Auto-Owners Insurance Roadside Assistance: Coverage, Cost and More

When your vehicle breaks down on the road, fast and reliable roadside assistance can be a lifesaver. Auto-Owners Insurance offers affordable towing and emergency services through optional add-on plans.

This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about Auto-Owners roadside assistance.

Overview of Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance

Auto-Owners is a top home and auto insurer known for quality service through local independent agents. While roadside help is not included automatically, customers can add it to policies.

Key features:

  • Available nationally
  • 24/7 phone access
  • Towing to the nearest facility
  • Tire changes, fuel delivery, lockout service, jump starts
  • Winching and extraction if stuck

Keep reading to learn about coverage details, costs, how to request aid, and more.

Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance Coverages

Auto-Owners roadside assistance provides the following emergency services when your vehicle breaks down:

  • Towing: Towing transports your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair shop. Distance limits vary.
  • Tire change: Assistance changing a flat tire with your usable spare. No repairs.
  • Fuel delivery: Delivery of a small amount of gasoline or other fuel to get you to the nearest station. You pay for the fuel.
  • Jump start: Jump starting a dead battery to get your vehicle running again.
  • Lockout service: Assistance gaining entry if you lock your keys inside the vehicle.
  • Winching/extraction: Winching your stuck vehicle back onto the roadway. Applies to passenger vehicles only.

While helpful in a pinch, coverage has limitations compared to motor club memberships. Be sure to understand exclusions before purchasing.

Cost of Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance

Auto-Owners does not disclose roadside assistance pricing publicly. Based on estimates, expect to pay approximately $60 per year or $5 monthly. Rates vary by state.

Cost seems on par or slightly below average compared to most insurer-provided plans. However, motor club memberships like AAA often have higher mileage limits and additional perks for a similar yearly cost.

Bundling with your Auto-Owners auto policy may provide some discount. But standalone plans are available if you want roadside help for a non-insured vehicle.

How to Get Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance

Follow these steps if you break down and need to request assistance:

  1. Call the Auto-Owners roadside help hotline at 1-888-869-2642. Service is available 24/7.

  2. Provide the representative your name, policy number, vehicle make/model, and exact disabled location.

  3. The agent will validate your coverage, locate an appropriate service provider, and dispatch help to your area.

  4. Stay with your vehicle in a safe spot until the roadside technician arrives.

  5. Present your insurance card and provide a credit card to pay any out-of-pocket fees not covered.

You can also request assistance through the Auto-Owners Insurance mobile app or website for faster service.

Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance Reviews

Auto-Owners customers give positive feedback for roadside assistance overall, highlighting:

  • Fast response times – often within 30-60 minutes
  • Friendly and professional tow truck drivers
  • Seamless claims process with direct payment to vendors
  • Reasonable tow distance limits (ex: 15 miles, 30 miles, etc. depending on plan)

Top complaints mention:

  • Limited coverage compared to competitors
  • Towing restricted to nearest accredited repair shop, even if further from home
  • Out-of-pocket fees not reimbursed for services like lockout assistance

Make sure to read plan details closely so you understand what is and isn’t included if opting for Auto-Owners.

Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance vs AAA

How does Auto-Owners compare to leading motor clubs like AAA?


  • Lower annual cost (around $60/year)
  • Towing limited to nearest repair facility
  • Fewer included miles (ex: 15-30 miles)


  • More expensive (roughly $100-120/year)
  • Towing to any destination
  • More mileage (ex: 5-100 miles)

AAA also offers perks like trip planning, travel discounts, DMV services, and extended warranty coverage that Auto-Owners lacks. But Auto-Owners provides the essentials for much less money.

Is Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance Worth It?

Auto-Owners roadside assistance merits consideration if:

  • You want emergency towing and services but on a budget
  • You have an Auto-Owners auto policy and want convenient one-stop coverage
  • You don’t foresee needing the extra benefits and mileage of AAA
  • You own an older, unreliable vehicle prone to breakdowns

However, AAA or another motor club may provide better value if:

  • You want higher mileage limits and expanded coverage
  • You need regular assistance for an aging car
  • You take frequent long trips and want nationwide access

Take your driving habits and needs into account. Auto-Owners can be a cost-effective option for basic protection, but won’t match the scope of a dedicated motor club.

Alternatives to Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance

Beyond Auto-Owners and AAA, consumers have other choices for roadside assistance:

  • Your existing car insurer: Many companies like Geico, Allstate, State Farm, etc. offer add-on coverage.

  • Your vehicle manufacturer: Brands like Toyota, GM, and Honda provide free assistance for new cars.

  • Your credit card: Premium travel cards often include complementary roadside help.

  • Independent providers: Nationwide motor clubs like Better World Club offer robust assistance.

  • Local towing companies: Search for reputable local providers instead of big national brands.

Compare costs, features, mileage limits and reviews to identify the best emergency breakdown service for your situation.

How to Get the Most from Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance

Follow these tips to maximize value from Auto-Owners roadside coverage:

  • Review exclusions so you aren’t surprised by out-of-pocket fees. Lockout service often requires payment, for example.

  • Ask about claim limits – policies usually cover 3-5 service calls annually. Save requests for true emergencies.

  • Confirm tow mileage caps before signing up. Know the distance to local repair shops.

  • Request reimbursement for covered costs paid upfront like towing and fuel delivery. Save receipts.

  • Perform preventative maintenance and check batteries/tires regularly to avoid needing assistance.

  • Download the Auto-Owners app to easily request help 24/7 when stranded.

  • Provide exact vehicle location – GPS coordinates are best – for faster technician dispatch.

Is Auto-Owners Roadside Assistance Worth It?

Auto-Owners roadside assistance provides peace of mind for a reasonable yearly cost. It lacks some perks of premium motor clubs but offers reliable emergency service when you break down.

Drivers prone to wrecks or with older vehicles are most likely to benefit. But all Auto-Owners auto insurance customers should consider adding this useful and affordable coverage.

Know exclusions before signing up, and focus requests only on true emergencies. Overall, Auto-Owners roadside assistance provides quality aid at a reasonable price.

The Bottom Line

Auto-Owners roadside assistance offers 24/7 towing and emergency help for around $60 annually. It covers the essentials like jump starts, tire changes, and fuel delivery.

While not as robust as AAA, Auto-Owners provides affordable protection against breakdowns. Available nationwide, it’s a cost-effective add-on for Auto-Owners auto policyholders.

Understand mileage limits and reimbursement rules before purchasing. Roadside assistance helps peace of mind on the road – just make sure you know what is and isn’t included.

Auto-Owners Road Assistance Review: Pros and Cons


Is Auto-Owners the same as AAA?

No, Auto-Owners Insurance is not the same as AAA. Auto-Owners is a separate company that sells auto, home and life insurance.

Who is the parent company of auto-owners insurance?

Auto-Owners Insurance Group
Auto-Owners is owned by Auto-Owners policyholders, since it is a mutual insurance company and its shares are not available to investors on the public market. Among the 10 largest car insurance companies in the U.S., four are mutual insurance companies.

Are Auto-Owners expensive?

Auto-Owners car insurance cost On average, car insurance from Auto-Owners costs an average of $1,361 per year for full coverage and $325 per year for minimum coverage, according to Bankrate’s study of quoted annual premiums.

What is auto-owners insurance score?

This score is used to help determine the likelihood that you will make an insurance claim in the future for both home and auto coverage in states where it is allowed. Statistically speaking, those with higher credit scores are less likely to file a claim with their insurance company.

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