Alliant National Title Insurance Company – The Independent Underwriter for Independent Agents

Purchasing real estate involves various uncertainties that can surface during the closing process. Title insurance provides protection against defects in the title that could impede your legal claim of ownership to the property. As the nature of title risks evolves, it’s essential to partner with a title insurance underwriter that has the expertise and commitment to protect your interests. Alliant National Title Insurance Company stands out as an independent underwriter that empowers agents to deliver superior title insurance services and protection.

Overview of Alliant National Title Insurance Company

Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Alliant National operates as a full-service title insurance underwriting company. They provide residential and commercial title policies through a network of independent title agents across 32 states and Washington D.C.

Alliant National sets itself apart from competitors by structuring its operations around supporting independent agents. They combine passionate service, robust education and training, personalized underwriting, and innovative technologies to help independent agents grow and thrive.

The company was founded in 2005 by former agents looking to create a title insurer focused on agents’ needs. Since then, Alliant National has expanded significantly while retaining its dedication to independent agents’ success. They now serve thousands of agents nationwide.

Alliant National holds an “A Exceptional” financial strength rating from Demotech. They have reinsurance support from prominent names like Munich RE, SCOR, and Partner RE.

Alliant National’s Products and Services

Alliant National offers a comprehensive portfolio of residential and commercial title insurance products:

  • Owner’s Policy – Provides protection for buyers against title defects
  • Loan Policy – Safeguards lenders against issues with the property title
  • Extended Coverage – Expands owner’s title protection past public records
  • Reissue Credit – Lowers premiums for repeat customers
  • Eagle Policy – Enhanced coverage owner’s policy
  • Homeowner’s Policy – Combines owner’s and home insurance
  • Foreclosure Guarantee – Covers title issues in purchasing foreclosed properties
  • Construction Disbursement – For new construction projects
  • Mechanics Lien – Protects against liens from contractors and suppliers
  • Leasehold – Insures leased properties like apartments

They provide both ALTA and state-specific policies. Agents have access to competitive rates through Alliant National’s relationships with prominent national reinsurers.

Beyond insurance policies, Alliant National equips agents with tools and services for education, marketing, compliance, technology, and more. Their commitment to the independent agent model is a key differentiator.

Why Choose Alliant National? Benefits for Agents

Alliant National structures their services and culture around helping independent title professionals thrive. They deliver exceptional value to agents in areas like:

Responsive Underwriting Services

  • Knowledgeable underwriters provide quick guidance to mitigate title risks
  • Available to assist agents prior to closing in resolving title issues
  • Rapid turnaround times on title requests and commitments

Robust Compliance Support

  • SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 audited annually, exceeding industry standards
  • Ongoing agent reviews to ensure procedures meet guidelines
  • Assists agents in meeting closing privacy and data security requirements

Claims Services

  • 24/7 emergency claims assistance available to agents
  • Experts help agents navigate and resolve even complex claims
  • Proactive claims avoidance guidance to identify potential title risks

Education and Training

  • Ongoing education through multiple platforms like webinars and events
  • Self-paced online courses for professional development
  • Marketing and technology training to help agents’ businesses stay competitive

Business Growth Opportunities

  • Access to ** millions in annual national marketing campaigns** that drive business to agents
  • Customized co-branded marketing materials available for agents at no cost
  • Attractive commission structure makes Alliant National a lucrative partner

Alliant National’s Commitment to Independent Agents

Alliant National structures all aspects of their business around supporting independent title agents. They believe competing with agents creates inherent conflicts of interest that undermine trust and service.

Some key ways Alliant National lives up to their commitment to agents include:

  • Never competing with agents by maintaining no in-house title operations
  • Local underwriters empowered to make real-time decisions based on agents’ needs
  • Flexible remittance options like weekly and bi-weekly payments
  • Dedicated support for new agents getting started
  • Member of the Independent Title Agent Coalition (ITAC), advocating for agent independence

This underlying corporate philosophy makes Alliant National a highly attractive partner for independent title professionals across the country.

Why Alliant National Stands Out From Competition

While there are various title insurance underwriter options in the market, Alliant National sets themselves apart in ways that benefit agents, including:

  • Top-tier financial strength and profitability
  • Maintaining agent independence as a core value
  • Exceptional service standards like 24/7 claims assistance
  • Multifaceted agent education programs
  • Local underwriting model facilitating real-time support
  • Agency growth services like free co-branded marketing materials
  • Flexible accounting with payment remittance options

These advantages empower Alliant National agents to provide a higher caliber of service and protection to their customers.

Alliant National’s Financial Strength and Stability

Given the long-term nature of title insurance policies, it’s vital to partner with underwriters with exceptional financial standing. Alliant National maintains financial metrics exceeding industry benchmarks.

  • “A Exceptional” rating from Demotech since 2009
  • 300% statutory premium reserves
  • $50 million in policyholder surplus and reserves
  • Reinsurance from companies like SCOR, Munich RE, and Partner RE

These indicators of financial health give agents and policyholders peace of mind and confidence in Alliant National’s strength. Even during periods of industry turmoil like the 2008 financial crisis, Alliant National maintained its strong financial footing.

Joining the Alliant National Network of Agents

Independent title agents interested in leveraging Alliant National’s strengths should inquire about onboarding requirements. Approved agencies can gain access to Alliant National’s full slate of products, services, and resources for supporting their business.

The onboarding process examines factors like the agent’s experience, closing volume, financial position, and more. Alliant National stridently vets prospective agencies to ensure the highest professional standards across their network.

Agents affiliated with Alliant National tout the significant advantages their partnership provides in areas like expanding services, retaining talent, marketing, compliance, and education. Joining the Alliant National network can prove transformational in profitably growing an independent agency.


Alliant National Title Insurance Company upholds a sterling reputation as a stalwart champion of independent title agents across the country. Their commitment to agents’ interests and success fosters mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. With expertise across all facets of residential and commercial title insurance, Alliant National has earned its status as a premier choice for discerning independent title professionals.

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Who is the CEO of Alliant National Title Insurance?

David Sinclair is president & CEO of Alliant National Title Insurance Company.

Who is KC West Alliant National Title?

KC West is Senior Vice President and Southwest Regional Manager at Alliant National Title Insurance Company. He is responsible for developing, marketing and managing Alliant National’s Southwest Region, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

What is WFG national title?

WFG National Title Insurance Company operates as an insurance firm. The Company offers property and casualty insurance products, as well as provides underwriting of insurance such as guaranty of titles, real estate, and title insurance. WFG National Title Insurance Company serves clients in the United States.

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