Jumbo Loan Limit San Diego

(Please note that while we can make loans throughout California, these numbers below have been updated for 2023 and are specifically for San Diego. We try our best to ensure that everything is accurate when you read it. ).

The brand-new conforming mortgage loan limits in San Diego County were just announced on November 30, 2022. There is always an announcement around Thanksgiving, and if the limits are raised, they apply to all loans as of January 1 of the following year, though the majority of the lenders I deal with make the changes effective right away. Additionally, we receive higher limits because San Diego is a more expensive area.

In this post I go over:

Here they are for all San Diego County single-family homes, PUDs, townhomes, condos, and FHA and Conforming Loans (USDA and VA Loans do not have a maximum):

  • $726,200 is the nationwide max conforming loan limit
  • $977,500 is San Diego max super conforming loan limit
  • The following are the prices for properties with 2, 3, or 4 units:

  • Duplex is $1,251,400 loan limit
  • Triplex is $1,512,650 loan limit
  • Fourplex is $1,879,850 loan limit
  • Please remember that this is a loan amount rather than a purchase price.

    These are the *minimum* loan amounts below if you’re looking to get a jumbo loan:

  • Home is $977,501 loan amount or more
  • Duplex is $1,251,401 loan amount or more
  • Triplex is $1,512,651 loan amount or more
  • Fourplex is $1,879,851 loan amount or more
  • The required minimum down payments for each loan type are listed below as a friendly reminder (click on each loan for more information):

  • DPA loan is 0% down (This loan is great if you have a good credit score, make a great income, yet dont have $$$ for the down payment)
  • USDA loan is 0% down (if you want to buy in the countryside of San Diego such as: Fallbrook, Pauma Valley, Ramona, Julian, and many other areas).
  • VA loan is 0% down (if you were or are in the military)
  • Conventional loan is 3% down up to a $726,200 loan amount and 5% down up to a $977,500 loan amount).
  • FHA loan is 3.5% down up to a $977,500 loan amount (my most popular down payment assistance loan today, is by combining a DPA loan + FHA loan = no $$$ out of pocket for the down payment).
  • Jumbo loan is 10.01% down above a $977,501 loan amount
  • Please remember that these are the minimal down payments required for the loan type, not necessarily for your particular situation. Pre-approval is always available online, and it’s quick, free, and secure.

    Please feel free to call, text, or use the form below to get in touch with me if I can be of any assistance to you with your home purchase, home sale, or home loan.

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    Jumbo Loan Limit San Diego

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    Jumbo Loan Limit San Diego

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    Jumbo Loan Limit San Diego

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    What is considered a jumbo loan in San Diego County?

    Jumbo loans are those over $879,750 that are available in San Diego County. Jumbo loan rates are typically the most competitive at large banks and credit unions.

    What is the jumbo loan limit for 2022 San Diego?

    A jumbo loan in San Diego County is one with a balance higher than $879,750.

    What is the conforming loan limit for San Diego County 2022?

    Mortgage Loan Limits in San Diego County for 2022 As of January 1st, 2022, San Diego County has the following loan limits: Conforming loans: up to $647,200 Super Conforming loans: $647,201 to $879,750.

    What is the jumbo limit in California?

    The 2022 conforming loan limit is $970,800 for the majority of counties in the San Francisco Bay Area and along the California coast. Any loan that exceeds $970,800 is considered a jumbo loan. Lower jumbo loan limits apply to certain counties, including Solano County and San Joaquin County.