Is Mohela A Federal Student Loans

Mohela is not a student loan lender. As a student loan servicer, Mohela is compensated for collecting payments and responding to inquiries regarding repayment.

Borrowers may be perplexed by Mohela because it administers both federal and private student loans. For instance, information about loan forgiveness and income-driven repayment is prominently displayed on the Mohela website. Sadly, only borrowers with federal loans have access to these resources.

It is simple for borrowers to determine whether their Mohela loans are federal or private, which is good news. Resources are also offered to assist borrowers in repaying both loan types.

Federally-Owned Loans Serviced by MOHELA

With over 40 years in the student loan servicing industry, we have the expertise to help manage your loans – answer any account questions, help you explore your benefits and repayment options and process your payments.

How do I know if my Mohela loans are federal?

All federal student loans are subject to detailed record-keeping by the Department of Education.

Borrowers can access these records at studentaid. gov. If your Mohela loans are listed, they are federal. If the loans do not appear, they are private.

Mohela can also clear up any ambiguity regarding loan status over the phone. The Mohela contact information is available here.

Getting to the Bottom of It: If your loans are older than ten years, you might have federal loans that are privately or commercially held. There may be few options for loan forgiveness and repayment for federal loans that are not held by the federal government, such as some FFELP loans.

Repayment Options and Forgiveness for Mohela Federal Loans

No matter who services your federal student loans, the terms and options are the same if you have them.

Mohela should assist borrowers in determining program eligibility and enrollment. However, borrowers should always research ahead of time. un,, of of,,,,, in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. The the a a a the

For borrowers trying to decide what to do with their federal loans, the following guides may be useful:

Sherpa Tip: When you have questions about student loans, consider Mohela as a helpful resource rather than the ultimate authority. Loan servicers are frequently a great source of information. Many borrowers, however, might later regret not verifying the information they were given.

Options and Strategy for Mohela Private Loans

There is no standard set of guidelines for the private loans that Mohela services.

Instead, the terms and conditions of the private loan are detailed in the original student loan contract. he a a ss as, La s s s s and s a

Anyone having trouble making payments on a private loan should speak with Mohela about possible loan modifications or hardship assistance. Although lending assistance is rarely guaranteed, many lenders would rather receive some payments than none at all.

Refinancing private loans can help borrowers who want to pay less each month or pay less interest. Normally, only borrowers with respectable credit scores and steady income are eligible for this option, but a suitable cosigner may also be helpful.

Contacting Mohela Customer Service

Borrowers have several options for contacting Mohela.

By Phone:

888.866.4352 (Toll Free) 636.532.0600 (International)

By Mail:

MOHELA 633 Spirit Drive Chesterfield, MO 63005-1243

Finally, borrowers can receive assistance by sending a secure message through the Mohela website.


Are MOHELA student loans eligible for forgiveness?

You might be eligible for loan forgiveness if you have made 120 payments on your Direct Loans and work in certain public service positions. If some or all of your payments on a repayment plan that qualifies for PSLF were missed, you might be eligible for loan forgiveness through a limited window of opportunity.

What is MOHELA federal student aid?

Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, a nonprofit organization that oversees billing and payments for numerous federal student loans, goes by the name MOHELA. It is one of nine businesses that the federal government has designated as official student loan servicers.

How do I know if I have a federal student loan?

Check the Federal Student Aid site, studentaid. Even if a bank made it, any loan listed on that website would be a federal student loan. If a student loan appears on your credit report but not on studentaid, you may have one. gov, it is likely a private student loan. You can access the site using your FSA ID.

Is MOHELA SoFi a federal loan?

Private loans, such as those from SoFi, do not have the same options for repayment as those provided by the federal loan program, such as PAYE or income-based repayment.