Consequences of Not Updating Your Address on Car Insurance

Moving to a new home is always an exciting new chapter. But in the flurry of change-of-address notifications and unpacking boxes, it’s easy to overlook updating your car insurance policy with your new address. However, failing to inform your insurer of a move can have serious repercussions.

Not changing your address on your auto insurance may invalidate your coverage or result in claims denial down the road. Keep reading to learn what can happen if you neglect this important policy update.

Why Your Insurance Address Matters

Your insured address is a key factor auto insurance companies use to:

  • Calculate your premiums based on risk levels in that area.

  • Determine if your car is garaged at an eligible location.

  • Confirm your vehicle is primarily operated within your policy’s geographical limits.

  • Send important policy documents and correspondence.

  • Accurately process and pay claims.

Providing anything other than your true, current address violates the terms of your insurance contract. It also means your insurer doesn’t have your proper garaging and usage details to underwrite and rate your policy appropriately.

Scenarios Where Coverage Could be Voided

There are a few situations where having the incorrect address on your policy could void coverage:

  • Premium avoidance – If you list an address in a lower-risk zip code to pay lower premiums, your insurer may cancel your policy for misrepresentation.

  • Outside geographic limits – If you have an accident when garaged or driving outside the primary operating region listed on your policy, your insurer may not pay the claim.

  • Not your primary residence – If the address isn’t your true garaging address, your insurer can deny a claim for fraud.

  • Unable to investigate – Insurers need your correct address to properly investigate claims. An inaccurate address means they can’t adequately assess the circumstances.

The bottom line is you must provide true, up-to-date address information to comply with your policy contract and ensure you remain fully covered.

Scenarios Where Coverage Could Still be Valid

In some situations, your car insurance may remain valid even if your address is outdated:

  • Recently moved – Most insurers allow a grace period of 30-60 days to update your address after moving before voiding coverage.

  • Temporarily away – If you’re temporarily living elsewhere for school, military service, or work, your permanent residence address can remain valid.

  • Natural disaster displacement – Evacuees who flee disasters like floods or wildfires maintain coverage using their pre-disaster address.

  • Errors and omissions – Minor typos or omissions on your address (like apartment number) likely won’t impact coverage validity.

  • Student policies – Students with campus addresses often qualify for out-of-state policies using parents’ address.

The key is being able to demonstrate to your insurer that your garaging address and primary driving territory remain compliant with your policy’s geographic limits.

How to Update Your Car Insurance Address

As soon as you confirm your move, follow these steps to change your address:

  • Call your insurance company’s customer service line or contact your agent.

  • Provide your full new address details – street, unit number, city, state, zip code.

  • Update your garaging address as well as official mailing address.

  • Confirm any adjustments to your premiums and policy details based on your risk profile changes.

  • Request a new insurance card and proof of insurance reflecting the address change.

  • Make payments on any premium differences promptly to avoid coverage lapses.

  • Follow up to ensure the changes are accurately made within 30 days of moving.

Also report any other life changes like adding teen drivers, different commute distances, and new vehicles. Your agent can advise you on how to optimize your coverage.

Why Prompt Address Updates Matter

Don’t jeopardize your car insurance protections – update your address right away when moving. The consequences of using an outdated or inaccurate address can include:

  • Paying incorrect premiums that don’t match your actual risk.

  • Having claims unfairly denied after an accident.

  • Getting cited for insurance fraud.

  • Having your policy cancelled altogether by the insurer.

  • Remaining personally liable for damages with no coverage.

A simple address change ensures you stay fully protected. Contact your insurance provider today if you’ve recently moved.

Can a change of address increase auto insurance?


What happens if I don’t tell my car insurance that I moved?

Your insurance company will cancel your old policy because every state has different coverage requirements and regulations.

Does Progressive automatically cancel your old insurance?

When changing car insurance companies, it’s typically your responsibility to cancel coverage with your previous insurer. Your new insurance company can provide proof of insurance to your old company if necessary, but they generally aren’t authorized to cancel a policy with another insurer on your behalf.

Do military have to change car insurance when you move states?

Military Car Insurance for a Long-Term Move If you’re making a permanent change of station move to another state, your out-of-state military car insurance must conform to laws in the new state.

How do I change my address with Progressive Insurance?

Log in to your policy anytime to add or remove vehicles or drivers, change addresses, pay bills, and more. Or call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737, and a Progressive insurance representative will assist you. Keep in mind that some changes will affect the price you pay for insurance, so your premium may change.

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