needs may require canceling your pet insurance policy. If you have MetLife pet insurance, here is what you need to know about canceling your coverage.

Overview of MetLife Pet Insurance

MetLife is a leading pet insurer that has been offering policies since 2016 after acquiring PetFirst Healthcare. They provide comprehensive accident and illness coverage, with optional wellness add-ons.

Some key features of MetLife pet insurance:

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, surgeries, hospitalization, prescriptions, and more

  • Options to customize annual limits, reimbursement rates, and deductibles

  • Short 1-day waiting period for accident claims

  • Wellness add-on for routine vet care

  • Mobile app and online portal for managing your policy

  • Access to telehealth vet chat 24/7

  • Multiple discounts available to reduce premiums

Now let’s look at the details on canceling a MetLife policy.

When You Can Cancel MetLife Pet Insurance

Pet insurance policies are annual contracts that renew each year. There are a few key times when you are able to cancel MetLife pet insurance:

During the Policy Term

You can cancel your MetLife policy at any time during the 12-month policy term by submitting a cancellation request. This will terminate your coverage as of the cancellation date.

  • You will not receive a refund of premiums already paid for the current policy term.

  • Prorated premiums may be refunded depending on your state’s regulations and when the cancellation occurs during the policy year.

At Renewal Time

Pet insurance providers require written notification if you do not want to renew your annual policy.

  • MetLife will send a renewal notice 30-60 days before your policy renews.

  • This is the ideal time to cancel coverage if you will not need it for the next policy term.

  • Opting not to renew means your coverage will lapse at the end of the current policy period.

During the Waiting Period

If you cancel within the first 14 days of your new policy, MetLife provides a full refund as long as you have not filed any claims. This serves as a trial period for new customers.

Make sure you understand these key opportunities to cancel without penalty. Avoid unnecessary premium charges by canceling promptly when your circumstances change.

How to Cancel Your MetLife Pet Insurance Policy

Canceling your MetLife insurance policy requires contacting their customer service team by phone or writing:

By Phone:

  • Call 1-866-937-7387

  • Select option 4 for cancellations

  • Provide your policy number and cancellation date

  • A representative will process the cancellation

In Writing:

  • Send a signed written cancellation request to:

    MetLife Pet Insurance

    700 Quaker Lane

    Warwick, RI 02886

  • Include your full name, policy number, and requested cancellation date

  • Keep a copy for your records


  • Log into your online account portal

  • Under “Manage Policy” select “Cancel Policy”

  • Enter cancellation date and reason

  • Submit the online cancellation form

The cancellation will be effective as of the date you provide. MetLife will send a written Notice of Cancellation confirming the policy termination.

What Happens When You Cancel

Here’s what to expect after canceling your MetLife pet insurance:

  • Coverage ends – Your insurance benefits will end as of the cancellation date on the Notice of Cancellation.

  • No refunds – You will not receive premium refunds for the current policy term when canceling mid-year.

  • Lapse in coverage – Any new injuries or illnesses that occur after the cancellation date will not be covered. This lack of coverage will be considered a break in continuous coverage.

  • Pre-existing conditions reset – If you enroll again in the future, new pre-existing condition periods and waiting periods will apply. Past conditions may be excluded from new policies.

  • Records needed – Keep your past policy documents, bills, and veterinary records in case you need evidence of prior insurance later.

Understand the implications of terminating your pet’s policy so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Why You May Want to Cancel MetLife Insurance

There are a few common reasons pet owners cancel their MetLife insurance policy:

  • Financial changes – Job loss, income reductions, or other money issues may force cutting back on expenses.

  • Premium increases – Annual price hikes renewing customers receive may become unaffordable.

  • Coverage gaps – Dissatisfaction with rejected claims or pet injuries not covered under the policy.

  • Lapse of need – A pet passing away or giving your pet away means coverage is no longer needed.

  • Switching insurers – Finding a provider with better prices or coverage may prompt cancelling your existing policy.

Think through your specific situation and needs to decide if canceling is the right option. Also consider alternatives like adjusting your coverage limits or deductible to reduce costs before terminating the policy completely.

What Happens if MetLife Cancels Your Policy?

