Is Brightway a Good Insurance Company? What to Know

When searching for car, home, life or business insurance, you’ll come across Brightway Insurance as an option. But is Brightway a good choice for your coverage needs?

By looking at key factors like financial strength, customer satisfaction, services offered and BBB reviews, we can better evaluate Brightway as an insurance provider.

Overview of Brightway Insurance

Brightway Insurance is a national insurance distribution company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Brightway sells policies from over 200 insurance companies through a franchise model. Some key facts:

  • Founded in 2008
  • Operates in 30 states through 300+ franchise locations
  • Sells auto, home, business, life insurance and more
  • Partners with national and regional insurance carriers
  • Revenue of over $730 million in 2021

Brightway acts as an intermediary between customers and insurance companies. This gives customers access to multiple carriers through one source.

Brightway’s Financial Strength

Insurance companies need to be financially stable to pay out claims. Brightway partners with established insurers like Allstate, Progressive, Travelers and others with strong financial ratings.

As a distribution company, Brightway itself is not rated for financial strength. But Brightway conducts due diligence on insurance partners to ensure they are financially sound.

This model gives customers access to policies from highly-rated national and regional carriers. So while Brightway itself lacks a financial rating, the insurance companies it represents are financially strong.

Brightway Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is another key factor in evaluating insurers. Here is how Brightway scores on satisfaction:

  • BBB rating – Brightway has a C+ rating and is not BBB accredited. Out of 16 reviews, they average just 1 star.

  • Complaints – Brightway has 9 total complaints on BBB over the past 3 years, mostly citing problems with services.

  • Google – 2.4 out of 5 stars based on 100+ reviews. Many complaints about poor communication.

  • Trustpilot – 2 out of 5 stars based on 100+ reviews. Customers describe unethical practices.

While some reviews praise Brightway’s low rates and responsive agents, negative feedback outweighs positive comments overall. Communication, misleading sales tactics and poor service after the sale are common issues reported.

Insurance Products Offered by Brightway

Brightway sells all major types of personal and commercial insurance, including:


  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Life insurance


  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto insurance

The selection of insurance carriers gives Brightway broad access to insurance products. But quality of customer service seems lacking based on reviews.

Pros of Choosing Brightway Insurance

  • Access to policies from over 200 insurance carriers all in one place
  • Assistance comparing plans and rates from multiple companies
  • Franchise model provides local agent support
  • Available discounts when bundling certain policies
  • Wide range of personal and commercial insurance options

Cons of Choosing Brightway Insurance

  • Very poor customer satisfaction ratings on BBB and elsewhere
  • Numerous complaints about misleading sales tactics
  • Slow response times and lack of communication cited
  • Lower-priced plans often have minimal coverage
  • Unclear if local agents have incentive to push certain carriers

Is Brightway Considered a Good Insurance Company?

While Brightway gives customers an easy way to compare policies from national and regional brands, the company falls short regarding customer service.

Between extremely low satisfaction scores, a pattern of complaints, and concerning reviews, Brightway appears to prioritize sales over meeting policyholders’ needs. Red flags like pressure to purchase inadequate plans and lack of responsiveness after the sale are worrisome.

For consumers who value strong customer service along with competitive rates, other insurance providers may be preferable. Direct insurers like Geico, Allstate and Progressive or independent local agents are worth considering as alternatives.

Brightway offers convenience through choice. But based on available customer feedback, purchasing insurance directly through highly-rated insurers may result in better service overall.

The Bottom Line: Use Caution with Brightway Insurance

Brightway Insurance provides fast quote access from a wide range of insurance companies. However, poor satisfaction ratings and frequent complaints about misleading sales tactics and inferior service make relying on Brightway for insurance a questionable choice.

Consumers should carefully review plan details and research insurance carriers before purchasing Brightway policies. Claims processes, coverage exemptions, and premium increases are common frustrations reported by Brightway customers.

For insurance from a reputable provider plus quality support, choose alternatives like State Farm, AAA, Amica or Liberty Mutual over Brightway. While Brightway gives the impression of choice through availability, selecting insurance directly from highly-rated national and local insurers is generally the smarter path.

What our franchisees have to say about Brightway agency ownership


What is Brightway Insurance ranked?

Ranking 15th in 2021, 13th last year and now 12th in 2023, Brightway Insurance continues to earn honors from all of the top industry programs.

How much do Brightway owners make?

The estimated total pay range for a Franchise Owner at Brightway Insurance is $49–$88 per hour, which includes base salary and additional pay.

How many locations does Brightway Insurance have?

About us. Established in 2008, Brightway grew to become one of the largest privately owned property/casualty insurance distribution companies in the U.S. with over 300 franchises in 32 states and over $980 million in annual premium.

Who is the founder of Brightway?

Brothers David and Michael Miller founded Brightway Insurance in 2008 in Jacksonville.

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