Navigating Ace Rental Car Insurance Costs and Coverage

Renting a car can be a convenient and affordable way to get around, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. But before driving off the lot, it’s important to understand your insurance options and costs. For those renting from Ace Rental Cars, here is a comprehensive guide to navigating Ace rental car insurance costs and coverage.

Overview of Ace Rental Cars

First, a quick introduction to Ace Rental Cars for those less familiar with this car rental company:

  • Ace is one of the most popular rental car providers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • They offer a range of vehicles from economy cars to SUVs, commercial vans, and luxury cars.

  • Ace has locations across every major airport and city in Australia and New Zealand.

  • They are known for good customer service and competitive rental rates.

  • Ace provides several rental car insurance options to protect customers against liability and damage.

Insurance Required by Ace

When renting from Ace, there is some basic insurance coverage you are required to have:

  • Minimum liability coverage: This covers up to $5,500 in damage to the rental vehicle. There is a $200 security bond required.

  • Theft protection: If the rental car is stolen, this protects customers from liability for the loss.

  • Roadside assistance: Covers common issues like flat tires, jump starts, lock outs, and towing.

This mandatory basic coverage is factored into the standard daily rental rate at Ace. But there are limitations, so many renters opt to add supplemental coverage.

Ace Rental Car Insurance Options

Ace offers renters two supplemental insurance options to limit financial liability and risk.


This more premium coverage option includes:

  • Zero liability: $0 excess, so you pay nothing for any damage.

  • No bond: Only a credit card pre-authorization is needed.

  • Premium roadside assistance: Upgraded towing and lockout service.

  • Theft, vandalism, and natural disasters: Full coverage with $0 liability.

  • Single and multi-vehicle accidents: All damage covered regardless of fault.

  • Third party liability: Covers injury to others and 3rd party property damage.

Ace PLUS runs around $25-45 NZD ($15-$30 USD) per day depending on the vehicle class.

Ace Basic

The more affordable option that still reduces liability:

  • Liability reduced to $1,500: From $5,500 with minimum coverage.

  • $200 bond: Held as security deposit on credit card.

  • No other additions: Just a lower liability limit.

Ace Basic costs approximately $15-25 NZD ($10-$15 USD) extra per day for the added security.

Factors That Impact Ace Insurance Cost

The daily rate for Ace PLUS and Basic depends on several factors:

  • Vehicle type: More expensive cars have pricier coverage costs.

  • Rental location: Major airports tend to have higher rates.

  • Season and demand: Rates increase during peak holiday times.

  • Rental duration: Daily rates drop slightly for longer rentals.

  • Customer age: Drivers under 25 may pay more.

  • Country: Rates are set slightly higher in New Zealand than Australia.

So a Mercedes rented for a week in Auckland over Christmas could pay $700+ NZD for Ace PLUS. While an economy car in Melbourne for two days in October may only cost $60 NZD.

Choosing Ace Insurance vs Third Party

Rather than buying coverage from Ace, some renters consider using their own car insurance policy, credit card coverage, or a third party insurer. There are pros and cons to weigh:

Ace Rental Car Insurance

  • Convenient one-stop shopping
  • Coverage kicks in instantly
  • No paperwork hassles later

Third Party Insurance

  • Typically cheaper overall rates
  • Use existing policy you’re familiar with
  • Often has wider coverage amounts

If going the third party route, be sure to check that the provider actually covers rentals in Australia and New Zealand. Also verify it meets Ace’s minimum liability requirements so you don’t end up paying for two policies.

Saving on Ace Rental Car Insurance

Here are some tips to potentially lower Ace rental car insurance costs:

  • Only purchase coverage you actually need. The basic included policy may be enough.

  • See if you get free coverage through your credit card when renting.

  • Ask about any possible loyalty discounts for return Ace customers.

  • Look for coupon codes online to save 10-25% off insurance fees.

  • Opt for the most affordable car class that meets your needs.

  • Rent for longer periods since daily rates are lower.

  • Avoid picking up cars at major airports if you can.

Taking the time to understand and evaluate the options can ensure you select the most affordable Ace rental car insurance coverage.

The Claims Process with Ace

If any incident occurs with your rental vehicle, immediately contact Ace to report it and start a claim if necessary. Here’s what to expect:

  • For minor issues, charges may be waived under your coverage if policies were followed.

  • Any major damage will require paying your liability amount while the claim is processed.

  • Ace may need to charge additional fees if accidents resulted from reckless driving.

  • Your reimbursement for any charges will be issued after the claim is finalized.

  • Keep thorough documentation of the incident to support your claim.

Ace aims to make the claims process as smooth and simple as possible for renters who opted for coverage. Being organized and transparent will help resolve claims fairly.

Key Tips for Renting with Ace

To wrap up, here are some top tips for maximizing both savings and protection when renting a car through Ace:

  • Review all insurance options and fine print before booking.

  • Take photos of any prior exterior damage for documentation.

  • Purchase only the coverage limits you really need.

  • Look into paying with a premium credit card for any additional insurance perks.

  • Drive safely and follow all requirements to avoid added charges.

  • Immediately report any new incident or damage to Ace no matter how minor.

  • Keep all paperwork and evidence related to any claim handy.

Getting informed on the ins and outs of Ace rental car insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what you are responsible for as a renter. With the right coverage suited to your specific trip, you can hit the open road stress-free.

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How much does ace rental car hold on a credit card?

A security deposit of 350 USD plus the estimated total of the rental will be held on the card at the time of pickup if using a credit card. If a debit card is used, the deposit will be 500 USD. Debit cards are not accepted for local renters at airport locations without proof of comprehensive insurance.

Can you use a debit card for Ace Rent a Car?

All credit/debit cards that are EMV (chip) enabled are accepted. Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Diners Club, Amex, and bank issued debit cards are accepted as form of payment. Cash and Prepaid cards may be used as a form of payment at the end of the rental. Cash payments must be in exact change.

How much is rental car insurance in Texas?

In Texas, rental car insurance includes standard liability coverage, and you have the opportunity to purchase extra coverages like supplemental liability insurance, personal accident coverage and collision damage waivers. It costs an average of $55 to $60 per day to add all of the optional coverages to your policy.

Does Ace have a shuttle from LAX?

From the LAX airport, Ace car rentals provides free transportation to their location to ensure their renters get to their rental promptly, the booth is open 7 days a week.

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