Is Mile Auto Good Insurance? A Complete Review for 2023

If you don’t drive often and are looking to save money on car insurance, pay-per-mile insurance like Mile Auto can seem very appealing. But is Mile Auto really a good insurance choice?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of Mile Auto insurance, how their pay-per-mile coverage works, customer reviews and ratings, what policies they offer, and whether they provide a good value overall for low mileage drivers.

Overview of Mile Auto Insurance

Mile Auto is a auto insurance provider that specializes in pay-per-mile coverage. Their model bases your premium on how many miles you actually drive each month, with rates starting as low as $30 per month plus 6-7 cents per mile.

Here are some key things to know about Mile Auto insurance:

  • Founded in 2010 in Atlanta, GA
  • Only pay-per-mile insurance offered
  • Rated “A” (Excellent) by the BBB
  • Not rated by AM Best (underwriter is A-rated)
  • Positive customer feedback on affordability

Mile Auto markets itself as an affordable option tailored to lower mileage drivers. But does the pay-per-mile model truly save you money? And how does Mile Auto stack up for customer service, claims, and coverage? We’ll analyze the pros and cons.

How Mile Auto’s Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Works

Mile Auto’s pay-per-mile insurance bases your monthly premium on your actual mileage each month. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Baseline premium – You pay a low base rate each month, starting around $30. This covers you for minimal mileage.

  • Per mile rate – A per mile rate (usually 6-7 cents/mile) is charged for every mile driven over 250-300 miles per month.

  • Monthly mileage reporting – You self-report your odometer reading each month, either via mobile app or on the Mile Auto website. This determines your total monthly premium.

  • Limited mileage discounts – Drive less than 7,500 miles per year and you may qualify for discounted base rates.

Because your premium fluctuates based on miles driven, you end up paying less if you have months with very low mileage. The fewer miles you drive, the more you can potentially save.

Is Mile Auto Good for Low Mileage Drivers?

For drivers with very low annual mileage, Mile Auto can provide significant auto insurance savings compared to traditional insurance that bases rates on factors like age and location.

According to Mile Auto, drivers can save 40% or more compared to standard car insurance premiums. However, whether it truly saves you money depends on your driving habits and profile specifics.

Here are some factors that determine if Mile Auto’s pay-per-mile insurance will be cost effective for you:

  • Your annual mileage – The fewer total miles driven per year, the more savings you’ll see from the pay-per-mile model. Under 7,500 miles/year offers maximum savings.

  • Consistent driving habits – Large month-to-month mileage fluctuations can lead to unpredictable premiums that reduce potential savings.

  • State minimum coverage – Mile Auto’s baseline premiums assume you just buy minimum required coverage. Additional protection increases costs.

  • Profile factors – Age, location, and driving history still impact your base rates like other insurers. Higher risk drivers save less.

Pay-per-mile insurance like Mile Auto is best suited for drivers in urban areas who don’t rely heavily on their vehicles and have relatively clean driving records. Retirees, students, or those with a high work-from-home mix tend to benefit most.

Pros of Choosing Mile Auto Car Insurance

What are the advantages that make Mile Auto attractive for some drivers? Here are the top benefits:

Affordable premiums – By design, Mile Auto offers some of the lowest rates in the car insurance industry, especially for drivers under 7,500 annual miles. Monthly costs can be extremely affordable.

Pay for what you use – Because extra miles increase your premium, you only pay for the coverage you actually need each month based on driving habits.

Save money when driving less – Months with lower mileage, like vacation time, let you save extra on premiums to balance out periods with more driving.

No mileage tracking required – You don’t need special devices in your car. Just self-report your odometer reading monthly to determine premiums.

Coverage options – Mile Auto offers liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, and other standard protections (limited compared to major insurers).

If you want the absolute lowest cost auto insurance and don’t drive often, Mile Auto checks the right boxes. Just understand any trade-offs.

Cons of Mile Auto to Consider

What are the downsides of choosing Mile Auto for insurance? Here are some important cons to factor:

Not rated by insurance rating agencies – Mile Auto itself is not rated by AM Best or other agencies (their underwriter is A-rated).

Limited coverage – Mile Auto offers basic liability and physical damage options, but lacks extras like roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and accident forgiveness.

