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Although Craigslist is still a viable option for online shopping, there are many other options available for anything you might want to buy or sell. And there are safer and simpler online alternatives to Craigslist when looking for a job, a date, or a new roommate.

There are mobile apps and online marketplaces devoted to entire categories of goods and services, whether you want to buy patio furniture, sell your car, buy a designer dress, find a new babysitter for your child, or any other number of things. We’ve compiled 10 Craigslist alternatives to help you buy, sell, and search for everything you need or want, from a new home to new help. Narrowing down your options may initially seem overwhelming.

Craigslist Drawbacks

Despite its many advantages, Craigslist has a few glaring flaws. One is that sometimes the site’s size works against users. Sellers in popular categories like real estate and automobiles gripe about being demoted to the second page within 15 minutes of their posts going live after being replaced by dozens of more recent ads from rivals. Craigslist has also long been a magnet for scam artists. Untrustworthy vendors frequently publish deceptive ads that seem like great deals with the intention of collecting and utilizing financial information from gullible and trusting buyers.

Although users continue to favor Craigslist’s simplicity (you can search by town, city, state, and country), some of the site’s features could use an update. The ability of users to sort within categories based on cost, distance, and other criteria is most notable among these. Additionally, the interface template design hasn’t undergone much change since it was first created. The business released a straightforward app in 2019, but it has a very similar layout to the website.

eBay Classifieds

The world’s largest buy/sell website launched the classifieds site known as Kijiji in Canada in 2005. The site launched in the U. S. in 2007 and was rebranded as eBay Classifieds in 2010. Nevertheless, users can also post Classified Ads, which are listings that can be found through eBay’s home page. Categories range from travel to funerals.

This alternative offers buyers several advantages over Craigslist. First off, it has a much more sophisticated and user-friendly sort function. With a few clicks, a customer can sort products within a category by price, proximity, or the date the post was made. Buyers can quickly scroll past ads with useless stock photos or, worse, no photos at all because thumbnail images of the product are included with ad listings.

Notably, eBay Classifieds offers sellers a few advantages that Craigslist doesn’t. Most Craigslist ads are removed from the site after seven days, but most of the time they are so far down in the search results that they are no longer relevant. On eBay Classifieds, ads stay live for 30 days. Although an advertisement’s overall visibility gradually declines during that time, thanks to the site’s sophisticated sorting and search features, it continues to appear in more focused queries long after it has been posted. eBay is user-friendly, and the platform offers beneficial seller and buyer data, such as ratings and positive feedback, to help you steer clear of potential scams.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has made it possible for many of its users to buy and sell goods more quickly, conveniently, and securely than Craigslist, despite not being a strictly classified site. Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Buy and Sell Groups are the two options available. A user can post a status update on Facebook that includes a picture of the item, a short description, and the price to sell it. The user can ask his friends to forward the article to people on their friend lists. Even if only a few do so, the exposure of the posts can increase quickly.

Due to the fact that they are dealing with friends or, at worst, friends of friends rather than strangers, many people feel more comfortable selling on Facebook than on Craigslist or other classified websites. News stories have highlighted instances of robberies and violence connected to failed Craigslist transactions. Selling something on a social media platform offers a level of security and assurance that is not available on the majority of online classified sites.


Poshmark is a one-stop online store where you can buy or sell used clothes and accessories for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to update your wardrobe. You can buy or sell goods for your home, pets, children, men, and women. Consider it as an online consignment store with a large selection of designer items from Chanel, Nike, Calvin Klein, and Coach.

Poshmark has over 80 million community members across the U. S. , Canada, and Australia, with over 200 million sale items. Uploading an onto the app and including the item’s sale price makes it simple to list your items for sale. You can have the box picked up for free or drop it off at a USPS mailbox thanks to the company’s provision of its sellers with a pre-addressed, free label to use when sending the item to the buyer. Poshmark charges a fee in the form of a flat commission ($2) as opposed to just listing an item on Craigslist. 95 for any purchase under $15) or 20% of your total sale price for a purchase over $15. A variety of fashion and home-related products are simple to buy or sell thanks to its end-to-end platform.

