144 Month Auto Loan Lenders

The Woodside payment calculator is made to reflect our loan products over terms of up to 180 months. Use the quick quote form, which takes the down payment and year of the vehicle into account, to include a down payment in your calculations.

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Can you finance a car for 144 months?

Typically, a 20% down payment is needed, and if desired, monthly payments can be extended to 144 months (yes, that’s 12 years!) to significantly reduce your payment. Older than 25 years old and the majority of exotic cars with an original sticker price of over $100,000 are considered to be eligible vehicles.

Can you finance a car for 180 months?

Repayment periods for auto loans can range from 12 months to 180 months or 15 years. In comparison to shorter terms, longer terms may have higher interest rates and lower monthly payments.

What is the longest term car loan you can get?

A 96-month car loan is typically one of the longest terms available, but not all lenders will, and specialty lenders may have other, longer terms available. An eight-year car loan can offer you low monthly payments, but you may want to compare lenders if you’re looking for this.

What is the monthly payment on a $30000 auto loan?

Your monthly payment will be about $700 with a loan amount of $30,000, an interest rate of 8%, and a 60-month repayment period. Budget for car repairs, gas, and auto insurance before you buy your new vehicle.