Finding the Right Auto Insurance in Dayton, TN with Direct Auto

Purchasing auto insurance is mandatory in Tennessee but finding the right policy at an affordable rate can be challenging. This is where working with a provider like Direct Auto Insurance can benefit drivers in Dayton, TN. Direct Auto is a leading auto insurance company in Tennessee that offers personalized coverage and competitive pricing. Below we will look at the benefits of insuring with Direct Auto in Dayton, what coverage options are available, discounts that can help lower your premium, and tips for getting the best rate.

Benefits of Choosing Direct Auto Insurance in Dayton

Here are some of the biggest advantages Direct Auto Insurance provides to drivers in Dayton:

  • Local agents – Direct Auto operates a local insurance agency in Dayton, providing convenient in-person support. Many large insurers lack this local presence.

  • Affordable rates – Direct Auto leverages its size and efficiency to offer discounted premiums drivers can better afford.

  • Flexible payment options – Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to match your budget. Automatic bank withdrawals are also available.

  • Policy bundling – You can bundle auto insurance with motorcycle, RV, classic car and other policies for added discounts.

  • Fast claims service – Online tools, a large local network of body shops, and dedicated adjusters enable quick claims resolution.

  • Rideshare coverage – Drivers needing coverage for delivering food or driving for Uber/Lyft can get tailored rideshare coverage.

Having a knowledgeable local agent you can turn to for support combined with Direct Auto’s discounted pricing makes them an attractive choice for Dayton area drivers needing insurance.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Available in Dayton

Direct Auto Insurance provides a range of standard and optional auto insurance coverages drivers in Dayton can choose from to create a custom policy.

Liability Insurance

This mandatory minimum coverage pays for damage you cause to others in an accident. Direct Auto offers:

  • Bodily injury liability – Covers medical bills for injured parties
  • Property damage liability – Covers damage you cause to another vehicle

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

These optional coverages pay for damage to your own car. Collision covers accident damage while comprehensive covers damage from theft, floods, animals, fire and other non-collision events.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Covers your injury bills and car repairs when the at-fault driver has insufficient or no insurance.

Medical Payments

Pays for medical treatment for you and your passengers related to an accident, regardless of who was at fault.


Covers the cost of towing and mechanical labor if your vehicle breaks down.

Bundling these coverages together at appropriate limits ensures drivers have complete protection on the road. Direct Auto agents in Dayton can guide you in choosing the right options.

Eligibility for Discounts on Your Direct Auto Policy

Direct Auto offers a number of auto insurance discounts Dayton drivers can take advantage of to lower their monthly premiums:

  • Multi-car discount – Insuring more than one car with Direct Auto saves you money

  • Multi-policy discount – Also having a Direct Auto renters/homeowners policy saves up to 20%

  • Safe driver discount – 3 years of accident-free driving can save you up to 15%

  • Defensive driver discount – Completing an approved safety course earns a discount

  • Good student discount – Maintaining a B average in high school or college saves up to 10%

  • Student away discount – Having a student on your policy who goes to school more than 100 miles away saves you money

  • Anti-theft device discount – Using a car alarm or other anti-theft device can reduce premiums

  • Usage based discount – Driving less than the average number of miles in a year saves you money

  • Preferred payment discount – Opting for automatic monthly payments from your bank account can save up to $144 per year

Ask your Direct Auto agent in Dayton to review any discounts you may be eligible for to maximize your savings on a policy.

How to Find the Best Direct Auto Insurance Rate in Dayton

Besides taking advantage of applicable discounts, here are some other tips for Dayton drivers to secure the lowest insurance rate with Direct Auto:

  • Increase your deductible – Choosing a higher collision and comprehensive deductible like $500 or $1000 reduces monthly premiums

  • Drop optional coverages – Assess if you really need add-ons like rental reimbursement and towing to trim costs

  • Take advantage of price breaks – Once you turn 25, and again at 40, premiums often decline

  • Buy older vehicle coverage – Minimum liability-only policies can be very affordable for older cars

  • Improve credit rating – Having good credit can significantly drop auto insurance costs

  • Ask about payment plans – Paying premiums in installments avoids large lump sums

  • Maintain continuous coverage – Lapses in insurance lead to much higher rates

  • Enroll in a defensive driving course – Completing an approved driver safety program earns a substantial discount

Bundling home or renters insurance, insuring multiple cars, being a long-time customer and having a good driving record will also typically result in the lowest premiums on a Direct Auto policy for Dayton motorists.