Craigslist is not a good place to look for a date or a friend. The company discontinued its personal ads in 2018.

This website has a lot to offer if you’re looking for an apartment online, including a tool that lets you search particular neighborhoods and searches that are available by keyword. There are literally millions of listings. The website has a wealth of online resources, including 3D interactive tours of apartments, market trends, information on local schools, and other helpful details for prospective renters. The site boasts of 1. You can drill down on what you need, from a pet-friendly walk-up apartment to a luxury condominium, thanks to the site’s 1 million apartments for rent available at any given time.

Whether you are a single property owner or the manager of several apartment buildings, the website can assist you in renting out your apartment online. Landlords and individuals looking for roommates can list their vacant apartment or room on the website, which still does well for rentals. However, Craigslist doesn’t always thoroughly screen its posters, and alternatives like provide the tools (and probably peace of mind) com may not be able to compete.

Nearly every type of job is listed on Indeed, from full-time positions to freelance opportunities. com, a comprehensive job-search website that serves as an alternative to Craigslist’s job postings. There is a corresponding app that allows you to job hunt from your smartphone or laptop as well. You can post your resume and request to be matched to potential employers. Indeed provides a variety of resources to assist with job searching, such as company reviews, an online career guide, and a search tool that allows you to look up salaries.

Even after Craigslist stopped running personal ads in 2018, the lack of oversight and screening made it a potentially dangerous way to find a date or potential life partner. As online dating became the norm, especially among millennials, the number of dating apps has increased over the past ten years, ranging from Bumble to Tinder (also owned by the Match Group). However, in 2022, Match. com was chosen by PC magazines as the top dating service for committed relationships. Since its founding in 1995, it has maintained its popularity, in part because of the favorable user reviews. If you are looking for a relationship rather than just a quick encounter, the monthly fee might be worthwhile.


On Zillow, you can buy, rent, or sell a house. You can also find helpful resources and advice for finding a home, a mortgage lender, or a real estate agent. Zillow’s browsing tool enables you to look through a variety of properties in the town, city, or state of your choice, sorted by price, lot size, number of rooms, and other criteria.

Some listings on Zillow offer a virtual 3D tour, and you can use it to find a real estate agent to show you the house. This alternative to Craigslist, which can occasionally provide insufficient information, provides the level of professionalism, tools, and professional guidance required for such a serious business transaction. Zillow is also a virtual paradise for home hunters thanks to the sheer number of houses, townhomes, and condominiums that are available there.

Etsy. com is a fantastic substitute for Craigslist if you want to shop for and purchase vintage and antique items without having to travel outside your home to a garage or yard sale that has been advertised.


Online used car purchases can be risky, but Carvana offers a 360-degree view of all available vehicles (all accident-free cars) and will deliver your vehicle to your house. You can finance one of Carvana’s vehicles, use the value of your current vehicle as a down payment, or pay in full with cash. The business also provides a 100-day warranty and a seven-day test-drive period. You can use a third-party lender, but the company’s website claims that 80% of customers choose to finance their purchases through Carvana. You can use Carvana’s inventory search tools to narrow down your options by using filters for make and model, features, price, fuel efficiency (yes, they do offer electric cars), and more.

On Carvana, you can also trade or sell your car by providing specifics about it. After potential sellers’ applications are evaluated, a firm offer will be made to them, and a company representative will visit you to inspect the vehicle before giving you a check or a trade-in vehicle.

Care is an alternative to Craigslist for locating a babysitter or daycare center. com. Founded in 2007, Care. com provides a platform for caregivers and families seeking help. Care. com connects people in need of tutors, housecleaners, pet sitters, seniors, special needs care, and child care with those who have completed background checks. Care provides access to employment opportunities, benefits, and resources for job seekers and coworkers in an online community. Families can use Care to find nearby caregivers by creating a free or paid basic or premium account. com.


