Finding the Best Life Insurance Companies in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to dozens of life insurance providers, giving residents ample options when shopping for coverage. However, not every insurer is created equal. This article will explore the top life insurance companies in Los Angeles and provide tips on choosing the right one for your needs.

Overview of Life Insurance in Los Angeles

The main types of life insurance policies sold in LA are:

  • Term life – Provides temporary coverage for 10, 20 or 30 years. Lower cost but expires without cash value.
  • Whole life – Covers you for life as long as premiums are paid. Builds cash value you can borrow against.
  • Universal life – Flexible permanent coverage with adjustable death benefits. Allows you to pay premiums as desired.
  • Variable life – Permanent coverage that invests your cash value in the market to potentially grow.

Term life is the most popular option, covering 70% of buyers in California. Permanent insurance is pricier but continues beyond the term and accrues savings.

The average cost of life insurance in Los Angeles depends on factors like:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Amount of coverage
  • Type of policy

A 30-year-old may pay $30 per month for $500,000 of term life but $100 per month for whole life with lower coverage. Those with medical conditions will pay higher rates.

Top Life Insurance Companies in Los Angeles

Here are some of the top-rated life insurers based on financial strength, customer satisfaction, types of policies offered, and affordability:

State Farm

  • Ratings: A++ from AM Best, 5/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Competitive pricing, excellent customer service, dividends on whole life policies, strong brand reputation
  • Cons: Does not offer universal life policies
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $27 for $500,000 term life (30-year-old male, excellent health)

Banner Life

  • Ratings: A+ from AM Best, 4.5/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Specializes in term life, very low rates, fast and easy online application process
  • Cons: Only sells term insurance, limited policy customization
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $21 for $500,000 term life (30-year-old male, excellent health)

Pacific Life

  • Ratings: A+ from AM Best, 4/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Wide array of permanent and term policies, excellent financial strength, high customer satisfaction
  • Cons: Permanent life policies are expensive
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $160 for $500,000 whole life (30-year-old male, excellent health)

Guardian Life

  • Ratings: A++ from AM Best, 4/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Strong whole, term, and universal life offerings, competitive pricing, high claims satisfaction
  • Cons: Mixed customer service reviews compared to competitors
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $33 for $500,000 term life (30-year-old male, excellent health)

Lincoln Financial

  • Ratings: A+ from AM Best, 4/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Variety of permanent and term life options, good choice for estate planning, competitive rates
  • Cons: Mixed reviews for claims processing time
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $70 for $500,000 whole life (30-year-old male, excellent health)


  • Ratings: A++ from AM Best, 5/5 stars from J.D. Power
  • Pros: Stellar financial strength, wide selection of policies, high customer satisfaction
  • Cons: Permanent life policies are expensive
  • Sample Monthly Cost: $40 for $500,000 term life (30-year-old male, excellent health)

Choosing the Right Life Insurer

When selecting among the top life insurance companies in LA, consider these factors:

Types of Policies Offered – Make sure the insurer has the specific policy you want such as term, whole, or universal life.

Price – Compare quotes from multiple carriers. Rates can vary widely.

Financial Strength Ratings – Choose an insurer rated “A” or higher by rating agencies like A.M. Best. This indicates strong financial health.

Customer Service Reputation – Read reviews and complaints to gauge customer satisfaction.

Online Experience – Apply and manage your policy through an easy-to-use website and mobile apps.

Third-Party Ratings – Pay attention to ratings from independent agencies like J.D. Power.

Discounts – Insurers offer discounts for things like bundled policies, group memberships, and healthy lifestyles.

Shopping around and comparing insurers is the best way to find both the policy and price that meets your needs. An independent insurance agent can provide quotes from multiple companies.

