Does Hugo Insurance Cover Georgia?

Hugo is a relatively new auto insurance provider that offers flexible, on-demand coverage. The insurer lets drivers turn coverage on and off as needed and purchase policies for short durations like 3 days. If you live in Georgia, you may be wondering – does Hugo provide insurance in my state?

This article will examine Hugo’s availability, policy options, and costs in Georgia. We’ll also suggest some alternatives if Hugo doesn’t meet your needs.

Overview of Hugo Insurance

Hugo launched in 2021 as the first on-demand car insurance provider. The company uses artificial intelligence and a mobile app to provide customized coverage with no long-term commitments.

Here are some key things to know about Hugo:

  • Coverage – Offers liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, and accidental death benefits.

  • Policy Length – Policies can be purchased for durations of 3, 7, 14, or 30 days and up to 6 months.

  • Turn Off Coverage – With Hugo’s pay-as-you-go Flex policies, drivers can turn coverage off and on via the app.

  • No Down Payment – Hugo offers a $0 down payment and no cancellation fees for Flex policies.

  • Availability – Currently operates in 13 states including Georgia.

Hugo Car Insurance Plans in Georgia

Hugo offers three coverage levels in Georgia:

Hugo Flex

  • Meets minimum liability requirements
  • Can turn coverage on/off without fees
  • Purchase increments of 3, 7, 14 or 30 days
  • Best for occasional drivers

Hugo Unlimited Basic

  • Liability plus medical payments and accidental death
  • Can’t turn off, but flexible payment increments
  • Automatic reloads to prevent lapse

Hugo Unlimited Full

  • Liability, collision, comprehensive plus medical/AD&D
  • Traditional full coverage policy
  • Automatic reloads

So Georgia drivers can get anything from basic liability to comprehensive coverage through Hugo. The flexibility comes with the ability to buy shorter durations or pause the policy if you don’t need daily coverage.

Is Hugo Affordable in Georgia?

Hugo advertises itself as an affordable option for infrequent drivers or those needing temporary coverage. But how do costs really compare in Georgia?

Here are some examples of average monthly Hugo premiums in Georgia versus competitors:[1]

Insurer Liability Coverage Full Coverage
Hugo $55 $57
State Farm $68 $135
Allstate $122 $178
Progressive $86 $147
GEICO $63 $105

Hugo offers the lowest rates for state minimum liability insurance in Georgia. They are also very competitive on full coverage policies.

Of course, your personal quotes will vary based on factors like your driving record, vehicle, age and location within Georgia. But in general, Hugo provides budget-friendly pricing in the state.

How Does Hugo Compare to Top Georgia Insurers?

Hugo brings something unique to Georgia with its flexible coverage and micropayments. But how does it stack up against top insurers in the state on key metrics?

Insurer AM Best Rating BBB Rating Trustpilot Rating J.D. Power Rating
Hugo Not Rated Not Rated 4.8/5 Not Rated
State Farm A++ A+ 4.1/5 5/5
Allstate A+ A+ 2.4/5 3/5
GEICO A++ A+ 4.1/5 4/5
Progressive A+ A+ 3.8/5 3/5

As a new company, Hugo doesn’t yet have financial strength or customer satisfaction ratings from third-party organizations. But it scores very well with customers on Trustpilot.

The major national brands rate higher overall for financial stability, customer service, and claims handling process. But they can’t match Hugo’s flexibility and low pricing for some drivers.

Should You Choose Hugo Insurance in Georgia?

Hugo can make sense for Georgia drivers that:

  • Only need occasional coverage
  • Want to minimize insurance costs
  • Have a limited or poor driving history
  • Need temporary insurance between policies

The ability to purchase policies for as short as 3 days and turn off coverage is Hugo’s key differentiator. Just make sure to compare quotes, as traditional insurers may beat Hugo’s rates depending on your situation.

But all things equal, Hugo delivers flexible, affordable auto insurance for Georgia drivers looking to pay only for the coverage they actually use.

Top Alternatives if Hugo Isn’t Right for You

Hugo lacks long operating history and some key coverages like rideshare insurance. If you want a well-known brand or specialized options, consider these top insurers in Georgia:

  • State Farm – Most popular in Georgia with extensive discounts and local agents.

  • GEICO – Large national insurer with low rates and easy online quotes.

  • Allstate – Established brand with usage-based Drivewise program.

  • Farm Bureau – Specializes in rural drivers with local offices across Georgia.

  • Progressive – Rates start at just $10 down and they offer rideshare coverage.

The best company comes down to matching your specific needs on pricing, service and policy features. While Hugo covers Georgia, don’t limit your search to just one insurer.

The Bottom Line

Hugo provides flexible, on-demand car insurance for Georgia drivers. The company offers liability, collision, and comprehensive policies that can be purchased for short durations or turned on/off as needed.

Hugo provides some of the lowest rates in Georgia for minimum liability coverage. They also have budget full coverage options. Just make sure to compare quotes from national and regional competitors.

For Georgians needing temporary or occasionally used car insurance, Hugo is a great option now available in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to some common questions about Hugo insurance in Georgia.

Does Hugo insurance cover Georgia?

Yes, Hugo offers on-demand car insurance coverage to drivers in Georgia. They provide liability, collision, comprehensive, and add-on coverages.

What are Hugo insurance rates in Georgia?

Hugo insurance costs an average of $55 per month for minimum liability coverage and $57 per month for full coverage in Georgia. Actual costs vary based on your driving history and other factors.

Does Hugo check driving history in Georgia?

Yes, Hugo will take your driving record, accident claims, and traffic violations into account when calculating your personalized premium. A poor history can increase rates significantly.

Can you get Hugo insurance with no down payment in Georgia?

Yes, Hugo offers flexible payment options with no downpayment required, including increments as short as 3 days. Their pay-as-you-go model has no upfront deposit.

Is Hugo insurance cheap in Georgia?

Compared to major insurers in Georgia, Hugo offers very affordable auto insurance rates, especially for minimum liability coverage. However, you should always compare quotes.

Does Hugo offer rideshare coverage in Georgia?

Unfortunately no. Hugo does not currently offer rideshare insurance or any other specialized policy endorsements in Georgia or any other state just yet.

Hugo Car Insurance review : Comprehensive Coverage, Easy Claims, and best car insurance plans


Can you use Hugo insurance in Georgia?

Drivers in Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida only have access to Hugo’s Unlimited Basic plan. Hugo Insurance is an online, direct-to-consumer insurance company.

What car insurance coverage is required in Georgia?

Liability car insurance is the only insurance coverage required in the state of Georgia. It pays for property damage or bodily injuries incurred from an accident that you cause. It’s important to remember that liability insurance never pays for your injuries or damages to your own property.

Can I use my Florida insurance in Georgia?

No matter where you live, your standard car insurance policy will typically cover you in all 50 states and Canada. Your policy won’t cover international travel outside of Canada.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Georgia?

Car insurance in Georgia costs $73 per month or $877 per year for minimum coverage, on average. The cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia are Country Financial, Auto-Owners, and USAA, and getting quotes from several companies can help you find the best deal.

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