Etsy, an online marketplace for crafts, hobbies, and art, gained popularity when it first opened its virtual doors in 2005. On Etsy, collectors of antiques and heirlooms also discovered deals. In the last 16 years, the location has grown into a huge market. On Etsy, you can buy and sell unique, handcrafted goods for your home, toys, clothing, vintage items (which must be at least 20 years old), and antiques, as well as unique artwork and supplies for your projects.

Scammers exist everywhere but primarily online. If at all possible, avoid meeting a seller anywhere you do not feel comfortable, such as their home, or letting them into your home when shopping on websites like Facebook Marketplace.

Sellers pay 20 cents per listing to list their products, and they are charged 6 The transaction fee for using Etsy is 5% of the purchase price and shipping costs. com platform. Customers can use the simple-to-use search functions and checkout tools on e-commerce websites like Etsy’s Editors Picks. Additionally, there are specialty sections like Black-owned Etsy shops, Gifts Under $50, and Etsy Weddings. Millions of business owners and consumers use the marketplace globally.

The Bottom Line

Although Craigslist is a competitor in the online market for buying and selling goods and services, there are many other options available today. Additionally, consignment shops and used book stores are still preferred venues for selling goods if you want to venture outside of e-commerce.

Even gig opportunities can be found online on websites like Fiverr and TaskRabbit without having to sift through Craigslist posts, so the job boards on Craigslist may not be able to compete with LinkedIn and Indeed for job seekers. Craigslist may have been the preferred source for renting or purchasing a home in the mid-1990s, but now that there is Trulia, Apartments com, Zillow, and similar websites, rather than Craigslist, make it much simpler (and some might even argue safer) to find a place to live.

In comparison to finding a new roommate, babysitter, or job, this vintage online shopping experience might be more helpful for finding local, used household goods (such as firewood or outdoor furniture).

Is There an Alternative to Craigslist Personals?

Since 2018, Craigslist has stopped running personal ads, but there are many other options in the crowded online dating market. Match. com, Bumble, and Tinder. com are three well-known dating sites where members can post personal profiles outlining their preferences, whether they are looking for a casual hookup or a potential spouse.

What Replaced Craigslist for Dating?

Although there are many online dating apps and websites available, as mentioned above, Craigslist hasn’t replaced its personal ads. Some require a fee to post your profile, while others are free.

Is Letgo Better Than Craigslist?

Letgo is a mobile app purchased by OfferUp in 2020. It was absorbed by OfferUp and is no longer available as a standalone website or app. According to this website, it is the “largest mobile market in the U S, with millions of customers and over 90 million app downloads “Unlike Craigslist, the online market OfferUp is a mobile app. org enables sellers to create their own profiles for using selling and buying. OfferUp is a robust online marketplace with a more user-friendly and up-to-date user interface and experience than its rival, Craigslist.

Do People Still Use Craigslist?

Absolutely. On Craigslist, you can look for used cars, furniture, apartments, and even jobs in your neighborhood. However, because there are so many Craigslist substitutes, it is no longer the one-stop shopping giant it was when it first launched in 1995.

Why Does Craigslist Charge $5?

Posting on Craigslist is free in some categories. For instance, posting a Craigslist ad to sell your grandmother’s china is free. It will cost you $5 to post an ad if you want to rent your apartment in Boston. Additionally, the price for posting a job could range from $10 to $75. Craigslist typically only charges for ads placed by auto dealers, commercial real estate agents, and people advertising temporary jobs and gigs. Article Sources Investopedia mandates that authors cite original sources to back up their arguments. White papers, official data, original reporting, and interviews with industry professionals are some of these. When necessary, we also cite original research from other respected publishers. On our website, you can read more about the guidelines we adhere to when creating truthful, unbiased content.

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