How Do I Get Off My Parents’ Car Insurance Policy?

If you’ve started driving your own car and no longer rely on your parents’ vehicles, it may be time to get your own car insurance policy. Removing yourself from your parents’ policy and getting insured independently is an important rite of passage.

But how exactly do you go about getting off your parents’ insurance? Here’s a step-by-step guide to switching car insurance as a young driver.

When to Get Off Your Parents’ Insurance

First, when is the right time to get your own policy? Here are some common scenarios that signal you should switch car insurance:

  • You turned 18 or 21 years old. Once you reach adulthood, you can opt for your own policy.

  • You bought your own car. If the car is titled and registered in your name, you’ll need your own coverage.

  • You moved out of your parents’ home. If you live separately, you likely need to be insured individually.

  • You got married. Newlyweds usually need their own insurance even if living with parents.

  • You’re financially independent. If you pay your own bills, you can get off your parents’ policy.

  • You have long commute. Driving more miles might make your own policy cheaper.

  • You have poor driving record. Your own policy keeps points off parents’ record.

If any of these apply, it’s probably time to switch to your own car insurance.

How to Get Off Parents’ Insurance

Removing yourself from your parents’ auto insurance policy involves a few key steps:

1. Pick your transfer date

Choose the date you want your individual policy to start. Avoid gaps in coverage by timing it with the end date of your parents’ policy term.

2. Inform your parents

Let your parents know you’ll be getting your own insurance on X date. Make sure they don’t renew your spot on their policy.

3. Shop for quotes

Research prices from multiple insurers. Compare coverage levels and discounts when pricing policies.

4. Purchase your new policy

Buy a policy in your name starting on the transfer date you picked. Ensure it meets your state’s minimum requirements.

5. Provide proof of insurance

Send your parents the declarations page from your new policy to confirm you’re insured elsewhere.

6. Remove yourself from parents’ policy

Have your parents contact their insurer to take you off their policy, effective on your transfer date.

Once your parents remove you as a driver, you will be fully insured through your own independent policy.

Finding Affordable Car Insurance as a Young Adult

Insurance rates for young adults are often higher than what parents pay. But you can get affordable coverage by:

  • Comparing quotes from multiple insurers

  • Taking defensive driving courses

  • Maintaining good credit

  • Looking for good student discounts

  • Choosing higher deductibles

  • Dropping collision/comprehensive coverage on older cars

  • Asking about discounts for safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes

With smart shopping, you can secure reasonably priced protection despite being a youthful driver.

What to Know About Parents’ Insurance After Removing Yourself

How does coming off your parents’ policy impact them? Here’s what parents should keep in mind:

  • Their rates may drop without an inexperienced driver listed.

  • Notify insurance company once you’re removed to adjust premium if needed.

  • Don’t allow lapses between your old and new policy end dates.

  • They’ll need proof you got your own insurance to delete you from their policy.

  • You likely can’t drive their cars regularly once you’re taken off their insurance.

  • If you live together, you may need to be added back on later as an “occasional driver.”

  • If owning the car jointly, you’ll both need to be insured until title transfers fully.

With some coordination, you and your parents can smoothly transition insurance when you get your own policy.

Tips for Switching Car Insurance Policies

Here are some top tips for making the change from parents’ insurance to your own smooth:

✔️ Research rates 1-2 months before switch date

✔️ Choose same liability limits as parents’ policy initially

✔️ Discuss insurance needs with parents and agents

✔️ Don’t cancel old policy until new one is in effect

✔️ Save proof of new insurance to provide parents

✔️ Update vehicle registration with your insurer’s info

✔️ Make sure to get insurance ID cards and documents

✔️ Notify agent of any coverage changes needed down the road

✔️ Check that parents removed you once your coverage begins

✔️ Contact agents with any questions during the transition

Taking the time to properly transfer policies ensures continuous protection as you gain independence with your car insurance.

Alternatives to Removing Yourself Entirely

While getting your own car insurance is usually the best option when starting out on your own, some young adults may benefit from these alternatives:

  • Occasional operator: Keep limited coverage on parents’ policy for driving their cars sometimes.

  • Non-owner car insurance: Covers liability when driving others’ vehicles without owning a car yourself.

  • Named operator policy: Get your own policy while keeping parents’ multi-car discount.

Discuss options with insurance agents to weigh the pros and cons of each approach for your situation.

Using Agents to Make Insurance Changes

Connecting with a knowledgeable independent insurance agent can streamline the process of getting off your parents’ car insurance policy. Agents can:

  • Explain coverage needs as a young driver

  • Help you choose the right liability limits

  • Run quotes with multiple insurers

  • Guide you through the application process

  • Assist with technical details of removing yourself from parents’ policy

  • Answer any questions you or your parents have

An expert agent serves as an invaluable resource when transitioning between insurance policies.

Gaining Independence with Car Insurance Coverage

Beginning adulthood often means getting your own car insurance instead of relying on parents’ policies. While it takes some effort to remove yourself properly, switching coverage is an important step towards financial maturity.

When do you have to come off your parents insurance


Can I remove myself from my parents insurance?

Young adults are allowed to stay on a parent’s health insurance policy until they turn 26, according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In most cases, you can remain on your parent’s health insurance plan even if you: Get married. Give birth or adopt a child.

Can my parents remove me from their car insurance?

Absolutely. The law requires insurers to ALLOW children to remain on the parent’s insurance until 26. However, the parent can remove them before 26. Yes she can legally take you off of her insurance.

Can my parents take me off of their insurance?

Can my parents kick me off their health insurance before I turn 26? Yes, your parents can kick you off their health insurance. Once you turn 18, your health care bills are ultimately your responsibility, and so is having health insurance coverage.

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