Getting Car Insurance Without a Social Security Number

Purchasing car insurance can be difficult for some drivers who do not have a social security number (SSN). Most major insurance companies require an SSN during the application process to verify your identity and driving history. However, there are still options for getting car insurance without providing an SSN.

Why Do Insurance Companies Ask for an SSN?

Insurance companies request your SSN for several important reasons:

  • Verify your identity – The SSN allows insurers to confirm your identity and make sure the information provided matches your driving and credit records. This prevents fraud.

  • Check your driving history – Insurers use your SSN to pull motor vehicle reports from your state’s DMV. This provides details on any accidents, traffic violations, or license suspensions.

  • Review your credit history – Many states allow insurers to use your credit-based insurance score as a factor in determining your rates. Your SSN lets them access your credit reports.

  • Confirm eligibility – Some companies may check if you are eligible to legally drive in the U.S. using your SSN. Non-citizens without an SSN may have difficulty getting insurance.

Without an SSN, insurers lack important information to accurately evaluate risk factors and provide competitive quotes. However, there are still options to obtain coverage.

Getting Car Insurance Without an SSN

If you need car insurance but do not have an SSN, here are some potential options:

Use an ITIN Instead

If you are not eligible for an SSN but file U.S. taxes, you may have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) issued by the IRS. Many insurers will accept an ITIN in place of an SSN. It serves as a unique identifier they can use to verify your identity.

Provide Alternative Personal Details

Insurers may accept other forms of personal identification when an SSN is unavailable. Be prepared to provide:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Passport number
  • Foreign national ID number
  • Current visa documentation
  • Proof of residence like a utility bill

The more alternative details you can provide, the better insurers can assess risk.

Work with Specialty Insurance Providers

Some insurance providers specialize in coverage for non-U.S. citizens and high-risk drivers. These specialty insurers may offer more flexibility regarding SSN requirements. However, premiums are usually higher.

Inquire with Individual Agents

Independent insurance agents have access to policies from multiple carriers. They may know of some companies with more relaxed SSN rules. Ask agents about options for your situation.

Consider Provider Options That Do Not Require an SSN

While rare, there are a few major insurers that do not require an SSN for coverage:

  • Geico – One of the largest auto insurers, Geico often allows drivers to obtain quotes and purchase policies online without an SSN.

  • The General – The General is known for specializing in high-risk drivers and may provide coverage without requiring an SSN.

  • Dairyland Auto – This insurer offers options for high-risk and non-standard drivers, including potential no-SSN policies.

Review State Minimum Requirements

In a few states like New Mexico and Washington, drivers can get licenses and legally drive without an SSN. Residing in these states improves your chances of securing coverage without providing a social security number.

What to Expect When Getting Insurance Without an SSN

While it is possible to get insurance without submitting your SSN, there are some potential drawbacks:

  • Higher premiums – Lacking details like your driving record and credit history, insurers will likely charge higher rates due to increased perceived risk.

  • Limited payment options – Paying premiums with cash or money orders may be required instead of electronic payments linked to your SSN.

  • Higher down payments – You may need to pay 6 months or more of your policy premium upfront before coverage takes effect.

  • Difficulty finding affordable coverage – Insurance options are limited for high-risk drivers without an SSN, so shopping around is critical.

  • Need for additional paperwork – Extra documentation to verify your identity and eligibility may be required during application and renewals.

While having car insurance without an SSN is possible, it can prove challenging to find affordable coverage. Being a safe, low-risk driver can help offset some of the difficulties posed by not having a social security number.

Tips for Getting the Best Rates Without an SSN

Finding competitively priced car insurance without an SSN requires diligent comparison shopping. Consider these tips:

  • Compare quotes from at least 5 providers – The more quotes you get, the better chance at finding an affordable rate. Mix national and local insurance companies.

  • Ask about discounts – Inquire about any discounts for defensive driving courses, vehicular safety features, good student status, and bundling policies.

  • Maintain good driving habits – Keep a clean driving record free of accidents, violations, and claims to help offset risk from not having an SSN.

  • Consider usage-based programs – Insurers like Progressive offer programs monitoring driving habits. Good driving could offset no SSN.

  • Raise your deductibles – Higher deductibles lower premiums but mean you pay more out-of-pocket for claims.

  • Limit your coverage – Dropping comprehensive and collision coverage can significantly reduce premium costs.

  • Drive an older, paid-off vehicle – The cost to insure older vehicles with minimum liability coverage can be cheaper.

  • Improve your credit – Even without an SSN, maintaining good credit can demonstrate financial responsibility.

With persistence and patience, finding affordable car insurance without supplying a social security number is achievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get car insurance without a driver’s license?

No, having a valid driver’s license is mandatory for purchasing auto insurance. Insurers need to confirm you are legally allowed to operate a vehicle. Some states offer driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants without an SSN.

How long can I drive without car insurance?

This varies by state but can range from a few days to a few months before penalties apply. Driving without insurance is illegal. Some states require an SR-22 if caught uninsured.

What documents do I need to buy car insurance without an SSN?

Be prepared to provide alternative proofs of ID like your ITIN, passport, visa, utility bills, vehicle title/registration, and pay stubs. Multiple documents help verify your identity.

Can someone else insure a car for me without an SSN?

Yes, a spouse, family member or legal guardian with a valid license and SSN can generally purchase insurance that covers you as a driver. Rates may be higher.

What penalties exist for driving without insurance?

Consequences for driving uninsured vary widely but can include hefty fines up to thousands of dollars, suspended driver’s license and vehicle registration, and mandatory SR-22 requirements.

The Bottom Line

Acquiring car insurance without submitting your SSN can be more difficult and expensive. But by providing alternate forms of identification, checking with specialty insurers, maintaining good driving habits, and diligently comparing quotes, coverage is attainable. With persistence, drivers can obtain the state-required protection against liability, even without having a social security number.



Can you get an insurance policy without a Social Security number?

If you do not have a Social Security number, your health insurance application will not be slowed down or denied. This is the law! Do you need an interpreter? You have the right to an interpreter when you apply for health insurance through Medi-Cal, CHIP, or an ACA Marketplace insurance plan.

Do car insurance ask for SSN?

Car insurance companies request potential customers’ social security numbers because it is the easiest way to access vital information about the insured. Insurers use a driver’s SSN to gather information such as their driving record, age, and marital status, each of which are important contributors to rates.

Does progressive need SSN?

Once you’ve found the right policy at the right price, you’ll typically need one or more of the following to buy your new policy: your driver’s license number, Social Security number, and vehicle identification number. On Screen Text: Quote to find the right policy at the right price!

Does Geico need my Social Security number?

Even if a company doesn’t ask for your SSN, auto insurance will be easier to get if you provide your Social Security number. It’s also the easiest way to prove your identity, and most top insurance companies like Geico, Progressive, and State Farm require it.

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