Insurance providers can also take steps to cancel your coverage for certain reasons, including:

  • Non-payment – Failing to pay your premiums is the most common cause for the insurer to cancel your policy.

  • Misrepresentation – Providing false or incomplete information on your application can prompt the insurer to void and cancel the policy.

  • High-risk pet – Insurers may drop pets likely to have ongoing health problems and expensive claims.

  • Policy violations – Actions like moving addresses without notifying the insurer or filing suspicious claims.

  • State availability – The insurer exits selling policies in certain states which can force coverage cancellation.

If MetLife takes action to cancel your policy, they are required to provide written notification explaining the cancellation reason at least 30 days in advance.

Alternatives to Cancelling Your Pet Insurance

Before canceling altogether, consider these options to retain coverage for your furry companion:

  • Adjust deductible – Increasing your deductible lowers premiums.

  • Reduce coverage – Lower annual limits or reimbursement rate to save on costs.

  • Exclude high-risk pet – Remove just the pet with ongoing health problems from a multi-pet policy.

  • Change insurers – Find a provider offering better prices and coverage that meets your needs and budget.

  • Negotiate pricing – Ask your insurer if they can offer discounts to retain your business.

  • Enroll in wellness – Adding routine care coverage can sometimes lower accident/illness premiums.

Taking advantage of alternatives to cancellation allows you to maintain at least some protection for unexpected vet bills.

Key Takeaways on Canceling MetLife Insurance

  • Review your policy documents to understand cancellation terms and procedures.

  • Send a written cancellation request by the renewal date to avoid automatic renewal.

  • Contact customer service by phone or writing to cancel mid-policy term or immediately.

  • Be aware of coverage gaps and pre-existing condition consequences of canceling.

  • Consider ways to reduce costs like adjusting deductibles or coverage before canceling.

  • Keep records to provide proof of prior pet insurance when applying again in the future.

Canceling pet insurance is an important decision for your pet’s health and your financial protection. Follow the proper steps to terminate your MetLife policy when the time comes.

Common Questions about Canceling MetLife Pet Insurance

Can I get a refund if I cancel MetLife pet insurance?

You can receive a full refund if you cancel within the 14-day trial period and have not filed any claims. If you cancel at other times, any refund depends on your state laws and when the cancellation occurs during the policy year.

How do I avoid automatic renewal of MetLife pet insurance?

To prevent automatic policy renewal, submit a written cancellation request by your policy expiration date. MetLife sends renewal notices 30-60 days before renewal so you have time to cancel.

What is the cancellation fee for MetLife pet insurance?

MetLife does not charge a cancellation fee if you request to terminate your pet insurance policy. You simply need to provide proper written notification.

Can MetLife cancel my policy if I have too many claims?

Yes, pet insurers can cancel your coverage if you file frequent claims that they consider excessive. Each company has its own thresholds for what claim activity prompts cancellation.

If I cancel, can I sign up again later with MetLife?

Yes, you can enroll in MetLife pet insurance again in the future. However, new enrollment periods, waiting periods, and pre-existing condition exclusions will apply when starting a new policy.

What if I missed the renewal cancellation deadline with MetLife?

If your policy renewed already, call MetLife as soon as possible to cancel coverage. You will likely forfeit that month’s premium, but can terminate the policy going forward.


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Can pet insurance be Cancelled at any time?

The short answer is yes, you can cancel pet insurance at any time. In this article, we’ll discuss factors to consider, the typical cancellation process and any potential consequences to pet health and wellness that come from canceling a pet insurance policy.

Is there a cancellation fee for pet insurance?

Firstly, if you cancel pet insurance within your provider’s waiting or cooling off period (usually within the 14 days since the policy started) then you should get your money back. However, please keep in mind that you may be charged a small admin fee.

How do I cancel my MetLife insurance?

Log in to On the Homepage, go to the policy that you intend to cancel and click “I want to…” dropdown. Select “Request Policy Change” then select “Full Surrender Request” Select your Residency & Upload the required documents.

How does MetLife reimburse pet insurance?

We’ll process your covered claim — usually within 10 days — and send your payment via multiple direct deposit options or a paper check in the mail, at your request. Depending on your deductible, reimbursement rate, and reimbursement limits, you can be reimbursed for up to 90% of the cost of covered expenses.

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