Finding the Best Cheap Car Insurance in Akron, Ohio

Akron drivers face average annual car insurance premiums of $1,538, which is on par with Ohio overall. However, costs can vary dramatically based on your driving record, age, vehicle, and other factors. The good news is there are many ways to find cheap car insurance in Akron to protect your budget.

This guide will explain how to get the lowest car insurance rates in Akron. It covers:

  • Average insurance costs in Akron
  • Minimum requirements in Ohio
  • Major car insurance providers in Akron
  • Discounts to lower your premium
  • Tips for finding the cheapest policies
  • Factors that influence rates
  • How to choose the best cheap car insurance

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Akron, Ohio

Drivers in Akron pay average annual premiums of:

  • $1,538 for minimum liability coverage
  • $2,613 for full coverage (liability + comprehensive + collision)

Rates can vary significantly based on:

  • Your age and driving experience
  • Type of vehicle you drive
  • Your credit score and financial history
  • Your driving record and number of claims
  • The insurance company you choose

For example, a driver with a recent accident can expect to pay 25% or more than average rates. Teen drivers often pay double or triple the average premium. Factors like a good credit score and clean record can reduce your costs substantially below average.

Ohio Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

To legally drive in Ohio, you must carry at least the following minimum liability coverage:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability

This is abbreviated as 25/50/25 and will pay for injuries or damage you cause to others in an accident. Ohio is an at-fault state, meaning the driver who caused the collision must pay for resulting expenses.

You must be able to show proof of insurance when stopped by police or when renewing your vehicle registration. The penalties for driving without insurance in Ohio include fines, suspended registration and license, and reinstatement fees.

While minimum liability insurance meets the legal requirements, experts strongly recommend carrying more protection. Comprehensive and collision coverage will pay for damage to your own vehicle after incidents like deer collisions, theft, or vandalism.

Major Car Insurance Providers in Akron, Ohio

Most large national insurers provide policies in Akron. Some top options include:

  • State Farm: Largest auto insurer in Ohio with 18% market share. Local agents and many discounts available.

  • Progressive: Second largest auto insurer in the state. Competitive rates and ability to purchase policies online.

  • Allstate: Among the top 5 largest car insurers in Ohio. Known for bundling discounts and new car replacement coverage.

  • Geico: Fourth largest auto insurer in Ohio. Fast online quotes and very affordable premiums for most drivers.

  • Liberty Mutual: Fifth largest insurer in the state. Strong coverage options including new car replacement and accident forgiveness.

In addition, regional and local companies like Grange and Erie Insurance offer competitive rates in Akron. Getting quotes from a mix of insurers ensures you find the best deal.

Discounts to Lower Car Insurance Costs in Akron

The best way to find cheap car insurance in Akron is to ask insurers about all the discounts you may qualify for. Common discounts include:

  • Good driver discount (for a clean record)
  • Multi-policy discount (for bundling home and auto insurance)
  • Multi-car discount (for insuring more than one vehicle)
  • Student discount (for young drivers with good grades)
  • Defensive driver discount (for completing an approved course)
  • Low mileage discount (for driving fewer than a set number of miles per year)
  • Anti-theft device discount (for having a car alarm or other theft deterrents)
  • Safety feature discount (for airbags, automatic braking, other tech)

Make sure to bring up any groups or affiliations you belong to, as many offer special pricing. For example, Ohio Farm Bureau members, AARP members, AAA members, government employees, and alumni associations often have access to cheap car insurance rates.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance in Akron

Follow these steps to make sure you get the lowest possible car insurance rates in Akron:

  • Compare quotes from at least 5-6 different insurance companies. Rates can vary widely.

  • Ask about all available discounts and provide proof to obtain savings.

  • Consider raising deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverage to reduce premiums.

  • Maintain good credit since Ohio insurers use credit-based insurance scores to set rates.

  • Take a defensive driving course for a discount and improved driving skills.

  • Enquire about pay-per-mile insurance if you drive very little.

  • Drop optional coverages like rental car reimbursement or roadside assistance if money is tight.

  • Use a telematics program like Progressive’s Snapshot® or Allstate’s Drivewise® to potentially get a discount based on actual driving data.

  • Enhance vehicle safety features like adding airbags to qualify for insurance discounts.

  • Ask about discounts every renewal, as new ones may apply as your situation changes.

Finding cheap car insurance in Akron comes down to shopping around, maximizing discounts, limiting risk factors, and customizing your policy.

Factors That Influence Car Insurance Costs in Akron

Car insurance rates in Akron are calculated based on a number of factors about you and your vehicle. Key ones that impact premiums include:

  • Driving Record – Tickets, at-fault accidents, and DUIs will significantly increase your rates. A clean record saves you the most.

  • Age – Teen and elderly drivers pay the highest premiums. Middle-aged drivers pay the least.

  • Gender – Statistics show young male drivers pay more on average than females.

  • Marital status – Married drivers tend to get better rates than single drivers.

  • Credit history – Ohio allows use of credit-based insurance scores. Better scores mean lower premiums.

  • Vehicle type – Insuring a sports car or luxury vehicle costs more than an average sedan.

  • Annual mileage – The more you drive, the more risk insurers take on. Low mileage can lower premiums.

  • Location – Urban drivers may pay more than those in rural areas.

  • Deductible level – Choosing a higher deductible reduces the premium costs.

The best way to find affordable rates is to improve factors you can control, like driving safely, limiting teen drivers, and keeping credit in good shape. Comparing quotes will uncover which insurer weights factors closest to your particular situation.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Car Insurance in Akron

As you compare quotes for cheap car insurance in Akron, look at these key considerations to find the right policy:

  • Price – Make sure to compare quotes from a variety of different insurance companies.

  • Coverage – Review what perils and losses are covered and any major exclusions.

  • Limits and deductibles – Choose adequate liability limits and adjust deductibles to meet your budget.

  • Reputation for claims handling – Insurer should have a track record of fair, prompt claims payments.

  • Discounts – Maximize all the discounts you are eligible for to reduce premiums.

  • Financial strength – Select an insurer that is financially sound with at least an “A” rating from A.M. Best.

  • Customer service – Consider reviews and complaints when choosing an insurer.

The cheapest car insurance option is not always the best if coverage gaps leave you insufficiently protected after an accident. But finding the right balance through comparison shopping can keep premiums affordable while still providing comprehensive protection on Akron roads.

Cheap Car insurance Akron OH


Who has the cheapest car insurance in Ohio?

Annual Premium
Monthly Premium
American Family
State Farm
Auto-Owners Insurance Co

Who gives the lowest car insurance rates?

State Farm is the cheapest large auto insurance company in the nation for good drivers, according to NerdWallet’s 2024 analysis of minimum coverage rates. State Farm’s average annual rate was $471 or about $39 per month.

How much is insurance in Akron Ohio?

On average car insurance in Akron costs $724 per year. That is lower than both the Ohio and national average annual premiums. Akron drivers pay 9.8% less than the typical annual cost of auto insurance in Ohio, which is $803, and 49.2% less than the $1,424 average yearly premium in the United States.

How much is car insurance in Ohio per month?

The average cost of car insurance in Ohio is $1,599 per year or $133 per month for a full-coverage policy, while minimum coverage costs $536 per year or $45 per month. The best way to get cheap insurance in Ohio is to shop around and compare car insurance quotes.

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