Buying Life Insurance From an Agent vs. Online

You can purchase life insurance directly through an insurer’s website or by contacting a local insurance agent. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of each approach:

Buying From an Agent


  • Personalized guidance on right policy and amount of coverage
  • Access to quotes from multiple insurers
  • Assistance with the application and underwriting process
  • Ongoing policy service for things like beneficiary changes


  • May be pressured into buying from just one company
  • Pay commissions built into premiums

Buying Online


  • Quick online quotes without talking to a sales agent
  • No commissions since you buy directly from the insurer
  • Simple application process done at your own pace


  • No expert advice to select the right policy
  • Must navigate underwriting process alone
  • Limited customer support

Agents are best for more complex situations, while convenient online purchase works for basic term life needs.

Top Independent Insurance Agencies in Los Angeles

These independent agencies have access to a variety of top insurers:

  • Crump Life Insurance
  • Barney & Barney Insurance Services
  • Ivon Insurance Services
  • Ogilvy Insurance
  • The Life Insurance Finder
  • Neat Capital Management

An independent insurance broker has no allegiance to any one company, so they can provide unbiased guidance.

Tips for Buying Life Insurance in Los Angeles

Follow these best practices when purchasing coverage:

  • Get quotes from 5-10 companies to compare rates and find the best deal. Premiums can vary drastically.

  • Work with an independent agent to review all your options without bias toward one carrier.

  • Calculate the right amount of coverage by totaling debts, expenses, and future needs. Don’t skimp.

  • Consider both term and permanent policies to see which fits your budget and goals. Many buy term life along with small permanent policies.

  • Lock in rates when young and healthy since life insurance costs rise significantly with age.

  • Compare premiums annually at policy renewal since insurers frequently roll out new rates.

  • Look for discounts such as multi-policy, group membership, and non-tobacco user discounts to save money.

  • Maintain coverage once purchased. Los Angeles has high premiums for new policies. Keeping existing ones avoids this.

Comparing insurers and understanding different policy options will lead you to the best life insurance fit. Los Angeles offers quality choices from highly-rated national and regional companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does life insurance cost in Los Angeles?

Life insurance rates in Los Angeles vary based on age, health, type of policy, and amount of coverage. Average monthly costs range from $30 to $50 for term life and $100 to $200 for whole life. High-risk applicants will pay more.

What is the best life insurance company in Los Angeles?

Some top insurers based on financial strength, reputation, and customer satisfaction include State Farm, Guardian, MassMutual, Lincoln Financial, Pacific Life, and Banner Life. Compare quotes to find the best value.

Should I use an independent agent or buy direct?

Independent agents provide unbiased advice and quotes from multiple insurers. Buying direct cuts out commissions, but you must select policies alone. Use an agent for complex needs and buy basic term life online.

How much life insurance do I need in Los Angeles?

Aim for a policy equal to 10 times your annual income as a minimum. Also tally financial obligations, expenses for dependents if you pass, and funeral costs. Go with $500,000 to $1 million in coverage if possible.

When should I buy life insurance?

The best time is when you’re young and healthy, as premiums rise significantly as you age. Buy a policy in your 20s or 30s to lock in low rates. The older you get, the more uninsurable conditions can arise.

Top 10 Life Insurance in Los Angeles, CA


Who is the most trustworthy life insurance company?

Best for
AM Best Financial Strength Rating
Life insurance coverage without a medical exam
A++ (Superior)
Mass Mutual
Whole life insurance
A++ (Superior)
Mutual of Omaha
Digital accessibility
A+ (Superior)
Customer satisfaction
A+ (Superior)

How much is life insurance in Los Angeles?

Rates for $250K Coverage
Rates for $926K Coverage (Recommended)
Mutual of Omaha
State Farm

What are the big four life insurance companies?

According to a 2021 NAIC report, Northwestern Mutual, New York Life, Metropolitan, and Prudential are the four largest life insurance companies in the United States, all together holding 31.09% of the market.

Which is the leading life insurance company?

Life Insurance Company
Claim Settlement Ratio 2020-21
Reliance Life Insurance
View Plans
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
View Plans
PNB MetLife Insurance
View Plans
Tata AIA Life Insurance
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