Farmers Insurance Roadside Assistance vs. AAA: Which Is Better?

When you’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or a dead battery, a good roadside assistance program can be a lifesaver. Two major providers of roadside assistance are Farmers Insurance and AAA. But how do they compare when it comes to coverage, cost, and service?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Farmers roadside assistance to AAA to help you determine which provider is the better choice for your needs.

Overview of Farmers and AAA Roadside Assistance

Here is a quick overview of Farmers and AAA roadside assistance programs:

Farmers Roadside Assistance

  • Cost: $12 – $36 per year
  • Services: Towing, lockout service, jump starts, fuel delivery, tire changes, winching
  • Towing limit: Up to $150 in charges
  • Available in 42 states

AAA Roadside Assistance

  • Cost: $29 – $171 per year depending on plan and region
  • Services: Towing, lockout service, jump starts, fuel delivery, tire changes, winching, battery charging
  • Towing limit: 3 – 200 miles depending on plan
  • Available nationwide

AAA offers different membership levels – Classic, Plus and Premier – with increasing levels of coverage. Farmers has one standard roadside assistance plan.

Cost Comparison

The cost for roadside assistance is one of the main differences between Farmers and AAA.

Farmers charges an annual fee of $12 – $36 for roadside assistance coverage. This averages around $1 – $3 per month.

AAA membership costs range from $29 – $171 per year depending on which plan you choose and which regional AAA club you join. This breaks down to:

  • AAA Classic: $38 – $61 per year
  • AAA Plus: $61 – $117 per year
  • AAA Premier: $102 – $171 per year

So AAA can be significantly more expensive than Farmers, especially for the Plus and Premier plans. However, you get increased coverage with AAA, so you need to decide if the extra cost is worth it.

AAA members also get access to other benefits like travel discounts and DMV services, so the higher price may be justified if you’ll use those perks.

Services Comparison

When comparing Farmers vs AAA roadside assistance, here are the main services covered:

Service Farmers AAA
Towing Up to $150 in charges 3-200 miles depending on plan
Tire Changes
Jump Starts
Fuel Delivery
Winching 1-2 hours labor
Lockout Service $50-$100 coverage
Battery Charging for EVs 15 minutes quick charge (Premier plan)

The towing limit is a key difference. AAA offers 3-200 miles of towing depending on which plan you choose, while Farmers covers up to $150 in towing charges.

AAA also covers more locksmith services and offers EV battery charging. But for basic roadside needs like jump starts and tire changes, the coverage is very similar.


Farmers and AAA have broad availability across the United States:

  • Farmers roadside assistance is available in 42 states. It is not available in AK, HI, KS, KY, LA, ME, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, SD.

  • AAA provides service in all 50 states and Washington D.C. So it has more nationwide coverage.

If you live in a state not served by Farmers, AAA would be the better option to ensure you have roadside assistance available when traveling.

Additional AAA Membership Benefits

A key advantage of AAA is that a membership provides more than just roadside assistance. Additional benefits include:

  • Travel booking discounts and vacation planning services
  • Discounts on theme park tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • DMV services like license renewals and vehicle registration
  • Discounts on shopping, prescriptions, and dining
  • Identity theft monitoring with Premier membership

So you gain access to a wide array of perks by joining AAA that Farmers does not offer. For some drivers, these extra benefits may help justify the higher AAA membership cost.

Claims Process

The claims process is similar for both Farmers and AAA:

  • To request service, simply call the 24/7 toll-free hotline or use the mobile app.
  • Provide your account information and vehicle/location details.
  • A tow truck or service vehicle will be promptly dispatched.
  • No cash is required at the time of service. You will pay your annual membership/enrollment fee upfront.
  • Reimbursement may be provided if you have to pay out of pocket for a covered service in emergency situations.

AAA offers the added convenience of requesting service online as well.

Overall, the process is straightforward with both providers. AAA may have a reputation for faster service times given their expansive network of providers.

Customer Satisfaction

AAA tends to score higher than Farmers when it comes to customer satisfaction:

  • AAA has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau based on over 1,300 reviews.
  • Farmers has an A+ rating but only around 300 BBB reviews.
  • On WalletHub’s 1-5 scale, AAA scores 3.4 stars overall while Farmers scores 3.0 stars.

However, reputable companies can still have some negative reviews. It’s important to take customer feedback with a grain of salt and make your own judgement.

The Bottom Line

Here are some key takeaways when comparing Farmers vs AAA:

Farmers pros:

  • Much lower annual cost
  • Covers basics like towing, tire changes, and jump starts

AAA pros:

  • More extensive coverage and higher towing limits
  • Additional membership perks and discounts
  • Available nationwide
  • Generally more favorable customer ratings

The winner: AAA comes out ahead for offering more robust coverage and additional benefits. But Farmers provides solid basic roadside assistance at a very affordable price point.

For occasional peace of mind, Farmers roadside assistance gets the job done. AAA is ideal for frequent drivers who want maximum coverage and travel perks.

When choosing between Farmers vs AAA, think about your budget, how often you drive, and what level of protection makes sense for your situation. This can help determine if paying more for AAA is worthwhile or if Farmers meets your needs.

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What is the downside of the AAA?

Drivers who don’t travel much might not have the chance to take advantage of everything AAA can offer, which means the money they’re paying for membership isn’t benefiting them fully. Additionally, certain insurance policies and warranties offer the same services as AAA.

Which is better AAA or Geico roadside assistance?

Geico roadside assistance is not as good as AAA because it offers a lot less coverage. Even for customers who already have a Geico car insurance policy, roadside assistance from Geico is a poor alternative to AAA’s plus and premier plans. Geico roadside assistance has one standard plan and costs around $14 per year.

Is AAA and Progressive the same?

If you have extremely bad credit, Progressive is a better option than AAA. Typically, Progressive’s policies are nearly $3,000 per year cheaper for drivers with credit scores of less than 580. Those with extraordinary credit — a score of 800 or better — are still likely to find cheaper rates with Progressive over AAA.

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