Direct Auto Insurance Reviews

Reviews of Direct Auto Insurance from policyholders highlight the affordability of premiums along with quality of service:

  • “My monthly payments are under $100 which I can afford as a single Mom.”

  • “Had to file a claim when a tree branch fell on my car during a storm. It was super easy and they had me back on the road fast.”

  • “Prices are fantastic. My agent Marie was so helpful in getting me set up.”

  • “Never had an issue getting policy or billing questions answered quickly when I call my local office.”

  • “I’ve been with Direct Auto for 7 years now. Rates just keep going down as I get older and stay accident-free.”

Positive feedback emphasizes the low rates and strong customer service Direct Auto delivers to auto insurance consumers.

Direct Auto Insurance Contact Information in Dayton

To get a free quote or discuss your auto insurance needs in person, stop by the Dayton Direct Auto Insurance location:

Direct Auto Insurance
188 16th Ave
Dayton, TN 37321
(423) 282-0589

This local branch is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can also contact an agent for assistance and information by phone or get a fast online quote at When you are ready to arrange affordable car insurance in Dayton, Direct Auto simplifies the process. Their combination of discounted pricing, flexible coverage and experienced local professionals makes them a leading choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What discounts does Direct Auto offer?

Direct Auto provides Dayton drivers discounts like multi-car, safe driver, good student, defensive driving, usage-based, multi-policy, preferred payment method and more. Ask your agent to review available discounts.

What credit score do I need for the lowest rates?

Drivers with credit scores of 760 or higher will qualify for Direct Auto’s best rates. However, they can still offer competitive pricing for poorer credit profiles.

How can I pay my premiums?

Payment options include monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments via automatic bank draft, which earns an additional discount. You can also pay in full or make manual payments each period.

How long does it take to get a quote?

You can get an instant quote on Direct Auto’s website in just a few minutes by entering basic information like age and vehicle. Or call your local agent for a personalized quote including applicable discounts.

How do I lower my car insurance premium?

Earning all available discounts, choosing a higher deductible, improving your credit score, taking a defensive driving course, and bundling policies are some of the best ways to save on Direct Auto premiums.

Does Direct Auto offer rideshare coverage?

Yes, they offer tailored rideshare coverage to drivers working for Uber, Lyft and delivery services. Additional coverages like contingent liability and passenger injury protection can apply while driving customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Direct Auto Insurance provides Dayton drivers affordable premiums and quality service from a local office and agents

  • They offer a range of standard coverages plus extras like rideshare insurance tailored to your needs

  • Multi-policy, safe driving, student, and auto-debit discounts can help lower your premium

  • A higher deductible, bundling insurance, and comparing quotes reduces costs

  • Direct Auto’s easy claims process, flexible payment options and experienced professionals make them a top choice for Dayton auto insurance

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Who normally has the cheapest car insurance?

State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company overall according to NerdWallet’s analysis, with an average rate of $39 a month for minimum coverage. It was also the cheapest in our analysis of cheap full coverage auto insurance.

Is Direct General owned by Allstate?

Yes, Allstate does own Direct Auto Insurance. Direct Auto is a subsidiary of National General, and Allstate owns National General, though the three brands operate independently, with Direct Auto specializing in non-standard insurance for high-risk drivers.

Who bought direct insurance?

Direct Auto is part of the Direct General Group, which is owned by National General Holdings Corp., a property and casualty insurance company headquartered in New York City. National General has owned Direct Auto since 2016. For more information, check out WalletHub’s full Direct Auto review.

What kind of insurance is direct?

Direct insurance is the modern approach to commercial insurance. This model means business owners work directly with the insurance provider, versus a traditional agent or a broker. The result? A streamlined experience with faster quotes, easier applications, a smoother claims process, and lower prices.

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