Finding the Best Insurance Companies in Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia is a historic southern city known for its architecture, parks, and historic district. With so much culture and activity, having proper insurance coverage is essential for Savannah residents and businesses. This article explores top insurance providers in Savannah, tips for choosing coverage, and how to get quotes from leading insurers.

Overview of Major Insurance Companies in Savannah

Residents of Savannah have access to national, regional, and local insurance carriers. Here are some of the major companies providing policies in Savannah:

  • State Farm – National insurer and the largest auto and home insurance provider in the U.S.

  • Nationwide – National company and one of the biggest insurance and financial services providers.

  • Allstate – One of the largest insurers nationwide with extensive auto and home insurance options.

  • Progressive – Major national insurer known for auto policies and competitive rates.

  • Travelers – Provides services in Savannah and across Georgia offering various insurance products.

  • Southern Farm Bureau – Regional insurer popular across the south and writes many policies in Georgia.

  • Georgia Farm Bureau – Leading farm insurer in Georgia providing specialized agriculture policies.

  • Atlantic Casualty – Local insurance company serving coastal Georgia communities like Savannah.

This mix of national, regional, and local insurers gives Savannah residents many choices for coverage.

Tips for Choosing Insurance in Savannah

When selecting insurance in Savannah, keep these tips in mind:

  • Compare quotes – Get quotes from at least 3 companies before choosing a policy. This helps find competitive pricing.

  • Consider discounts – Ask insurers about all discounts you may qualify for to get the lowest premium. Common discounts include bundling policies, being claims-free, having safety devices, and more.

  • Review policy details – Don’t just look at premium cost. Make sure you understand coverage limitations, exclusions, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Check ratings – Review ratings and complaints for insurers at sites like BBB and NAIC to evaluate customer satisfaction.

  • Ask about flood coverage – Due to coastal exposure, ask agents about flood insurance options and FEMA flood zones in your area.

  • Inquire about wind mitigation – Wind coverage is important in coastal Georgia. Ask about credits for windstorm loss mitigation features like storm shutters.

  • Work with an agent – A local agent that knows Savannah can advise on risks and coverage unique to the area.

Getting Quotes From Top Savannah Insurance Companies

It’s smart to get quotes from a mix of major national carriers, regional insurers, and local companies when shopping for Savannah insurance. Here are some tips for getting quotes:

  • Start online – Most insurer websites let you get an instant quote online with just your ZIP code. This is the fastest way to make coverage and cost comparisons.

  • Provide details – For the most accurate quotes, have details like your age, driving history, home details, and current coverage amounts handy when requesting quotes.

  • Call companies directly – After checking rates online, follow up directly with companies by phone to ask more questions and get policy specifics.

  • Speak to local agents – Contact agents from national insurers that are located in Savannah. They can provide quotes and advice tailored to the area.

  • Visit agent offices – Stop by a few local agency offices in Savannah. Independent agents can check rates with multiple companies they represent.

Be sure to get both online quotes and quotes from talking with agents. This gives you a complete picture of your Savannah insurance options.

Top Car Insurance Providers in Savannah

When insuring your vehicle, Savannah motorists should consider these top car insurance companies:

  • State Farm – Popular for auto insurance nationwide, State Farm has many policies in force around Savannah. Bundling discounts and local agents are big advantages.

  • Progressive – Known for affordable rates and offering extensive online quotes and policy management. Great option for price-conscious drivers.

  • Allstate – National insurer with local agents and multi-policy discounts. Award-winning claims servicing.

  • Nationwide – Savannah residents can potentially bundle auto with Nationwide home or life insurance. Available discounts make them competitive.

  • Acuity – Regional auto insurer offering policies focused in Georgia, Texas, and select other southern states.

  • Atlantic Casualty – Local insurer providing specialized auto coverage along the Georgia coast.

Shopping around is key to find the best auto insurance fit in Savannah based on your driving profile, vehicle, and budget.

Top Home Insurance Providers in Savannah

Homeowners in Savannah should consider these highly-rated home insurance companies:

  • State Farm – Top home insurer nationwide and popular in Savannah. Bundling home with auto policies can save over 15%.

  • Allstate – National insurer with extensive home insurance offerings including flood coverage.

  • Nationwide – Policies available for all types of dwellings. Storm mitigation credits can help lower premiums.

  • Travelers – Provider experienced in coastal insurance that offers protection against hurricanes and wind damage.

  • Chubb – Specializes in high-value home insurance suitable for large coastal dwellings subject to wind and flood risks.

  • Southern Farm Bureau – Top regional insurer offering home coverage bundled with auto policies.

Protecting your home with the right Savannah insurer provides peace of mind.

Top Business Insurance Providers in Savannah

Major insurance companies providing coverage for Savannah businesses:

  • The Hartford – National insurer with a long history and A+ rating. Flexible business insurance plans.

  • Liberty Mutual – Offers tailored coverage for large and small Savannah businesses across industries.

  • Travelers – Experienced in commercial policies with risk management guidance available.

  • Cincinnati Insurance – Regional company providing business insurance focused in the southeast.

  • Pacific National – Local insurer writing commercial policies in coastal Georgia areas.

  • Auto-Owners – Specializes in business insurance for small and mid-sized companies.

Compare quotes to find a business insurer that matches your industry, risk profile, and budget.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Savannah Insurer

Beyond just costs and coverage, evaluating these key factors helps find the best insurance provider:

  • Customer service reputation based on reviews and ratings
  • Claims servicing satisfaction shown by complaint data
  • Financial strength ratings to gauge financial stability
  • Range of discounts available to save on premiums
  • Experience insuring in coastal areas like Savannah
  • Offering bundling for multiple policies
  • Local agents’ knowledge of risks and regulations
  • Availability of flood insurance and windstorm coverage

Combining rate comparisons with research on insurers helps consumers identify the best companies for their insurance needs in Savannah and throughout coastal Georgia.


With a mix of national, regional, and local providers, Savannah offers many insurance options meeting a variety of coverage needs and budgets. Getting quotes from top insurers ensures you find the right policies at the best rate for your vehicles, home, or business. Comparing premiums along with evaluating key company factors results in informed insurance decisions for Savannah residents.

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How much is car insurance in Savannah GA?

Car insurance costs an average of $852 every six-months in Savannah. That’s more than the average across Georgia ($804) and more expensive than the national average of $880. Our guide to Savannah auto insurance includes average rates based on age, credit score, and other factors in Savannah. Read on to learn more!

Who is the most trusted insurance company?

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How much is home insurance in Savannah Georgia?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Savannah, GA is $1,915 annually for the dwelling coverage of $200,000 and the liability protection of $100,000. The amount you pay for home insurance each year depends on many different things.

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