The Allstate Insurance App for Android: Features, Benefits and User Guide

The Allstate insurance app for Android provides a convenient way for customers to manage their auto, home, and other insurance policies right from their Android device. With useful features like quick claim filing, ID cards access, and deductible rewards, the Allstate app brings key account options to your fingertips.

This article will provide an overview of the Allstate insurance app’s features and benefits, along with a user guide on installing and navigating the app on your Android device. Whether you’re an existing Allstate customer looking to digitize your policy or considering Allstate for a new policy, read on to see how the Android app can simplify your insurance experience.

Key Features and Benefits of the Allstate App

The Allstate insurance app allows Android users to take advantage of the following key features:

  • File claims quickly for auto, property, or injury incidents
  • Access electronic insurance ID cards to keep in your wallet or show in an accident
  • Pay your bill, set up autopay, and manage payment methods
  • View policy details including coverage, vehicles, drivers, property details and more
  • Get policy alerts and notifications about key dates, payments due, documents ready and more
  • Find agents, get directions, and contact your agent with questions
  • Participate in the Allstate Rewards program to earn points towards deductible rewards
  • Get roadside assistance, locksmith services, and towing by contacting Allstate Motor Club
  • Download proof of insurance documents needed for vehicle registration

Having these features at your fingertips allows Android users to easily manage their insurance, stay up-to-date on their policy, and quickly get help when accidents or incidents occur. The Allstate app brings convenience and organization to your insurance experience.

How to Download and Install the Allstate App on Android

Downloading and installing the official Allstate insurance app on your Android device only takes a few quick steps:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Tap the search bar at the top and search for “Allstate Mobile”.

  3. Tap the “Install” button on the Allstate Mobile app listing.

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

  5. Once installed, tap “Open” to launch the Allstate app.

  6. If you’re an existing Allstate customer, log in using your Allstate username and password. New users will need to register for an account.

  7. Allow the app to access photos, media, files, location and notifications when prompted. This allows full app functionality.

  8. The app may take a few minutes to sync your account details and preferences.

  9. Once synced, you’re ready to start using the Allstate app on your Android device!

The app download and installation only takes a few minutes. Keep reading for an overview of how to navigate and use the key features of the app.

User Guide to Navigating the Allstate Mobile App

The Allstate app makes it simple to manage your insurance policies, file claims, access ID cards, and more all from your Android device. Here is a user guide to navigating the key sections and features:

Summary Tab

The Summary tab shows your standard Allstate account dashboard with options like:

  • Quick actions: Buttons to quickly file claims, pay bills, view ID cards, contact your agent.

  • Account overview: See all your active policies in one view.

  • Notifications: Review recent notifications and alerts from Allstate.

  • Documents: Access insurance documents and forms such as auto ID cards, proof of insurance, statements and more.

Claims Tab

The Claims section allows you to report and manage claims:

  • Start a claim: Quickly file a new claim for auto, property, injury, or other covered incidents.

  • Claims overview: Check the status of current claims and view claim history.

  • Claim details: Get full details on a specific claim including photos, notes, payments made, and more.

  • Find network providers: Search for Allstate-approved auto repair shops, medical providers, damage inspectors and other claim vendors.

Billing & Payments Tab

The Billing section allows you to manage payments:

  • Payment methods: Store credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts to use for quick payments.

  • Pay bill: Make a one-time or recurring payment on an outstanding bill.

  • Payment history: Review past payments and payment receipts.

  • AutoPay status: View upcoming scheduled automatic payments.

Policies Tab

The Policies section stores your insurance policy details:

  • Policy summary: High-level overview of all your active policies.

  • Policy details: Dive into full details on your auto, home, condo, renters, or other policies. View covered drivers, vehicles, property details and more.

  • ID cards: Download digital ID cards to store in your phone or wallet.

  • Documents: Access insurance documents, forms, declarations, and more.

  • View discounts: See any discounts that apply to your policies to save you money.

Contact Tab

Easily get support through the Contact section:

  • Call agent: Call your local Allstate agent with any questions.

  • Find agent: Search for Allstate agents near you.

  • Roadside assistance: Get emergency roadside help including towing services.

  • Message center: Directly contact Allstate support.

  • Give feedback: Leave feedback about the Allstate app.

More Tab

Access additional Allstate programs and services:

  • Allstate Rewards: Earn Reward Dollars towards deductible discounts.

  • Allstate Identity Protection: Learn about Allstate’s identity theft protection services.

  • Allstate Industries: Get quotes from Allstate subsidiary companies on home improvement and maintenance services.

  • Allstate Motor Club: Get emergency roadside assistance, travel planning, and other motor club benefits.

Convenience On-the-Go with the Allstate Mobile App

The Allstate insurance app for Android devices provides customers with an easy way to manage policies, file claims quickly, access ID cards, make payments, earn rewards, and get 24/7 customer support. Key features like claims filing, ID card access, and deductible rewards help distinguish the Allstate app as a top choice for Android users.

Downloading and installing the app is quick and easy from the Google Play Store. And the app’s intuitive navigation makes it simple to find what you need whether you’re an existing Allstate customer or are considering a new policy. With everything available right on your Android phone or tablet, it provides true convenience on-the-go.

So download the Allstate insurance app today and enjoy simpler, streamlined insurance management!

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Does Allstate have a app?

What operating system is the mobile app compatible with? Apple iOS 14.0 or higher and Android 9.0 or higher.

What is the Allstate Drivewise app?

The Allstate Drivewise app is a telematics program that tracks data about your driving to determine if you drive safely, in which case you might earn a discount on your car insurance policy. The app runs in the background of your phone and is able to track behaviors like your speed and braking.

How do I get to Drivewise on Allstate app?

Open the Allstate® mobile app, select Profile, then Settings. Select Drivewise to visit your Drivewise settings screen.

Is Drivewise a good idea?

Allstate’s Drivewise offers some of the biggest potential savings of the major car insurers’ UBI programs. If you’re a safe driver, and don’t mind sharing data with your insurance company, the program is definitely worth it to help you save money.

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