Regional availability – Only available in AZ, CA, GA, IL, PA, TX, and VA. Not an option for drivers elsewhere.

Unpredictable premiums – Months where you have to drive more can spike your premium higher with little notice or control.

Must report mileage – Requirement to track and report your odometer monthly can be seen as inconvenient by some.

No bundling discounts – Can’t bundle home or other policies to save. Only vehicle insurance offered.

While affordable overall, the unpredictability and limited offerings may outweigh the value for some motorists.

Mile Auto Insurance Ratings

What do industry experts and customers have to say about Mile Auto insurance? Here are the ratings:

  • BBB – A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and accreditation since 2014. Factors into complaints, transparency, honesty.

  • AM Best – Not rated (underwriter American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida is A-rated)

  • Trustpilot – 2.5 out of 5 stars based on over 140 customer reviews. Main complaints involve poor service.

The lack of direct AM Best rating and very mixed customer feedback on service are red flags buyers should be aware of. While affordable, service issues are common.

Mile Auto Customer Reviews

Analyzing Mile Auto customer reviews on Trustpilot and other sites shows some clear pros and cons:


  • Affordable monthly premiums, especially when driving fewer miles
  • Easy, flexible payment model based purely on mileage driven
  • Quick and streamlined signup process


  • Extremely long hold times when calling customer service, some unable to reach agents at all
  • Multiple issues with inaccurate billing and incorrect policy charges
  • Difficulty making policy changes or cancellations
  • Slow and opaque claims process with lack of responsiveness

While most highlight the very low cost, poor customer service and claims experiences are very common. Many warn the hassles outweigh the savings.

Mile Auto Insurance Policies

As a pay-per-mile focused provider, Mile Auto offers fairly limited insurance options and add-ons compared to leading insurers.

Here are the coverages available:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • Personal injury protection
  • Limited extras like roadside assistance

Policies meet state minimum requirements. You can build up to higher liability limits or add comprehensive and collision for more protection. But extras like rental reimbursement, rideshare coverage, and accident forgiveness are not offered.

Bundling discounts for home or other policies are also not available, as Mile Auto only provides auto insurance. Make sure to get quotes from multiline insurers to compare rates for similar coverage.

Is Mile Auto Good for Claims?

Mile Auto does not provide much information about their claims process. Based on reviews, customers report very mixed experiences:

  • Average claims handling satisfaction and timeliness
  • Difficulty reaching adjusters and lack of communication
  • Denied claims due to technicalities and strict interpretations
  • Delays in processing repairs and issuing payments

Lack of responsiveness and denial of valid claims are common issues mentioned. Make sure to document everything when filing a claim and consider independent help.

Is Mile Auto Worth It?

Mile Auto offers extremely affordable pay-per-mile insurance that can save money for low mileage drivers. But is it the best choice for your situation?

Here are some final pros and cons to consider:


  • Very low premiums, especially under 7,500 miles/year
  • Base rate as low as $30/month plus per mile charges
  • No tracking devices required


  • Coverage limitations and lack of extras
  • Poor customer service reputation
  • Unpredictable premium fluctuations
  • Regional availability restrictions

For the right driver profile that doesn’t rely heavily on their vehicle and wants absolute lowest cost, Mile Auto is a decent option. But

Is pay-per-mile auto insurance a good idea?


Is insurance by the mile worth it?

If you usually drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year, a pay-per-mile insurance policy might be your best choice for affordable coverage. If you use your vehicle for a daily commute, this type of car insurance policy is probably not going to save you much money.

What is the best coverage for auto insurance?

You should carry the highest amount of liability coverage you can afford, with 100/300/100 being the best coverage level for most drivers. You may need to carry additional coverages to protect your vehicle, including comprehensive, collision and gap coverage.

How does per-mile car insurance work?

Pay-per-mile car insurance programs charge a daily or monthly base rate that is calculated using factors similar to those used when setting rates for a traditional car insurance policy, such as your driving record, age, vehicle model and location. Then there’s a per-mile charge based on the number of miles you drive.

What states is mile auto available in?

Your savings will depend on your rate and how much you drive, but we’ve found that Mile customers can save 30-40% off of their standard insurance rates. Where is Mile available? Mile is currently available in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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